Saturday, May 24, 2008

Loved ones...last night tragedy struck our dear friends, Karen & Joe Johnson and their family as their son Joey (my daughter's age) was found dead in his sleep. We don't know the cause, but we do know Joey has suffered from seizures in the past. Joey is in Southern California and the family is heading there right now. Please lift them up in prayer. Shelly and I are just broken hearted right now as is everyone close to the family. We have all grown up together, our families all intertwined and it hurts so bad to loose one of our beloved sons. Our solstice is in the knowledge of life in our LORD. We hold on to Him during this time. Joey is a wonderful young man full of life and creativity. The hole in our hearts is huge right now so your prayers are like a warm salve on our wound. God is in control even now...Karen & Joe know this and so does the family. Joe, Joey's father, has been a steady worship leader at Hope...we have done missions trips together...he is an elder/leader, a wonderful generous man of God and Karen is our counselor at Hope, a sensitive, wonderful, giving, woman of God. They just give, give, they need us to give to them. So...our thoughts and prayers are with the family, for strength and comfort...our hearts aching with theirs...but they know the beauty of those who are in the shelter of His wings...for we as Christians; we do mourn indeed, but we do not mourn as if we have no hope...not at all...for our hope is in Him, the giver of life. Karen & Joe and their family have sown into this truth almost all their lives "...and He shall comfort the weak and give strength to the weary..." (Isa.40:30) The Johnson's are experiencing this supernatural strength and peace right now as we pray for them. Shelly and I are fine, my struggle pales in comparison to Karen & Joe's right now. We are trying to get stronger to come home June 1st. You guys have been our strength...please continue to lift up Karen & Joe and family.

love you
kit & Shelly


Anonymous said...

Kit and Shelley
Your words are like a salve to us as we are all stunned over the loss of Joey. Thank you for continuing to pour out God's love on us. The treasure of fellowship that we share as brothers and sisters in Christ is priceless. I awoke at 2 AM this morning praying for you and Mike and our leadership. We are waiting for your return. enjoy the beauty before you
Love Kelly Apo

Liza's Eyeview said...

Our sorrow is too deep on Joey's loss ...

Thank you for your words and prayers ...

Together, in Christ, we lift up the Johnson family ..

Looking forward to your return to Maui,

James Taylor said...

Kit...Again, your message is words from the living Lord Himself,we greive with Joe and Karen and pray for their peace!!

Jon said...

My heart goes out to the Johnson family. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I do believe in prayer. There are many people praying for you.

A good friend told me once, that the closer we get to God, the more the enemy attacks us. Look at this church. We have an incredible congregation of belivers who honestky desire to know God. Our worship is incredible, our ministers are top notch, and we have groups all weeks long to help us get closer to God. No wonder Satan has plagued us with so many hardships. We are so close to God, and the enemy is afraid. Satan is afraid of what we are becoming. I know that we will always love God, and Satan will lose, no matter what happens.

Kit, I love you with all my heart. You have taught me so much about God, and how to defend Christianity and show people that Jesus is the only way. Even though I am constantly thinking about your situation, I am getting closer to God. I know that more people are getting closer to God, and the enemy hates this.

I know the enemy thinks that if he can throw enough trials our way, we will crumble. David says is Psalm many times, "I will not be shaken". This church has a strong foundation, and we will not be destroyed.

All we can do is trust in God, and pray for healing. I know He hears us, and He has a plan for all of us. We joined hands at church last night, and prayed for your healing. I know God heard us.


Jon Wright

Anonymous said...

kit and shelly
we are praying with you for joe and karen and jaime and joanne
i am so thankful God is bringing you home because of the comfort you will be to them.

i got to see your lovely daughter devoted brother and exceptional sis-in-law tonight. :) (sorry, had to rub it in.) they seemed to be behaving themselves just so you know. :) one fabulous family you have.
love to you kit and shelly
carrie nichols

Ron & Barbara said...

Losing a child is tough! Our hearts and prayers are with Joe & Karen along with you guys.

love you,

Ron & Barb