Saturday, May 31, 2008

My dad wanted everyone to know that he will be offline for a couple of days until they get settled back in Maui.
Big hugs and much love from the Lauers

Friday, May 30, 2008

We wanted to give you all a short update. I (maisha) have been able to be here on Oahu with my mom and dad and we are having a very nice time together as a family. My dad, although quite weak and tired, is still planning on coming home in a couple of days (june 1) and looks forward to being home :-)
As always, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Our thoughts and prayers are still with the Johnson family as they struggle with the loss of Joey...they have been so good to the Lauer family.
all our love!
The Lauers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello all! This is Maisha typing for her Dad again:
He says, "For various reasons, I have been thinking a lot about generous people. I guess that is because so many of you have been so generous to me and my family and to others in general. I realize that this generosity is in stark contrast to much of the world.
Generosity is defined as unselfishness, especially in the area of giving of your money or time. When you look up generosity in the dictionary there is a synonym for this word and it is, "magnanimity" (that is a mouth full :-) which means largeness and open handedness and being extremely liberal and generous of spirit.
The idea of living with an open hand is such a godly thing because it symbolizes the person that really doesn't hold onto the things that they are blessed with. The generous person understands that all good things come from God, and that everything belongs to God anyway. I understand this by first hand experience because when you've come to the end of yourself, as I have with this whole ordeal...and so many of us have experienced this as well...we realize that the truth is that nothing in this world really belongs to us. At the end, we are stripped of everything. So, since nothing really belongs to us anyway, we are just stewards of what belongs to God. It is right and good to live with an open that freely gives of what has been given to us. In so doing, our life becomes a lot has a ripple effect. It multiplies itself and it touches and encourages and helps so many lives. What I realize is that if you live from that place of generosity, you receive generosity.
We often times act as if we have a right to be selfish and this is not right. You look at the example of Jesus who, unlike us and being God, actually had rights; however, He put those rights aside for our benefit. The scriptures teach us that Jesus, even though He was God, didn't consider His being God something to be held onto.
It says in Philippians 2, "Your attitude should be the same that Christ Jesus had. Though he was God, he did not demand and cling to his rights as God. He made himself nothing; he took the humble position of a slave and appeared in human form. And in human form he obediently humbled himself even further by dying a criminal’s death on a cross. Because of this, God raised him up to the heights of heaven and gave him a name that is above every other name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

I found the following scripture to be so applicable to our church:
"Now I want to tell you, dear brothers and sisters, what God in his kindness has done for the churches in Macedonia [or Hope Chapel, Kihei or anywhere in the world!] Though they have been going through much trouble and hard times, their wonderful joy and deep poverty have overflowed in rich generosity. For I can testify that they gave not only what they could afford but far more. And they did it of their own free will..."
2 Corinthians 8: 1-3

We love you! Kit, Shelly and Family

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today Shelly and I took a walk across the street to the Waikiki Park. I am so thankful to God that I have the strength to walk in the park. The trees are all in full blossom, all kinds of beautiful birds are flying around us...I can't help but experience the stark contrast to what seemed at times to be a physical torture contest while I was in the hospital. As we headed down and across the park we were drawn to the Memorial Day Services taking place at the Natatorium, which is the old war memorial building. The Natatorium is connected to the largest salt water pool in the world. I found it a bit ironic, however, because this historical building has been shut down, condemned since 1980 as contaminated, the pool unusable to the public. Yet we were having a memorial service right in front of it. A memorial service that was fully alive, with beautiful hulas, music, a 21 gun salute, and speakers who remembered our military men and woman that gave their lives for our freedom to live this life. Their memories were very much alive in the hearts and minds of their families, friends and a very grateful public. Then I was reminded by the Lord, that what is valuable and important is not always held in the physical beauty of His creation (albeit His creation is indeed beautiful)...but what is even more beautiful, even more important , even more valuable is often held in the hearts and minds of his people. In our memories. After all Jesus set up communion and told us to remember Him and what He has done for us daily " often as we meet and break bread together." He knew the power of the memories He had given us. I often mentally recite my life. I go back and start from the beginning recalling everything I can. Shelly thinks I live in the past too much. Perhaps, but I don't want to forget all the wonderful times with my children, with my friends, family, with Shelly. My past, like many of us is filled with some hurts, some really bad decisions, some things I did that I am ashamed of, things others did to me. I have asked God for forgiveness, He says He forgets those things, so I do too. I forgive and forget and I don't bring to mind those things...only the lessons learned from them. I remember every detail of things that were good, pure and lovely...things that I put my heart and soul into...I remember all the words of wisdom and love from parents, friends, coaches,...I remember in great detail the encouragement, the care and compassion...I remember every detail of great trips with my children, great moments with them...great moments with you, wonderful and wondrous times...I remember these things deeply and often and on purpose! I realized, that is what we were really doing today, remembering in depth and great detail the lives of our military men and woman. As all this was going through my mind I remembered many loved ones who have departed before us and of course my heart was flooded with the memory of Joey Johnson's smile, his openness...the way, even as a child, he looked you straight in the eyes as he talked with you...I remembered his creativity and uniqueness and the joy he brought to his mom and dad and his family and friends and even though it hurt I remembered deeply and in great detail. That is what memorial day is all about, to remember our loved ones, those that have given their lives in duty to their country and those that have given their us as gifts from God. Some for just a short while, but as we remember deeply and in great detail they are alive with us until the day we are together in the Father's house forever. "And now, dear brothers and sisters, let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned...and the God of peace will be with you." Phil. 4:8-9

