Monday, August 25, 2008

Kit will speak at all 3 services this weekend

* Fun fellowship with the Woodards.
Thank you Micheal and Ciara for sharing this photo.

It is a pleasure to be able to speak at the services this coming weekend. God has given me the strength because of your prayers for me. Friday Night's message and both Sunday messages will be on the 'Value of Children and Families' ...oh...and how well I know that value! Not only has my own family stepped up to love and encourage me through this difficult journey, but the church family has gone off the charts in their love and support. I have loving families who have embraced me like an adopted son literally all over this nation and the world. They have prayed for me, encouraged me and supported me in every way. Family is awesome! And our children are our treasures! This is why our children and our families are a Core value at Hope Chapel. We recognize their great value and we are pledged to growing strong and healthy children and families who will make a positive impact on the world around them and bring glory to God.

I want you to know that as you pray for me I am praying for you, your family and your children. I am praying for those of us with children to understand and embrace the wonderful treasure God has given us and to do all we can to honor that be quick to show vulnerability, to demonstrate asking for forgiveness when we mess up, to love them through everything like God loves us, never turning our back on them, to teach them, train them and pour our lives into them in order that they may be healthy and strong in a very unhealthy world. I am praying that you will do all you can to hold onto to family, to leave room for one an other's faults, to leave room for growth, but to hold onto one another through it all, to work to celebrate the gift of family even when sometimes it is tough...and to embrace the joy of family helping to be faithful and honest and trustworthy with one another, building a family that is strong and healthy...this bring glory to God.

I encourage you in your struggles, your defeats and your victories to stay the course, to be keepers of the great gift of children and family. May God strengthen you and make you courageous and bless you for doing all that is good and pure and lovely...for in so doing you bring some of heaven to earth.

Thanks for all your continued prayers and support. My blood counts were good this week except my whites are still down, please pray for the white cells to go up to the normal range so I can fight infections. We are all still so amazed at what God is doing as He has sustained me for the last 12 weeks. You are my sustaining power, your prayers, your love, your encouragement and support. I can't thank you enough for your persistence.

With great love,


Dio said...

I'm printing this in BIG letters and hanging on my refrigerator. We'll all be there Friday and Sunday.
Love you!

Michael said...

Thank you Kit for always being that second "dad" in our lives, and I love that Mikaela is calling you "Papa". We will see you at the pulpit! And our prayers are plenty!! Please give us the whites LORD!
Love you, love you,
ciara, michael and mikaela

Lee and Renee said...

We'll be there! We are praying every day.
With love,
Lee and Renee

bob h. said...

people love you Kit cuz they see JESUS in you
i love you bro!

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful that the Lord continues to use you to deliver HIS word. Thank you for your absolute devotion to the body at Hope, always pressing through to the goal. You are such an amazing testimony of endurance! We look forward to Friday night :)
We love you!!
Don and Laura

Janet said...

Looking good Kit :)
I'm looking forward to your message, very timely as Po'o is on Maui. You and your family are a non-stop blessing to all those you encounter. Thanks for including us :)
See you soon,
Hugs and prayers for higher white count,
janet :)

Ron and Barbara said...

Thank you Kit. We need these reminders.

Will be downloading the services this weekend.

lorensaved77 said...

Hi Kit
So happy to hear you will be speaking this weekend and God is sustaining you and filling you to over flowing with His Holy Spirit...You are such an awesome teacher!

We hope to get Michelle to church this weekend, all depends if she can sit that long. (right now average time is about 10 minutes)
So our goal is to be there, front row cheering you on!!!

Thank you also for your words of encouragement and your Prayers concerning Michelle's recovery.

We love you Kit, and your Sweet family!
Hope to see you Sunday Morn,
Love, Blessings and many Prayers for complete healing!!!!
Nancy John, Jonathon and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! We are so excited that you will be teaching this weekend! Can't wait to hear the message! You are in our prayers...believing for a complete healing! "And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up." (James 5:15)AMEN!
Love and hugs,
Lori, Wes, Noah, and Alexa

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

The Keplers wanta go on record as believing in children and families! We can't wait to hear your message, Kit.

Rocky and Doreen Liuzzi said...

Wow, we serve an AWESOME GOD!!!!!! God is using you amazingly Kit. We continue to pray for you, Daniel, and now Emily. See you in a couple of weeks, God bless you, Rocky and Doreen Liuzzi

the dwyers said...

You are always in our thoughts and we continue to pray for you.
Love, Garnett and Scott

Lee and Renee said...

Just a note to let you know we are thinking of you and continue to pray for you every day.
Much love to you,
Lee and Renee

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Great Job this morning Uncle Kit. We are so blessed to have you speaking into our lives. What an honor. And thank you Shelly ~ after all, he's who he is because of the wonderful wife you are!!!

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

Kit, you were right on Sunday morning. I loved your message. It's wonderful to have you BACK, (including your hair) preaching like your old self. Do people ever wind up with more hair after chemo than before?

The Bonsells said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ever so encouraging words. I loved your message last Sunday. "... to teach them, train them, and to pour our lives into them in order that they may be healthy and strong in a very unhealthy world" .... and to "... hold onto one another through it all". Amen, Amen, Amen! I am so blessed to have the family that I have. I just pray I can pour the same amount of love into my children that my parents poured into me. I bet Mikey and Maisha feel the same way about you and Shelly!

I haven't read your blog in a while. We went on vacation. But we're back and I love being encouraged through you and your family. We love you and continue to pray for those white blood cells.

Double Smootches,
Kelly, Kevin, Kainoa and Keahi
(The Bonsell Bunch)

Anonymous said...


You use to show me how important endurance was when we use to bike and run many years ago. And though I could never keep up and was 14 yrs younger than you I still learned the importance of endurance. Now you have shown me the more important endurance. Through all your trials this year the one thing I have seen (from a far)is your endurance in the Lord. And running the most important race.
Thank you Kit... Love you Brother
Ben Anderson