Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hi everyone!
It's been a while, but this is Maisha again. Please pray for my dad...he is in a lot of pain from a sciatic problem. We think that he was a little too excited when he got out of the hospital and did a LOT of walking and, in turn, really aggravated the nerve. It also may be partly due to the bone marrow tests that they did at the hospital.
My dad wants you all to know that he will try to get up there and speak on friday, july 11 and sunday, july 13. and, as always, he is appreciative of every little thing...your prayers, your love, your financial help, cards, etc.
Also, some of you know already, but there is going to be a book made from his hospital experience and the early writings of the blog.
Kit wants you to know that you can listen to and download his current messages that are linked to this blog (on the right hand side) or you can just go to You can access the archived messages on various topics (including his apologetics course material...which, as many of you know, is his passion!). Just in case you might not know (which I wouldn't if Kit Lauer wasn't my father) apologetics is defending Biblical Christianity.
I know that most of you know this already, but my dad really wanted me to repeat it...he went through 2 chemotherapy treatments at Kaiser on Oahu...and they both were refractory (which just means...they didn't work). He is just concentrating on health right now and praying that he will be around for quite some time more.
much love!!
The Lauers

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mark Your Calendar - Kit Teaching

Dr. Kit will be teaching Friday the 11th of July and Sunday the 13th both services.

I know many of you are wondering how Kit is doing. I was too - so last Monday, before I went to work, I stopped by their house. I usually do not like visiting unannounced (call before you come) but I thought "if he is out and about I would say hi, if he is not out, I would just leave". Well, as I was walking to their front door, I heard his voice. He was in the jacuzzi, and so I went in the backyard to say "hello". Shelly came up from the office to say "hello" too.

Kit is doing well. As well as can be considering the situation, I suppose. He said one thing that bother him is that he feels a constant pain in his muscles (like that of a sciatic nerve pinch x10). That is why he is in the jacuzzi, then pool, then jacuzzi. Staying there helps ease the pain. (So, pray that this pain will go away) Other than that pain, Kit seems to be doing really well. It was very nice to see him and Shelly in their home. We chatted a little bit and then off I went to work.

Here's something directly from Kit:

The teaching on July 11 will be an outreach to family, friends and community…I will also teach both services that Sunday July 13th. I hope to see all of you there.

We are working on putting the blog writings into a devotional book and I will be interviewed about apologetics questions regarding the existence of God, His necessity from both the current cosmological discoveries and the logic behind believing in the God of Christian Theism.

Thank you to all of you who keeps on checking back here to get an update to be able to specifically pray. We'll keep you informed.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update On Kit

Update: I got this in e-mail a couple of days ago. I thought I'd post it here to remind us to keep praying for our prayers are not in vain.

The last three weeks kit's blood test have been excellent. His body is producing good white and re blood cells and good platelates. We are praying for a supernatural healing from God. Kit is getting another bone marrow test in a couple weeks which will be definitive. Kit has also applied for a new clinical research program in Pasadena CA. HE says he just wants God to heal him so he can stay home with his family and ministry to the church and community here on Maui at Hope Chapel, Kihei...

The Shack Review

Note: We decided to bring this older post up in case some missed this. Reminder to please continue to pray for Kit, and his family. Thank you.

Several people have asked me what I think about the book The Shack by William Young. I just finished reading the book.

First let me say that the book is basically a discussion about what theologians call the "Problem of Evil". It is a problem presented to the Christian worldview. How can a good, all powerful and loving God allow a world like this which is filled with so much evil and suffering?

Anyone that has even a cursory understanding of Christian Theism, knows that this worldview presents an excellent and profound answer to this question which is completely tenable. All major ideologies/philosophies/religions struggle to answer the problem of evil. In my humble opinion, all except Christian Theism fail miserably in giving a coherent and logical explanation of the problem of evil. Hinduism, to support its monist worldview for example, posits evil and suffering as illusion (maya)...tell that to the starving child...even my personal suffering was undeniably real. Denying the reality of suffering and evil is no solution and completely untenable. Buddhism, the reformation of Hinduism, offers a series of infinite causes and effects (which is a logical impossibility by the way)...classical Buddhism knows of no personal transcendent creator that loves you or cares about you, instead the hope of Buddhism is based on a set of principles and practices to escape the pain and the suffering of the world...yet everyone continues to experience, pain, suffering and evil...even the Dalai what hope do the adherents have. Atheism and human secularism have nothing to offer the human soul because this worldview posits that we are mere products of auto organized chemicals burped up by an uncaring universe. Only Christian Theism makes sense out of evil and suffering.