We love you so much,
kit & Shelly

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Loved ones...last night tragedy struck our dear friends, Karen & Joe Johnson and their family as their son Joey (my daughter's age) was found dead in his sleep. We don't know the cause, but we do know Joey has suffered from seizures in the past. Joey is in Southern California and the family is heading there right now. Please lift them up in prayer. Shelly and I are just broken hearted right now as is everyone close to the family. We have all grown up together, our families all intertwined and it hurts so bad to loose one of our beloved sons. Our solstice is in the knowledge of life in our LORD. We hold on to Him during this time. Joey is a wonderful young man full of life and creativity. The hole in our hearts is huge right now so your prayers are like a warm salve on our wound. God is in control even now...Karen & Joe know this and so does the family. Joe, Joey's father, has been a steady worship leader at Hope...we have done missions trips together...he is an elder/leader, a wonderful generous man of God and Karen is our counselor at Hope, a sensitive, wonderful, giving, woman of God. They just give, give, they need us to give to them. So...our thoughts and prayers are with the family, for strength and comfort...our hearts aching with theirs...but they know the beauty of those who are in the shelter of His wings...for we as Christians; we do mourn indeed, but we do not mourn as if we have no hope...not at all...for our hope is in Him, the giver of life. Karen & Joe and their family have sown into this truth almost all their lives "...and He shall comfort the weak and give strength to the weary..." (Isa.40:30) The Johnson's are experiencing this supernatural strength and peace right now as we pray for them. Shelly and I are fine, my struggle pales in comparison to Karen & Joe's right now. We are trying to get stronger to come home June 1st. You guys have been our strength...please continue to lift up Karen & Joe and family.

love you
kit & Shelly

Thursday, May 22, 2008

baby steps

Sorry for the delay...but yesterday we made the great escape from the hospital to our friends condo near diamond head. I have been in a state of such awe over the last 24 hours I can't find words to express myself...I am walking around kissing flowers and just saying wow to everything God has created. The contrast of living in a 12x12 hospital room, mostly in isolation for 2 and a half months, to being free to walk in Diamond Head Park (albeit slowly)...let's just say there is a lot of crying for happy and thank you God's going on! And in the midst of all that wonder is thanks for you! Your love, your prayers, your support...I love each of you so much. In the physical world it seems as if there was a whole lot of suffering for nothing because we didn't knock out the cancer, but when Shelly and I were checking out of the hospital, the nurses, the aides, even some of our doctors were all crying with us as we said goodbye. You know why? God's goodness...we formed they prayed for us we prayed for them. We got to know their families, their struggles, their needs through these months...we all fell in love with each other...they witnessed the power of God's love shinning in the midst of some real wasn't contrived or just was squeezed out of what had been stored up in years of relationship with the source of all strength...Jesus Christ the living God. Shelly and I were constantly telling God's hospital servants what wonderful, special gifts they much we appreciate their gifts of compassion day in and day out as they minister to the suffering...and there is a lot of suffering going on in there. The whole staff was in awe of your support and love...they had never seen anything like it...we even had nurses and doctors following the blog, the run for kit, the constant barrage of letters, cards, calls...all of us the physical nothings really happening...he isn't being cured, but in the spiritual everything was happening...not only was I being cured but all of us were receiving healings in every area of our lives. We left a couple big boxes of all kinds of goodies at the nurses station for 2nd floor oncology staff as a symbol of thanks. We said goodbye to room 223, my window and a whole myriad of emotions, lessons, pain and I walked out of the hospital and Shelly drove me to the condo I was experiencing an overwhelming sense of God's love which has flown so freely and naturally from you...I flashed back on times where your love & support just held me when I couldn't hold up any longer. I think, how wonderful it is to have loved ones. I want you to know how pleased God is with your do I know? He told me so! The Lord is with you today and a ready help regardless of how big the problem is...because He is always bigger. So, I wanted to let you know...we have successfully made the half step from the hospital to the big, open, world here at the Petulla's condo near Diamond Head. Next stop...home to Maui June 1. My blood counts are holding strong...I have to go real slow, but I really feel God's hand and your prayers protecting me. I really do "cry for happy" and I can't wait to touch the ground of my beloved Maui home. Shelly and I are doing good right now and we are holding you close to our hearts.

God isn't done yet...I am still here! So we continue to pray for His miracle and it feels so good to know you are praying right along side of us. The Lord will guide and lead us at each step from here on out. That's the thing about Abba, He is just full of all kinds of miraculous stuff!! May He richly bless you today.

