Monday, August 25, 2008

Kit will speak at all 3 services this weekend

* Fun fellowship with the Woodards.
Thank you Micheal and Ciara for sharing this photo.

It is a pleasure to be able to speak at the services this coming weekend. God has given me the strength because of your prayers for me. Friday Night's message and both Sunday messages will be on the 'Value of Children and Families' ...oh...and how well I know that value! Not only has my own family stepped up to love and encourage me through this difficult journey, but the church family has gone off the charts in their love and support. I have loving families who have embraced me like an adopted son literally all over this nation and the world. They have prayed for me, encouraged me and supported me in every way. Family is awesome! And our children are our treasures! This is why our children and our families are a Core value at Hope Chapel. We recognize their great value and we are pledged to growing strong and healthy children and families who will make a positive impact on the world around them and bring glory to God.

I want you to know that as you pray for me I am praying for you, your family and your children. I am praying for those of us with children to understand and embrace the wonderful treasure God has given us and to do all we can to honor that be quick to show vulnerability, to demonstrate asking for forgiveness when we mess up, to love them through everything like God loves us, never turning our back on them, to teach them, train them and pour our lives into them in order that they may be healthy and strong in a very unhealthy world. I am praying that you will do all you can to hold onto to family, to leave room for one an other's faults, to leave room for growth, but to hold onto one another through it all, to work to celebrate the gift of family even when sometimes it is tough...and to embrace the joy of family helping to be faithful and honest and trustworthy with one another, building a family that is strong and healthy...this bring glory to God.

I encourage you in your struggles, your defeats and your victories to stay the course, to be keepers of the great gift of children and family. May God strengthen you and make you courageous and bless you for doing all that is good and pure and lovely...for in so doing you bring some of heaven to earth.

Thanks for all your continued prayers and support. My blood counts were good this week except my whites are still down, please pray for the white cells to go up to the normal range so I can fight infections. We are all still so amazed at what God is doing as He has sustained me for the last 12 weeks. You are my sustaining power, your prayers, your love, your encouragement and support. I can't thank you enough for your persistence.

With great love,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks from Kit

Kit are the greatest support team a man could ever have! Your continued prayers, love, financial help and encouragement have literally kept me alive and going! My blood counts continue to astonish everyone![in the medical field] My back is healing well since I received a healing touch five Friday's ago and I just need more prayer for my white blood cell count to go up a bit and of course for the great miracle of God...that He would heal me completely of this "terminal" cancer! [of course those of us who are Christan believers know that nothing is "terminal" unless the Lord says so, and even that isn't really "terminal" because we never truly end in Christ...we are alive in Him forever.) I have been able to teach pretty regularly and what a wonderful gift that has been for me. I like nothing more than just sharing God's love with friends, family and a heart that is truly seeking. God tells us that when we seek Him with all of our heart, we shall indeed find Him! "With all of our heart"...sometimes that takes a clear vision of our real need for God. When things are sailing along in life the way we want them to our vision for our "true" need for God can be impaired, it's a lot like driving in the fog. I remember when I went to College at UCSB...sometimes while driving, the fog would pull in on the hi-way and you couldn't even see the car right in front of you. The fog would get so dense you literally had to stop driving and just hope the person behind you stopped as well:) It is kind of like that in our lives at times. Sometimes the fog must get so thick around us we have to stop because we really don't know where we are going or what we are doing. God allows that fog to thicken around us in order that we would have to come to a complete stop in our life, we would actually feel lost and perhaps alone so that we would cry out to Him and ask for help...because in that place of weakness and vulnerability we will seek with "all our heart" and really find the God who created us and loves us and has a wonderful plan for each of our lives. When we cry out in the dense fog of our lives, God comes to that crying heart and touches it with the true healing touch of the master healer. The same God that created the universe, created each of us for that love relationship to be close to Him 24/7...this is what He wants for us, this is what we need from truly live a life free from even the fear of death itself...for in Him there is no fear, "...for his perfect love cast out all fear..." 1 John 4:18...If you find yourself in a bit of fog today...remember, the lover of your soul is right there with you, in fact He is only a prayer away! May God's peace rest upon you as you seek Him with all your heart today.

I love you very much!
With a thankful heart for you!
ps: I will be teaching at Hope Chapel, prayerfully, Friday and Sunday August 29th - 31st on the Core Value of children and families

Monday, August 18, 2008

Praise Report and Prayer Request - Please Continue to Pray

Praise Report from Kit:
Thank you for your prayers this weekend regarding Kit's white blood cells. He got his results yesterday and his count did rise slightly from 2.3 to 2.5. They are going in the right direction. Your prayers are making a difference. Please continue to pray that his white blood cells will continue to increase along with the miracle that Kit will be completely healed.

Prayer Request For Daniel Mauck:

Our Worship Pastors son Daniel Mauck, 16 yrs old, was in a skateboarding accident last Fri (Aug. 15th) and was taken to the hospital unconscious. He is now in ICU at Maui Memorial hospital. Daniel has fractured his skull and there is bruising in his brain. The doctors said that Daniel will probably be unconscious several days. Pray that there won't be any complications and that Daniel will be healed to complete recovery. Please keep Daniel and the Mauck family in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Note from Kit:)

Kit here...I hope many of you are still reading the blog. I thank you for your continued prayers and support of me and my family as we continue to pray for complete healing from a disease that is officially listed as incurable at this time. My blood counts have been strong except for my white blood cells. So please pray for my good white blood cells to increase and for the cancer cells to die. I trust in the LORD, whether He gives me a day or a hundred years. I also want to thank my two sister-in-laws for participating in a "Team in Training". They participated and completed a 100k bike race for the Leukemia Foundation which raised over $56,000 and Mahalo to those of you who sponsored them. All you guys have been so awesome in your support and encouragement of me and my family during this difficult time and my heart is filled with tremendous love and gratitude. The LORD has seen fit to give me enough strength to teach at church several times since I have been out of the hospital. In fact, I am teaching again this weekend at both Friday and Sunday services. The title of the message this weekend is 'The Changed Life'... And I have certainly experienced some profound change. I really believe God wants us to all experience life change, a life change that is genuine and manifests itself in genuine healing and spiritual growth. So this is my prayer for you today, that God would help you make the changes in your life that bring healing and spiritual growth and draw you closer to HIM.

With all my heart and love