Sunday, May 18, 2008

sunday afternoon

I am writing the blog for Kit today.. he is napping right now. He went for another CAT scan today.. he had one yesterday too. The doctors are trying to figure out why he still has fevers. His rash is getting better. He looks like a lizzard.. pealing like crazy. Today we walked alot in the halls and I even took Kit outside. It is quiet here on Sundays, and he was like a little kid when he saw the flower bed in front of Kaiser, filled with impatience flowers in the middle there is a beautiful sculture of a mother and her child lifted up.
Two very special doctors have given Kit books to read.. Dr. Collis gave him this breathtaking book called Endurance -Shackleton's incredible voyage. I read it outloud to him and it was unbelievable what these seaman accomplished back in is a true story... Now we are reading another book that another wonderful doctor who is a christian, Dr. Orimoto gave Kit named The Shack. Kit and I never take time like this back home... this has been a wonderful time.. reading these books together. Listening to the music together.. reading devotionals ..,of course... we are watching some basketball in the evening.. on the t.v. but very little.. there have been so many special times.. precious times and I thank you for allowing me this blessing to be here with Kit.
Well.. I am closing up and going to Petulla's condo to wash clothes. I haven't been there for 2 days.. sometimes.. I just stay and don't go home.. I wear the same clothes for 2 days.. don't brush my teeth... shower... who cares.... Kaiser hospital has been really good to us and the staff here is exceptional, but one thing that is not good... there is very seldom warm water for a shower.. I get little pitchers of hot water from the kitchen area and Kit pours it on himself...for weeks , he could not take showers, because of the port.. but it is out now.. and he is able to... that really makes him feel good.
Hopefully Kit will write the blog tomorrow. He really loves all of you .. your comments make him cry... they touch his heart. He is thankful for all of you who read this blog, who pray for him... and who write to him. Our family appreciates it too.
It is another beautiful day looking out 223 window..into the Moanalua
Valley.. and the vog is lifting.. The Petulla's condo is right on Waikiki.. unbelievable view... Kit will go crazy looking down at the water.. I am praying that we get there in a few days..the plan is to transition there .. a little before we go back to Maui.. just incase there are problems..Thank you again for your loving concern.. Shelly


Anonymous said...

I love you mom! :)

michael, ciara & mikaela said...

We look forward to reading the blog everyday. I usually read it out loud to Michael and Mikaela. We are always in awe of your unsurpassed confidence in the Almighty and your undying love for eachother. Mikaela is a little praying machine. She always holds her hands out to each of us to grab, then bows her head while we pray, and is excited to say "Amen".
We love you so much and are so glad you two have this precious time together.
ciara, michael and mikaela

Anonymous said...

We read the blogs over and over. Thank you for this picture of how it really is for you as the wife. I pray God can continue to be your strength during this time, watching the man you love going through so many things. It is so great that you were able to appreciate the times you are having together - reading, praying, etc. So many people around the world are so burdened in prayer for the Lauer family. Be encouraged.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Kit and Shelly,

I had a smile in my face when I read about the pitchers of hot water you use to take a warm bath. Sounds like the "Philippines Mission" time :) . It's called TABO :)

Remember when Dickie took a shower and went inside a tub that's not supposed to be a tub? But it's where you get little pitcher of water to pour on yourself (not dunk in there :0 )

Oh those were fun Philippines Missions memories. And I always am thankful for your love to the Filipino people :)

Buddy sang "STRONG TOWER" at church today and dedicated it to you. Interestingly, I watched that song at YouTube before I went to church ad thought of you. Yes, God is your STRONG TOWER. keep looking up. we are praying for miracles - big time!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you Shelley! Oh the blessings you are receiving as you honor your wedding vows for better or worse. How could you have ever imagined the sweet spot you are enjoying in your marriage today would be in the midst of a cancer battle...
Treasure these moments with Kit. The Lord has you
encapsulated in a silver lining. His mercy and grace
overflowing onto you both. You are in our prayers
Kelly Apo

Lisa said...

I'm glad you are able to get out and walk...I pray that you will be back in Maui as soon as possible so you can truly relax.

--Lisa E.

Valeria said...

Dear Kit and Shelly,

Here am I... back in Brazil to be with my brother Marcello and after reading your blog yesterday and today just give me more strenght to help,encourage and lift him up!
Your humble and pure hearts inspired me to serve and love God more and more every day!

May you guys continue this journey knowing that I am with you all the way. My heart never being so close to God and like you said Kit is a beautiful place to be!! Hallelluah!!
I'm praying for you always!!

Love you and miss you,
Hugs from Brazil
Valeria Strand

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

I love that you guys always have something positive to say. You both even through this are so positive. I have learned a lot from you guys with that! I really have. I have always heard people say attitude is everything but I never believed it as much as now! May God continue to give you that wonderful attitude and good things to find. Love you guys so much! Praying for you always. Nicole

P.S. we are in TX right now. Got here on Thursday and I brought my laptop to keep posted. I know you love this state (-: so wanted to say Hi from TX.