kit & Shelly

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yesterday Shelly and I traded places as ''she' suddenly got cold chills and was getting sick. I was feeling good and here is my wife now, my life partner for over 38 years who married me for better or worse and now was suffering the "worse" part...the one for two months who has been holding my barf pans up under my chin as my body heaved the residue of the heavy chemo treatment and antibiotics chasing down unknown infections...every pain of my body she to writhed with me as we moved for these last two months through what seemed like at times a torture that would never end and crying together to God for help and experiencing wonderful moments of great experiences of God's power and instant touches of mercy, grace and revelation...Shelly...this wonder woman...this fully mature, fully blossomed woman of God...from a little innocent 20 something girl carrying a sun flower for a wedding bouquet, lover of flowers...this mother of the two most beautiful children on earth, she calls me "daddy"... her dad died at age 3...she lost her twin at age 36...she is so innocent and soft on the a tender, beautiful flower, but inside she is a woman of steel, unbend able in her faithfulness..naturally other centered, the closet thing to Jesus I know...and wow...she is my's like I won the wife lottery...God knew exactly what He was doing! Here she is, every night suffering alongside me...she is exposing herself everyday to every bug and disease known to man...she is like father Damien, her love makes her her body begins to heart leaps in response..we get her warm blankets wrap her body as she has wrapped mine so many times when the chills come...she experiences an immediate new found affinity for those warm blankets (heat transfer...the only thing that really brings comfort from the chills)...I wrap her tight and hold her that my body heat would also help, the same act of love she has given to me dozens of times . Today Shelly is feeling better...she got a lot of sleep...she is with me now...we are preparing to leave the hospital...maybe go and stay at our friend's condo near Diamond is kind of a half step toward Maui...pray for us to help make it back home...there is more too it than just jumping on the super-ferry...but with your prayers and God's covering we can do it...the doctors are helping us in our cause...weaning me of the drugs and making an exit plan for me. The staff here at Moanalua Kaiser has been phenomenal...the nurses...oh my ...what special instruments these woman and men are...including all the aides...we have been here so long we know everyone by name, many of their personal stories, their lives and struggles and of course their spiritual they are taking my temperature...the Holy Spirit is taking theirs and revealing to me clues of their prayer many of these guys are believers...even many of the doctors and we have had some wonderful fellowship...others are not in relationship with the Lord and these the Spirit is moving on...for example one of the techs that images my major organs I have gotten to know some of her "story"...and in a two step process God had me leading her in a prayer to receive Christ and really commit her life to was awesome to watch the Spirit at work. I look at my body...I came into this hospital a vital, strong 60 year old and in 2 months my body has atrophied 20 years...I am a scaly lizard, with no thighs just bones and no bi-ceps just extra skin, but as the outward man perishes the inward man is being re-newed, empowered and fearlessly endowed with the ability to ask tough questions directly to human hearts...each person I meet is challenged by the Spirit of God in some unique way specifically designed for them and their relationship (or lack of one) with the one that created them...I just follow orders! Your love, support, prayers, encouragement, cards, gifts, letters...are empowering Shelly and me...we weep a lot as we read your words to us but we are guys are with us and part of the ministry God has created for us through this trial. It has been a great pleasure serving Him and our loved ones...we pray you are continually blessed! You have touched our hearts so deeply and Shelly and I love you!

In Service to Him and love to you all
kit & shelly

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yesterday Shelly and I actually walked outside the hospital! I felt like Pinocchio when he lost his strings, "look at me...I got no stings to tie me down!" After almost two months of chemo treatments, infections, fevers, reactions to the antibiotics, skin peeling like a lizard, always tied to lines and ports, and peripheral lines and we are...Shelly and I arm in arm walk right out the hospital across the entry circle straight toward the center flower bed...I was drawn to it like a magnet. In front of me was a bed of brilliantly colored impatience...I just stood there staring at their beauty and I began to weep. It was the beauty of God reflected in those flowers He created...I bent over and smelled the was all too much but wonderful. I think of the richness and fullness of life that God has provided, even in a very broken and confused world. There is always a place of beauty with God, even when things are dark, He makes the darkness to be as light.(Psa. 139)...God's presence is never diminished by any darkness we may experience. I am constantly reminded of the un-diminished presence of God when Shelly and I read your comments, when we know your prayers are still going up before the Father, when we hear of your care and helps and support, when we watch the Body of Christ in action! Yes...I have been in misery at times...crying out to God to just stop this torture, just a break Lord, just a gentle touch from you and He always delivers. I know that He will deliver you as well. As we turn to find that place of God's beauty..."His "brilliant flower bed"...He always delivers...when we seek Him with all our heart, He says we find Him...and indeed we do!

Shelly & I are trying to get out of this hospital, but I seem to have some infection or something going on in my lungs and increased fluid around my heart...please pray for that to go away, be cured, healed...if we can get those things under control we can take a step closer to Maui, to coming home. Thank you for all the love. I am glad to hear that God is using this time/trial to heal so many of us, to mature us and draw us close to Him...that from that increase in our relationship with Him we become better moms and dads, better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better friends and make a greater impact on this world for all that is pure, lovely and other words Jesus the glory of God!