According to Christian Theism evil and suffering are very real indeed, but so is the existence of a loving personal creator God. God endowed humankind with the ability to make moral choices, to love... and this limited freedom also allows humankind to choose evil, which brings in suffering and this is precisely what has happened. Humankind's choices have brought evil and suffering into the world. The beauty of Christian Theism is that God has the antidote for evil and suffering. It is comprised of the forgiveness of God to His creatures through the sacrifice of His sinless Son. His sinless life in exchange for our life of sin. Evil and suffering is swallowed up by the cross of Christ. Right now, God is allowing some evil and suffering, which He works towards His good purposes, for a season...waiting patiently for all His children to come to Him...then He will wrap it up...creating a new heaven and new earth without evil and suffering. This book, The Shack, does an excellent job dealing with the problem of evil. It also deals with forgiveness in a very powerful and Biblical way.

The most interesting and powerful discussion in the book is author William Young's attempt to give an explanation to the average human mind of how God can have a compound nature (be a Trinity) can God be one yet three persons? Young breaks through stereotypes in the way he presents the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. I think Young's approach may only be offensive to the overly religious...which Jesus had a hard time with also! I think Young's approach is basically genius since it just neutralizes all the ridiculousness surrounding God's male/femaleness if God, an infinite, spiritual being can be boxed into gender, which is a human thing not a divine thing. Within the book, there are some theological discussions that would cause some legitimate debates, but overall, this book does a fantastic job of presenting the Trinity, answering the problem of evil and dealing with unforgiveness.

So, I highly recommend this book. In fact, I believe reading this book will be a wonderful, Biblically based, yet completely unique experience with God. So there you go...I had so many people ask me about this book I had to respond. If you are interested in these type of can go to my Apologetics site, called Reasons and Answers at

{Shelly and I are still planning on coming home to Maui, June 1st. We thank you so much for your love, prayers and guys are simply awesome. I am praying for you today!}

Kit & Shelly

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Kit will be back blogging. In the meantime he'd like to encourage you to check the lessons found on his Apologetics webpage at Hope Chapel Maui website. Click the button below to go there:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Missed "Thoughts From The Journey" Teaching? Check This Out!

Some of you (like Kit's family and friends in the mainland) may have missed Kit's teaching last Friday, June 6th titled "Thoughts From The Journey". Don't be bummed - you can actually listen to it online :) Yes, you can! The links are provided on the right side bar. Just click those links and it will take you to the Hope Chapel page where you can listen to it.

As you all know, Kit and Shelly are now back on Maui. The content of this blog will shift from the daily (almost daily) hospital update to daily living on Maui. Kit is also meeting with his staff and coming up with an idea of an Apologetics Blog. This guy is like the Everready Battery Bunny Rabbit that never stops. He keeps on ministering :)

Keep on checking back...

And to add smiles into your faces today, here are some LAUER POWER photos:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, Happy Day! What A Glorious Day! - Run For Hope Was A Great Success!

Aloha Everyone,

This is Liza posting. I was given access to "The Journey" so I can share with you some of these photos. It was a great fun day today! Thank you everyone for participating in this wonderful event. Special thanks to the organizers, sponsors and volunteers who worked so hard.

To the Lauer Family - we love you and keeping you in prayers.

Now, on to the slide show - yahoo!

To view the excellent slide show of RUN FOR KIT , click HERE. Thanks Dave and Stephanie Hessemer for creating the beautiful slide show.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Maui News Article

Church turns out, puts out for pastor who has leukemia

KIHEI — With prayer, helping hands and welcome-home signs, the members of Hope Chapel in Kihei have been showing their love for an associate pastor who has acute myelogenous leukemia.

The support for Kit Lauer continues Saturday when a “Run for Hope” morning of family fun is held to raise funds for his medical expenses. 

The day will include 5- and 1-kilometer fun runs and walks, food, entertainment, games and more. (See related story for fun run/walk entry and other details.)

Lauer was diagnosed in early April and had been at Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center and Clinic on Oahu until last Sunday. His wife, Shelly, and her car were there, too, so they came home on the Hawaii Superferry.    [more]

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kit to speak this Friday

"Thoughts From The Journey"
Speaker: Dr. Kit Lauer

Join us at Hope Chapel this Friday night to give thanks and worship God, welcome Kit home and hear a powerful message about God's movement in the midst of Kit's battle with leukemia. Bring your friends and family, you won't want to miss it!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

from kit and shelly

From Kit:

Today was the most awesome day of my life...Shelly and I headed home to Maui from Honolulu. Buddy had brought Shelly's car over on the we went back on the ferry...not only did the Lord give me strength all day for the trip, but just as we headed into the channel between Molokai and Lanai towards Maui, God again set His beautiful rainbow across the if to say...remember my promises! When we got to Maui we drove our car off the Ferry and received a call from our dear friends Marla and Dickie McManus, they wanted us to just drive by the church to wave hello to a few people. As we approached the corner of Piilani Highway and Welakahao Road, (the road the church is on) literally hundreds of people were lined up down Welakahao Road, with signs saying "we love you" and "welcome home" and we are "still praying for a miracle." As we turned down the road to cheers and blown kisses and welcome homes and we love you(s) the tears began to flow from Shelly and my eyes. I took off my sock hat to expose my bald chemo head and waved it in the air, like it was some kind of battle cry, all the while honking the horn! It was a home coming like I have never experienced! One face right after another of people I love and care about deeply, there was family and all our wonderful seemed like the whole church family showed up. Through the tears, I told Shelly that no man deserves this much love! Then I realized, it wasn't just Shelly and I they were loving and cheering for, it was the LORD working in us, in them, in our church...His faithfulness to bring us home, His faithfulness to keep me alive for today...His faithfulness and goodness and love and mercy and grace that sustains each of us that believe and trust in Him. We believe and trust in the promises of our God, our God that died a horrible painful death for us to give us eternal life...our God that makes us fearless in the face of death because He gives us life everlasting even if we die (John 11)...our God that meets us in our darkest moments, that covers us with His peace and strength and comfort and hope...God almighty, the creator of the universe in whom we live and move and have our being...HE was being cheered today, He was being lifted up, He was being honored. I said to myself, "I have either died and gone to heaven right now or God has healed me right now." The power of Christ's love exhibited through the Body of Christ lined up down Welakahao Road, I believe, could have healed anyone of anything right then and there and perhaps that love has healed me physically today:)...I know it has healed my soul... Shelly and I were overwhelmed by the whole thing. No one has ever loved us like this...we simply didn't know how to respond...we turned around in the Church's parking lot and drove by the line of loving faces and beautiful hearts once again, trying desperately to take each person in as deeply as we could. Again, all we could do was cry! But, I know that very moment, God stood up in heaven and told the angels to look at this!...look at my children...look how they love one another even in the face of this fallen and evil world ...even when the enemy hurls his fiery darts at them...even in this face of their own horrific suffering...look how they love each other, look how they love me, their God and look how their faith has grown! I think the angels and all the heavenly host just stood in awe...not being able to even speak or comprehend it. But, I know one thing...God was unbelievably glorified in this event on Welakahao Road...I also know that I will forever stand in awe of this event ( just like the angels, unable to fully comprehend it). I couldn't be any more humbled by such an awesome act of love. When Shelly and I got home, there was more crying!!! It seems whole teams of people had completed all my "wish I could do projects" around our little cottage we moved into in order to rent out our main house for income... we walked into new beautiful dream trellises and planters planted with beautiful flowers, and finished gates and new gutters (copper!!!) and unpainted parts painted and doors hung and trim finished and a beautiful new ceiling of bamboo matting and trim with gorgeous fans in our deck covering...inside loving hands and hearts cleaned, hung painting and pictures, place flowers, organized drawers and even left a photo album documenting the gifts of was all too much to take in for one day...the Body of Christ is an amazing thing...the love of Christ poured out upon a part that is hurting...a healing touch, the gift of love that overcomes the world...a light that can not be hidden that brings glory to the Father of lights from whom all good thing flow. Let it flow beautiful ones...let it the world will know that we belong to HIM!

With great love and appreciation beyond words, we love you...
Kit & Shelly

From: Shelly

After saying good-bye to our special friend Larry, whose condo I stayed in these past few months , while Kit was in the hospital…..we drove my car on the Super Ferry ….We really enjoyed the ride on the ferry…and Alex, Annushka and Mikaela were coming back from Oahu too and that was a great surprise to see them . I was told by Marla and Ben that we should drive by Welakahao Street on the way home and that some people were going to be waving to us… But NEVER did I imagine the amount of people that were there. It was OVER WHELMING!! The signs..the happy faces.. waving arms.. cheering… the families… the kids..running… yelling… everyone cheering… it was like we were some very important people…the president and his wife or some VIP..… I kept worrying that we would hit Dawn as she was running down the street taking photos…
(Ray .. you would have been proud of your wife…) I went from hysterically crying.. to hysterically laughing… and back again… I wish that I could have been invisible.. and walked along the street.. .very slowly…. really seeing all of you there and all your sweet faces… but it all happened so fast… I really could not handle my emotions.. I just want to thank all of you who came out …making the signs.. waving … making that effort to show us that you love us… and we REALLY felt the LOVE!!!!!
Then.. we came to our house.. ANOTHER BIG SURPRISE!!!! All these wonderful friends and relatives (Lauer power) made our house and patio look FANTASTIC!!! Pictures were hung on the walls… and the office was organized and beautiful...there were lovely flowers in the house and the planter box was full of colorful plants.. the ceiling on the patio.. the outside fans.. the trellis gutters…. new doors…it was all… just TOO MUCH!!! We felt so loved by all of you who came and cleaned…. and worked…. and organized…. and created…. to make our coming home so wonderful!!!! I love all of you and I really appreciate your friendship!!!
It is so good to be home. I am so thankful for the family and friends that I have. Thank you for loving Kit the way that you do… He was so touched by all of your efforts!!! The Lord is really being glorified by your love and support… I know that HE is so proud of all of you … I am proud to know you and be loved by you. Love,shelly