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Shelly
It was so sweet to read your blog today and to picture you there with Kit,spending quality time in such a time as this...You are a Great Wife Shelly , one to be admired! What a sacrifice for your man, thankyou for the example of a Godly woman you truly have been, you both are such an awesome match!
God is using you in the lives of Many people, I for one, have been touched deeply by your walk.
We love you guys,
The Loren Family

Anonymous said...

keep up reading "the shack". ironically enough thats what im reading now too and am almost through. i have to say the imagery is quite remarkable and very appropriate for a time such as this. it actually reminded me of you kit because of its theological interpretation and i wondered what your commentary would be. all i know is God is so HUGE!! You are missed and loved beyond words. cant wait to have you back. aloha, Jen and Nick

Mele said...

Dear Kit & Shelly,

I love the genuineness of your hearts and the transparency of you lives. It gives me the strength to be real with my own. Not some phony who has to look good all the time. Hey this is real life were talking about.
A few weeks back when we started this journey with you guys I wasn't in a very good place. I was working through a time of letting go. Letting go of my oldest son. At the time it was pure grief. After I heard of your condition I was able to change my focus to you and concentrated on God's word and beautiful promises. I began a fast that revealed areas in my heart that needed healing.
All this because of you has brought about a change in my life on how I viewed the things I couldn't see or know to place of trusting in our Lord and finally experiencing peace. As a result of that step I am now seeing fruit in all that I had to let go of.

Forever humbled by your walk.

I love you guys,


Joe and Karen said...

Dear Shelly...loved hearing from you. Your strength, devotion and sacrifice are inspiring. You are too humble to see it that way, but it's true. In times like these, the real things in life shine through. You are so beautiful and so full of love. We also love you and continue to pray for more sweet moments with you, the Lord and Kit.

Buddy was awesome in worship this morning. I cried watching him sing "Your grace is enough for me". You are all amazing to us.
Love you so, Joe and Karen

The Pat Blog said...

Endurance in the Shack, I mean AND the Shack. Just a bit longer and you can say, "Endured, now @ the Condo..."

We are praying for a smooth transition back home for you and "Spanenden Zeiten" when you get there. Spanung in German is a mix btw Suspense and Excitement. Zeit means Time. And we are "ge-spannt" at all the Lord will do when you get there.

Funny, I just had Shackletons book in my hand as we were reorganizing the book shelf in our bedroom. It contains our favorites...

Blessings von Germany,

Dio said...

And that's why you inspire me...

Dio said...

Today at worship, Buddy made some coments about you and he said "thank you from the Lauer Family" and someone yelled from the auditorium, "NO, THANK YOU!".
I thought that was great, because it's true, we should be the ones saying thank you to you guys. Thank you for posting this blog and giving us this beautiful, incredible letters of inspiration, of hope and faithfulness. You're so amazing and yet so real.
You help me to put my own life in perspective and see how small my problems are compared to yours, but you still show us this love, compassion, hope and sincerity, but most of all, hapiness. Even in sad times, we can feel in your words how happy you both are, just to be together and have this special time. Maybe that was God's plan all along. Make you two draw closer to each other, go back to your dating days and spend lots and lots of time together. I pray that you will be forever together, that you will celebrate your 50th wedding aniversary, that you will see your grandchildren grow up and that you will be teaching us this life lessons for many years to come.
I love you both so much that I want to be just like you.
Miss you!

John said...

Again, tears streaming down my face like crazy. Even though I've not been on the Hawaiian islands in over a decade I have great life-long memories of being there which include Kit Lauer & family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelly,

Your devotion to Kit is inspiring to all of us. I can picture Jesus saying to you the something like he said to Martha about Mary in Luke 10, "Shelly you have chosen what is better, (to serve Kit) and this time will not be taken away from you."

Come home quickly Kit.

Love you guys,
Toni Spence

Anonymous said...

We can never feel the depth of your emotions as you endure the weight of your cross. I’ve been on that road too. But for the rest of us that love Kit and you we find comfort with our faith that God’s loving grace is upon you and Kit and the kids at all times. Our prayers and our fasting will go on as we look forward to see you all back in Maui at Hope Chapels’ Friday Gathering.

Josh said...

The depth of love that you two are reaching is only tapping into the profound love that God has for you. May you cherish the special moments and hold on to them in times of trouble. May they transcend you into the arms of the Father; forever to be held and lifted up. I love you guys and continue to pray with a humble heart for a miracle. Kit, I can't wait to see you healthy, juicing, and eating oraganic, raw foods. I'm praying for plan 1 to go into effect. That you walk out and are pronounced "uncurable" and then the Lord goes to town on those cancer cells. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit and Shelly,
Thank you for sharing everything with us and pouring your hearts out. Its awesome that even when you're in a hospital or away from home lives are still being impacted and changed. We thank God so much for the two of you. It's truly a blessing to know the both of you. Boise has been pretty nice, but nothing compared to home. We are both still finishing up school and we can't wait to see you when we come home to Maui for the summer. We love you both.

Love, Dustin and Trish