forever indebted to your love for us...
kit & shelly

Sunday, May 18, 2008

sunday afternoon

I am writing the blog for Kit today.. he is napping right now. He went for another CAT scan today.. he had one yesterday too. The doctors are trying to figure out why he still has fevers. His rash is getting better. He looks like a lizzard.. pealing like crazy. Today we walked alot in the halls and I even took Kit outside. It is quiet here on Sundays, and he was like a little kid when he saw the flower bed in front of Kaiser, filled with impatience flowers in the middle there is a beautiful sculture of a mother and her child lifted up.
Two very special doctors have given Kit books to read.. Dr. Collis gave him this breathtaking book called Endurance -Shackleton's incredible voyage. I read it outloud to him and it was unbelievable what these seaman accomplished back in is a true story... Now we are reading another book that another wonderful doctor who is a christian, Dr. Orimoto gave Kit named The Shack. Kit and I never take time like this back home... this has been a wonderful time.. reading these books together. Listening to the music together.. reading devotionals ..,of course... we are watching some basketball in the evening.. on the t.v. but very little.. there have been so many special times.. precious times and I thank you for allowing me this blessing to be here with Kit.
Well.. I am closing up and going to Petulla's condo to wash clothes. I haven't been there for 2 days.. sometimes.. I just stay and don't go home.. I wear the same clothes for 2 days.. don't brush my teeth... shower... who cares.... Kaiser hospital has been really good to us and the staff here is exceptional, but one thing that is not good... there is very seldom warm water for a shower.. I get little pitchers of hot water from the kitchen area and Kit pours it on himself...for weeks , he could not take showers, because of the port.. but it is out now.. and he is able to... that really makes him feel good.
Hopefully Kit will write the blog tomorrow. He really loves all of you .. your comments make him cry... they touch his heart. He is thankful for all of you who read this blog, who pray for him... and who write to him. Our family appreciates it too.
It is another beautiful day looking out 223 window..into the Moanalua
Valley.. and the vog is lifting.. The Petulla's condo is right on Waikiki.. unbelievable view... Kit will go crazy looking down at the water.. I am praying that we get there in a few days..the plan is to transition there .. a little before we go back to Maui.. just incase there are problems..Thank you again for your loving concern.. Shelly

Saturday, May 17, 2008

acShelly and I just continue to stand in awe of you guys! I mean after all we even have our very own 'run for kit t-shirt'! Some of you have stepped up and covered Shelly's work and even given of your own time. Jeff Gray & Buddy are putting together a group of craftsman to finish our cottage patio area as a gift. You have supported us financially, with powerful prayer, through encouragement, care and with compassionate hearts throughout this whole ordeal. This is the Body of Christ at work. When one of us stumbles the other is there to help them up. To have all the deep and very rich relationships Shelly and I have cultivated through the years is a testimony to God's word, in that ..."as a man sows, so shall he reap..." The countless cards and letters we get from all over the world thanking Shelly and I for things we had no idea about, things that were taking place within people's hearts, as we just loved on them. People will say things like ..."the words you spoke to me that day changed my life'...or "I was desperate and God spoke directly to me though the message you gave" or ..."you were able to answer a nagging question of faith for me.." but most was "thanks for you and Shelly just being who you are!" Well we want to thank you for being who you are as well, "God's craftsmanship"...His word says. And you guys are in deed a beautiful piece of work!

The plan is to finally get rid of this last infection and we seem to have it up against the ropes. My normal blood counts are getting stronger. If I can get stabilized then I would take a half step out of the hospital to a friend's condo for a week or two, depending on blood tests etc...If I remain stable, then I may come home to Maui. What I can do, or not do, how much I can do and for how long; all lie in God's beautiful hands. We would like prayer for the miracle, of course, and for blessings on all the steps back to Maui.

In love with you forever,
Kit & Shelly

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is the third time that I have tried to send a message out to you guys. The first one I wrote and when I went to send it.. I lost the whole letter. Shelly typed the second one and the same thing happened again. Now.. this is the third time, I am dictating to Shelly, and hopefully, we will get through to you this time.
I know that we are all disappointed with the results of the bone marrow test which showed still... 60 per cent cancer cells. At a time like this it feels like our hopes and prayers have just lost all their withered balloons, but I want you to know that God hears every one of your prayers, He weeps when you weep, He hurts when you hurt and He understands your heart, as you labor in prayer for me.
We often feel disappointed or perplexed by why God does not answer our prayers, since there are so many of us , offering up the same petition. It seems reasonable that God would leave me here to preach and teach since He has prepared me for that and even used this experience to fine tune the instument.. Yet, He did not answer our prayer the way that we wanted it to be answered , which could mean a couple of things. 1. He is waiting for me to go through all this medical treatment , walk out of the hospital, be pronounced uncurable.. and then He performs the miracle...2.He has other ideas , after all the Bible tells us that His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts.. His thoughts are much higher than our thoughts, infact so high, who can fathom them...??When God has not answered the prayer of our heart , we have to keep in mind God's job.
He has to sustain and control a universe that is 156 billion light years in expanse. He has to allow for a mixture of human limited free choice, which results in sin and corruption and He is carefully moving every molecule and every event toward His measured end. To put it in laymen's terms, God is in absolute control ( He is sovereign)
So the reasons for miracles and the timing of them are therefore completely up to God.
This is what we need prayer for . I need to stop having infections. I need to have my own blood counts come up and if I can establish them at normal or near normal, I can come home to Maui, where I can spend some quality time with my family and maybe even give a message or two at church. I want you all to know whether you live a moment, or in to your 20's,40's , 60's or live to be 100, your life .. and everyday of it, was written down before you were created and the works that God had planned for you to do. It is not the length of your life , but the impact that you have on other people's lives, especially the impact of Christ upon their life. As you know, I have never been one to hold back on sharing the Gospel of Christ( perhaps too much so at times for some people). I have always had a great zest for life and for all of its richness and fullness. Some people would say that I have lived at least 10 lifetimes.. and it has been filled with great joy and wonderment. The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful wife, two God loving wonderful children who have filled my plate continually with unexpressable joys in the way that they do life.. they are such a blessing to me and they are a big part of my legacy. The Lord has blessed me with wonderful family members, friends, my church body and all the people that have been praying for me all over the world. So...I am content to know your love and I am not afraid to die and no Christian should be, because the sting of death has been swallowed up by the resurrection of Christ , our Lord and Savior!!!
I know that the thank you's seem redundant, but in this case... they deserve the redundancy... Your love, support and prayers have enabled us to get through this time as a family and you have been the lifters of my wings. Whether I live or die , I want to live or die as a warrior for Christ.
Love forever, Kit

