Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Shelly here… It’s May first time at typing  the blog. I know that Kit has talked about the view from 223, but it is unbelievable and I am putting a photo of the view on the blog. ( a day when there was a rainbow)  We are so blessed to be in this room. It is a lot like the Iao valley view.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.. and I want to wish all you mothers Happy Mother’s day .

I want to thank all of you for blessing me to the max…. by letting me be here with Kit . I do not worry about anything .. work.. bills …….because I have wonderful people who are handling all the little things that I would be worrying about.

Usually, I stay with Kit at the hospital until around 1 or 2 and then go home ( to Petulla’s condo) for the afternoon..shower, wash clothes, eat dinner, and maybe take a short nap and come back around 6:30- 7:00pm and then sleep in the same room as Kit.  This time with Kit is very special to me. I am very thankful to be able to be here.

Marla called and said that a lot of you walked today in honor of Kit.. in the Relay for Life.. I can’t wait to see the t-shirts.. and Kit is humbled by this whole “run for Kit”.

Okay… here is the update on Kit.

His red blood cells and platelets are way down.. so he is having both transfused right now. He has not gotten an infection yet… thank God!!! He has gotten his rash back, but it is not itching. He does not have a temperature either.. He is tired and he has to stay in this room, because his resistance is so low and he could pick up anything so easily.  

I think that you know that the bone marrow test is on Tues… not Monday…(Craig and Maria’s 60th  birthday). Please pray for us to see God’s miracle. NO BLAST(Cancer) CELLS!!!!!

I want to thank everyone again for blessing us so much. When the stuff comes in the mail to us.. it is so much fun opening the cards and letters and reading them to Kit. When we read the blog and your e-mails that you write, we often cry our way through them. We love all of you so much and we are so thankful for each one of you that are in our lives. Thank you for loving our family in this way that I could never have imagined.



Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Shelly! We love you!

Ron & Barbara said...

Happy Mother's Day Shelly and to all of the Mothers working this Blog. I believe some of the best Mothers on the planet are right here...

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Shelly
It is good to hear from you and thank you for posting your heart and that beautiful picture from Kit's room...GOD is Good!
It was also good to know you are spending quality time with Kit and still getting your rest is comforting, for I often wondered about you and your spirit holding up thru this all,
Stay rested my friend,stay well rested!
Happy Mother's Day to you too, and know we are praying daily for all of you,
Love The Loren Family
John, Nancy,Jonathon and Michelle

Janet on Maui :) said...

Happy Mother's Day Shelly :)
great job doing the blog and the rainbow photo is beautiful, just like you :) always full of color & life even in the rain. I miss you but am so happy that you are able to be with Kit and that you are not worrying about anything. You & Kit have a restful night as our prayers cover you like a warm comforter. Praying continually against those blast cells and that they are disintegrated and that God replaces them with good healthy cells. Kit we are all waiting for the best brthday prestent for Craig & Maria, your renewed good health and total healing.
Janet :)

Liza's Eyeview said...

Dear Shelly,
Happy Mothers Day! You've been in my thoughts and I am glad you posted. I'm glad to read your post, your sweet spirit, your trust in God, you are always an encouragement to me. And at time like this when I am supposed to be encouraging you, still you encourage me. This Mothers Day I want you to know that you are one of the best Moms I know. Yes, you are. I remember living in your ohana and just seeing you and how you minister to your family. I also remember how you gave us the "nicest" crib for Gardner - that was so sweet.

Before this comments gets to be too long, I just want to give you a "cyberhug" and let you know that we love you. We are lifting up the whole Lauer family in prayers. That photo of the view from the window, with the rainbow, is a great reminder that God will never leave us or forsake us. He will never forsake you, Kit, and anyone else because HE LOVES YOU (and you know that already :) )


Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Happy Mother's Day Shelly,

I hope God Blesses you today. You are an amazing woman. I am so glad you are there with Kit. SO glad God has blessed you with that view WOW. Have a blessed day both of you. I am praying for a full recovery soon! Love Nicole

T,S & s said...

Happy Mother's day to you Shelley, we love you guys so much!

T,S & s said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Shelly ,you are a great mom if I was half as great of a mom like you are, Mikela would be so blessed ,I am so glad to hear you not worried about things back here .I know you are one of the biggest gift to Kit right now ,and it is good to hear you can spent all that time with him I am glad he has somebody to hug :-)in the bubble.We are praying for no infections and good results on the test ,and also that family close to Kit will stay healthy to make the daily visits to hug Kit from all of us ,aloha Anuschka ,alex ,and Mikela

carolina said...

Happy mother's day, praying for you and your family, a big hug from Chile...

Carolina, Braulio and Bastián

Anonymous said...

Kit and Shelley: Happy Mother's Day. It's Mary in Virginia. I am so blessed to be praying and believing with y'all in Hope Chapel. I love and bless you. We're believing for Tuesday's GOOD REPORT!
Kisses and hugs, Mary Mc ALL..
Daniel goes to Lakeland Revival in FLA. 5/12 from Alaska. until 5/17. Then I am praying he comes here to Williamsburg,Va. for Sunday Church, before he goes back to Alaska. John will join the Revival. Many MIRACLE HEALINGS. We're bringing you there! Rest in HIM. He's 'gottcha!"

Kathie said...

Happy Mother's Day Shelly!
Love, Kathie

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you Shelly. You wrote so beautifully I could hear your voice as I read your blog. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers day, you are such a beautiful person, we miss you! Love you - And you too Kit!
Forever in our prayers.
Cari Coetzee

karen joy said...

Hi kit Hi shelley Im so glad to get my internet service working again I just moved to Haiku and didnt have internet up until today mothers Day I had 70 e-mails and i rushed thru to get to yours the rtainbow is so awesome and im so glad you can be there with Kit I cannot imagine what you both are going thru and am so happy to read your blog... kit hang in there and let us know if we can help in any way Inge sends her prayers to you... shelly call it you need amything love you both Karen joy