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Again, we did not get the results that we wanted...the chemo did not work.  The doctors are not recommending another chemo treatment.  God's ways are not our ways but my dad's prayer now is that he get well enough to come home.  He will most likely get transfusions from Maui Memorial to keep him going as long as we can.
I'm sorry to have to give this news to everyone...I know everyone truly wanted his healing.
We thank you again for the love and support.
much love!
the Lauers
Hi , this is Kit speaking but Shelly is typing for me. It is Wed. a.m., May 14th.
I first want to say that I love all of you guys and I have felt your support undiminished , in fact, increasing in intensity as we move forward. As you know, we should get the results from the bone marrow test , some time today. It will probably be late today and it may even come back tomorrow. Shelly and I , with you, are waiting with expectant hope that God has done a real miracle and that the cancer has been sent in to remission in this last round of chemo, so just keep praying.
The last three days have been pretty rough on my body. I have the head to toe rash on my body and temperatures that continue to spike , nausea and the dry heaves. I feel like I am rounding third base, heading for home , with weak ankles, busted knees, torn ligaments and with my uniform flopping in the wind ...(and the hat was lost along time ago....) but regardless of all of that, Shelly and I continue to pray and the Lord never fails to give us the strength to hit the dirt and cross the plate. We know that no matter how it goes in this world , we are always safe in the kingdom of Heaven, so we praise God for all things. And..we can not praise God enough for the tremendous support , love and compassion that has been poured out on us through you. It is my sincere hope and trust in God that He will do this miracle and that I can someday soon stand before you and be with you and be able to see your children , and your grand children.. to be able to spend time with friends and family .. and the fellowship of our ministry that we will bring glory to the living God that all men and women would see HIM shine through us and He would draw them to Himself like a magnet. I see heeling's of marriages and of relationships and illnesses and I really see the power of God moving through the body of Christ as each of us draws close to Him. As each of us abides in Christ ,then His love abides in us and what naturally comes out of that is the stuff of God. You have certainly demonstrated the love of God , both communally and individually and I just want you to know that it pleases the Father. A very close friend of mine sent me a letter yesterday that made Shelly and me cry(which we often do while reading your letters and cards) . He said that he wasn't praying for God's will but that he was begging God to heal me. He also said that if God has a big refrigerator in Heaven, my picture would surely be on it. Wow!!! it is the same for everyone for those of you that love the Lord... you can be sure that your picture is pasted on that giant refrigerator. Never a day goes by that He does not look at it and say... "that is my boy !!!.. "or "that is my girl!!! "
Our job in life is simple ,really. We just do the things that Jesus has taught us to do and He gives us peace ,joy,fulfillment and blessings. God's job is everything else. that should take a burden off your shoulders today.
We will get you the news as soon as we hear.. today.... or tomorrow.
Love, Kit
From Shelly... I feel that to thank everyone , everyday for their love... seems redundant.. and almost not special... but my appreciation for all of you.. is overwhelming. I very seldom return calls ... but just know that I really appreciate you and your willingness to help etc.. but sometimes.. I just don't have the energy to make the calls. Some of you write the most touching cards and letters..just know that I love them and I appreciate all your wonderful words of encouragement. . Love, Shelly

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bone Marrow Test

The bone marrow test went well.  Kit was a little nervous because a different oncologist did the previous two bone marrow tests...but everything went alright.
Kit had a rough night last night again due to the fevers.  The doctors are still trying to find any infections.
We will know the results of the test tomorrow.
We keep getting reports of people praying for our family and we are so thankful.
with love,
The Lauer Family

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kit has a pretty bad rash from the meds (the doctors think it is probably one of the antibiotics). They are trying to switch his antibiotics and it is difficult for them because he is so prone to infections right now.
He had fever spikes all last night (the highest being 103). The infectious disease doctors are looking for any possible infections but have not found any so far. His chest is clear. It is possible that the fever is just from the reaction.
The bone marrow test is scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00 am. We know you are all praying and are grateful.
The Lauers

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Update...

Hello everyone.
Kit wants to tell you all that he is doing ok right now. He did have a reaction to the blood transfusion that they gave him yesterday (his blood counts are so low right now because of the chemo). and he did have a fever...please pray that it is only from the reaction to the transfusion and that he is not getting an infection.
The bone marrow test is on tuesday and we get the results on wednesday.
Always appreciative of your love and support,
The Lauers

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Shelly here… It’s May first time at typing  the blog. I know that Kit has talked about the view from 223, but it is unbelievable and I am putting a photo of the view on the blog. ( a day when there was a rainbow)  We are so blessed to be in this room. It is a lot like the Iao valley view.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.. and I want to wish all you mothers Happy Mother’s day .

I want to thank all of you for blessing me to the max…. by letting me be here with Kit . I do not worry about anything .. work.. bills …….because I have wonderful people who are handling all the little things that I would be worrying about.

Usually, I stay with Kit at the hospital until around 1 or 2 and then go home ( to Petulla’s condo) for the afternoon..shower, wash clothes, eat dinner, and maybe take a short nap and come back around 6:30- 7:00pm and then sleep in the same room as Kit.  This time with Kit is very special to me. I am very thankful to be able to be here.

Marla called and said that a lot of you walked today in honor of Kit.. in the Relay for Life.. I can’t wait to see the t-shirts.. and Kit is humbled by this whole “run for Kit”.

Okay… here is the update on Kit.

His red blood cells and platelets are way down.. so he is having both transfused right now. He has not gotten an infection yet… thank God!!! He has gotten his rash back, but it is not itching. He does not have a temperature either.. He is tired and he has to stay in this room, because his resistance is so low and he could pick up anything so easily.  

I think that you know that the bone marrow test is on Tues… not Monday…(Craig and Maria’s 60th  birthday). Please pray for us to see God’s miracle. NO BLAST(Cancer) CELLS!!!!!

I want to thank everyone again for blessing us so much. When the stuff comes in the mail to us.. it is so much fun opening the cards and letters and reading them to Kit. When we read the blog and your e-mails that you write, we often cry our way through them. We love all of you so much and we are so thankful for each one of you that are in our lives. Thank you for loving our family in this way that I could never have imagined.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Update

Hello everyone! blood counts are down from the chemo, but my spirit is up because of all your prayers and love and support. The nurses are blown out by the cards and letters and gifts that pour into the's like Christmas around here everyday!...I think everyone is simply astonished at the depth and consistency/persistence of all your support, love and compassion. Those of us in the compassion business speak sometimes of "compassion fatigue", which is really just a sign of our need to go back to the well, that eternal fount, as Jesus said, "...whoever drinks of Him, streams of living water will pour forth." John 7:38...obviously you guys have been drinking deeply from His well. If you're thirsty He says, just come to me and I will give you water where you will thirst no more. The Lord is the ultimate thirst quencher...every other thirst quencher is temporary but He quenches our thirst forever. I got a little drawing from TJ today, Laura and Todd's little man and he wanted to send a note to "uncle kit"...everyone on Maui is an auntie and uncle by the he sent me this picture of a honu (turtle)...he must intuitively know I love the honu...and he had pasted over the turtle some stickers of airplanes and helicopters, things he says he wants us to play with together when I get better. Through TJ I see that really big things are often found in the smallest of things. In fact, God uses the small things in our lives to make really big things take place. The "big things" are often really small to God. What is the biggest thing you have on your plate today?...that really big thing that may have a strangle hold on you right now, that is ripping you off from life, that is consuming all your thoughts, time and energy...basically God wants it. In fact He says over and over in His word...give it to me...give me that burden, that big thing. And when we do He miraculously makes it small...and in its place He takes the small things, the things of Him, the sweet and good and pure little things and He makes them huge in our lives. As we have this exchange with God our lives become filled with the "little things" that bring us great joy and life eternal. You know life eternal isn't just living and being sustained by God for all eternity, but the life Jesus gives us through His death and resurrection is also a type of life we live right now. It is a life free from a lot of the fears that plaque humanity. It is a life which gives rise to deep meaning and purpose no matter how small or insignificant we may seem...I am in a 12x12 cubicle tied to bags and drip lines and blood testing devices and have never felt so alive and used of God.

Many years ago, I lost a dear friend, Randy Insley, to cancer. My son, Mikey, now 21, was just a little guy. As we both prayed for Randy, I could tell Mikey's little spirit was concerned that Randy may die. I assured him that Randy had the gift of eternal life and that he wasn't afraid to die because he knew Jesus and had received the gift of eternal life. Mikey seemed ok with that and I would quiz him once and a while..."now Mikey, I would say, when we face death we don't have to be afraid because?"...and he would say turtle life daddy, Jesus gives us turtle life!...I thought it was so cute the way he said eternal life because it sounded like turtle life. Then quite sometime later out of the blue he said, "daddy when I die and go to be with Jesus in heaven is that when I get the turtles?" Ever since that moment, the honu, the turtle, has become a symbol of the purity and innocence of a little child's heart to me and the great promise of God. In a child's heart the really "big things" become small and the small things like little diamonds embedded in a huge mountain become the stuff of "turtle life." May you live today and everyday involved with all your heart in God's "little things."

Your prayers, e-mails, blog posts, gifts, support, love, care, compassion and most importantly...the demonstration of your persistence...storming the masters! And Lord taught that as we are persistent, the master gets up and gives the beggar bread! He is my bread of life...I am holding on with all of you to God's promise...He spoke to me and set His bow across the sky. I rest in Him.

I can't give back to you anything in comparison to the love you have poured on me and my family. But, this is actually good...because it humbles me...and as we know then He comes and lifts us up. So...from one completely broken man, but not crushed... I am sustained and protected by His love which flows though you to me.

In His peace forever

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Update...

My dad is still doing well with no fever or infections at this point.  He is just a little too tired to write the blog today.  His blood count is still dropping and he is very susceptible to infections right now...that is the main concern of the oncologists.
So, for the next week we need to pray that no major infections occur and, if they do, that Kit will be able to fight them.
So, again, we thank you for the love, support, and prayers that you have given to my family and for the concern that you all have shown.  My dad wants you all to know that he loves you very much!
The bone marrow test has been rescheduled for tues, May 13 and we will get the results on wed, May 14.
love, The Lauers

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another day of being sustained by God upon your prayers! I am so blessed these last few days with some strength, no sickness/infections, food tastes good even...but best of all I have a sense of incredible closeness to you and God. As mother's day approaches I am reminded of the heart of a mother...naturally self-sacrificing, looking to the concerns of her loved ones above herself...a mother just exudes the love Christ has for us. I think the fullness of a mother's love is never truly appreciated until our own experiences in life become deep enough to really see her inner beauty. Sometimes we strain at a picture of a mother or loved one or a friend in a season of God's preparation of the beauty God is working on just beneath the surface and if we are not patient with our loved ones, forgiving and compassionate, we can turn away with the image of that beauty concealed and miss the revealing of the work God is really doing. Let me put it this way...I have been afforded a 7x7 window out of my hospital room that looks out and up into the Manaloa Valley...this is an extreme blessing to me for the valley holds many wonders, in fact, treasures are everywhere I look. One of the treasures is a special species of eucalyptus tree. Out of over 700 species of these trees, originally from Australia, Hawaii has developed its own unique species. It is called "rainbow eucalyptus" and oh how appropriately it is named. At times the ordinary outer bark peels back to reveal an explosion of brilliant rainbow colors that are a delight to behold. The curious thing is that the rainbow bark is not always fully exposed. In fact, at times the bark seems ordinary, dull, anything but brilliant and beautiful. This is a lesson for us. Sometimes our moms may not seem to be all that beauty and brilliance...sometimes our friends let us down, sometimes people are just in that place where on the surface they don't look all that beautiful...perhaps our relationships are strained, maybe they even seem broken, but that place is's just God preparing the inner beauty of that rainbow eucalyptus, later to peel off that bark and reveal the marvelous treasure inside. Perhaps we should leave some room for moms and friends and loved ones to be prepared inside by God during those harder times in our relationships and perhaps it is better for us all to always look and remember all the times those moms , loved ones and friends have shined through to reveal those brilliant rainbow colors that enhance and enrich our lives daily. It is my prayer today that you will join me in giving thanks to all the rainbow eucalyptus trees out there in our lives, especially our moms.

You all continue to be such wonderful support and a source of inspiration to me as we wait upon the Lord to deliver His miracle! Again and again I never cease to be overwhelmed by your love and support. Every card, gift, letter, prayer, good thought, e-mail and blog post is noted and embraced with deep gratitude and a sense of more love, more concern and more care than any one man should ever have. I am steadfast in the Lord, living for His glory alone, for my life is His to use as He pleases.

Love forever in Him

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It is indeed a blessing for me when the Lord sees fit to give me enough energy to communicate directly with family, body on Maui and so many wonderful hearts pouring out love, hope & strength, ...other churches, ohana groups...literally thousands who have poured out constant, non stop prayer and support...I am staggered when I realize the love of God, the compassion of human hearts that have the grand privilege and capability of reflecting such beauty in a world filled with so much suffering and pain. This process we are witnessing speaks so highly of the gift the creator has endowed each of us with in very unique, individual and special ways. I guess that is the main thing God has impressed on my heart to offer you today. From a place of complete brokenness and with a humble and contrite heart and spirit, I offer this to you today. I feel He (the creator of all that is good, right, pure, lovely...the things our spirits love to cling to...eternally valuable things...things worth fighting for in life against the harshness of the world )...I offer the eye of God for you today. The way God sees you. I was awaken by the early dawn outside my 12x12 cubicle which could be viewed as a little prison or it can be what it has become...a place of infinite value to me...a place that opens up a whole universe of revelation because I am with the creator of the universe and He is my teacher and guide. Those of you who know His touch in the dark places of life know what I am expressing. We are never a prisoner in a dark place as long as we have the light of Him who dispels the darkness, even in death He holds our victory...for His life has swallowed up death and loneliness and separation and brings us life everlasting. But for today, God tells me how much He loves you, how valuable you are to Him, regardless of what anyone thinks or are His precious one. As I was saying, at dawn I awoke and I heard the birds singing their songs...really a song of praise...we are alive, we reflect the beauty of an intricate, unfathomably creative creator and yet as beautiful as the moment was I was reminded of how Jesus looked to the little birds and how the Father took care of them and then He turned to the hurting, the weak, the helpless, the lost, the innocent that so often just get trampled in life...He turned to those looking for significance and fulfilment outside of a world that is so often shallow, superficial...and baits things to appear to be good that in the end only bring disaster...the manifesting of God in flesh points to the little birds, as beautiful as they are and tells the thirsty, those hungering for meaning and purpose to their lives "do you not know how much more valuable you are to the Father than these"...and God demonstrates your value by giving the gift of His Son...His life for ours that we may enjoy that deep, rich, real fulfilling relationship that we were created for in the first place forever. So lift your head up today dear one, you are His prize, His joy, His love forever...when you hear the birds sing early in the morning it His heart singing to you His love song. Our job is simply to respond to His love song with all our hearts, do good in a dark world and as the Lord says your light will shine before men bringing glory to your Father in heaven. Every outpouring of your love, your prayers and your support for me and my family shines forth like the brilliance of the noon day sun...people see it, they feel it, they experience rise little flock and bring forth your song of praise to His magnificence and know that the magnificent one desires to shower you with His love today. You are His prize possession!

We wait and pray together for the miracle from God. As a direct result of your prayers I have been spared of infection, also any heavy side effects of the last chemo. You have provided for me the great blessing of my wife by my side through this indescribable gift. God is with are with is good. I pray your spirit has been lifted today as you see yourself through God's eyes.

Love to all and I am forever indebted to your love, care and compassion:)

Monday, May 5, 2008


I just talked with my dad on the phone during my lunch break, and he wanted me to tell you that he is doing well and that we just can't thank you enough for all of the love, support and prayers. My dad (and the rest of our family) truly feels it and he say that he is patiently awaiting a miracle.
The update remains the same...he is very tired, but there is no nausea and no fever. This is definitely a praise!
Much love to you all!! :-)
The Lauers

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dearest friends and loved ones...I had a bit of energy today and wanted so much to expend it on all of you. Please know that I continue to be sustained by your love, prayers, support and your generous giving...your hearts of love and concern are all treasures to me and my family. My prayer for you today is that regardless whether you are riding high on the wings of blessing right now or find yourself in a deep dark valley that you would know that everywhere you are the love of God your creator is with
you. He tells us,..."whoever seeks me with all their heart will find me..." Sometimes we are so weak we can't seem to find the strength to even seek after Him, it is in these times He seeks after us. He will leave the whole flock He tends to go after His lost little lamb. His love for you is un-ending finding it's full expression in the offering of His Son's life for yours. His gift to you of life everlasting, His provision to those who place their trust and hope in Him. It is my prayer for us all today that we would hold very lightly to those things temporary and passing, to the cares, the set backs, the ups-and downs of life's circumstances and that we would all hold on tightly to those things that are eternal. Forgiveness, love expressed when we consider our friend, our spouse, our child as more precious, more valuable then ourselves, our own needs. As we do this God meets our needs in a deep profound and supernaturally way. Don't manipulate, use, or ill think of anyone, do good to all, be bright lites in a world filled with incomprehensible darkness and pain. We must at times allow our protective bubbles to be burst now and then to know the deep treasures found only in a place of great need and the touch of the love of God. Again, no matter where you are, His love is there. Give your heart to the lover of your soul and He will empower your life today in marvelous ways and victories felt to just always be slightly out of your reach will be yours and when you face the end of self your hope will swell from the knowledge of the great gift of eternal life, the ultimate weapon against death and fear...we can rest our heads in the hands of the author and giver of life who freely gives new life now and forever for all who call on His name. I face the hope of more life here on earth as we wait for bone marrow tests May 12 and an answer on the 13th...regardless God has prepared my heart to live for Him with razor-like crispness and re-newed focus should He choose, but also to die a warrior for Him, leaving nothing on the table but being being thoroughly used up for His good and perfect will. May the God of all life bless your life today, encourage, even re-create you, give you power to overcome, victories, a sense of great value and worth...for you posses the ability to reflect His divine glory. Go for it! My love for you can not be expressed in I pray God's Spirit presses this love into your hearts for me.

On behalf of myself and my family...inexpressible gratitude for all the blessings you have poured out.

In my deepest sense of love

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Update

The chemotherapy is knocking down the blood cells and my dad is getting more tired.
There are no blast cells noted in the circulating blood, but last time the chemo did that as well.
So, we need to pray that the treatment works in the bone marrow and also for no infections. Again, the test will be on May 12 and we should get the results on May 13. My dad has no fever and no nausea still...thank you for praying!
My dad has a friend that teaches 5th grade in CA at Cherrywood school, and he had his students write letters to my dad...and they were beautiful letters. They showed concern for someone they didn't even know. My dad told me this morning what he wanted me to write was that we all need to remember the value of friendships especially during difficult times.
love to all!
The Lauers

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Puppy

From Kit:

"I was reminded by my friends who run Hawaii Canines for Independence how much we as human beings respond to just pure love. I've always loved dogs and how they love unconditionally. They don't care about how you smell, or what you look like, or what you wear. When they hear your voice their little tails start wagging...they just want to be near you. They truly love you for better or worse.

That's what we all really want and need, and the beautiful thing is that we have the opportunity to give that kind of love to each other. I really think (believe) the source of that opportunity flows from the One that created us. He gives each of us an opportunity in each of our lives to be like that little puppy to give that touch to someone...our family, our friends, our children, our spouses.

It's really a choice that we make to either be consumed by the ups and downs that we face in life, and all of the pressures, or to focus on the flow of that type of unconditional love that God is so willing to give to us and, in turn, to give it to others.

Basically, just take a deep breath from whatever you are struggling with today and just trust that God will give you a gift that exceeds anything you could ever imagine."

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

-Ephesians 3:20

My dad's update is that he has minimal side effects. He has not suffered any major side effects or infections at this point which is a blessing. He still has an appetite right now and he also has family members attending to him and good medical care.

We are all praying for a miraculous healing from God. and that when they do the bone marrow test in a little less than 2 weeks it will show no cancer cells in the marrow.

we thank you again for everything and please know that Kit is getting your emails, blog comments etc and I try to read them to him as much as possible.

Much love from the Lauers (thank you Mo for the picture)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Butterfly

Kit says:

"Dearly beloved gift givers, card writers, emailers, bloggers, prayer warriors, and good thought givers. To those with the gifts of compassion, mercy, helps, prophecy,words of knowledge, revelation, encouragement, and to all of you...I am daily like the butterly filled with a sense of the delicateness of life and yet the strength of the creator of life and the strength of all of you who have been supporting me. Though my life is like those soft little wings they reflect the beauty of your love for me. and should the Lord propel me on to new heights with those wings or shortly take me home, I am at peace with the beauty that I see reflected in you that is of God."

My dad has finished his chemotherapy treatment, but as we've said before, the affects last for a long time and the chemo will still be killing off his bone marrow for the next week or so (and prayfully killing the blast cells along with the good cells). The bone marrow test will be around may 12.

So, our specific prayer is that the cancer cells will be killed along with no major infections and that the bone marrow test will show good results.

much love, the Lauers
P.S I want to give credit to Buddy for taking the photos :)