Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi , this is Kit speaking but Shelly is typing for me. It is Wed. a.m., May 14th.
I first want to say that I love all of you guys and I have felt your support undiminished , in fact, increasing in intensity as we move forward. As you know, we should get the results from the bone marrow test , some time today. It will probably be late today and it may even come back tomorrow. Shelly and I , with you, are waiting with expectant hope that God has done a real miracle and that the cancer has been sent in to remission in this last round of chemo, so just keep praying.
The last three days have been pretty rough on my body. I have the head to toe rash on my body and temperatures that continue to spike , nausea and the dry heaves. I feel like I am rounding third base, heading for home , with weak ankles, busted knees, torn ligaments and with my uniform flopping in the wind ...(and the hat was lost along time ago....) but regardless of all of that, Shelly and I continue to pray and the Lord never fails to give us the strength to hit the dirt and cross the plate. We know that no matter how it goes in this world , we are always safe in the kingdom of Heaven, so we praise God for all things. And..we can not praise God enough for the tremendous support , love and compassion that has been poured out on us through you. It is my sincere hope and trust in God that He will do this miracle and that I can someday soon stand before you and be with you and be able to see your children , and your grand children.. to be able to spend time with friends and family .. and the fellowship of our ministry that we will bring glory to the living God that all men and women would see HIM shine through us and He would draw them to Himself like a magnet. I see heeling's of marriages and of relationships and illnesses and I really see the power of God moving through the body of Christ as each of us draws close to Him. As each of us abides in Christ ,then His love abides in us and what naturally comes out of that is the stuff of God. You have certainly demonstrated the love of God , both communally and individually and I just want you to know that it pleases the Father. A very close friend of mine sent me a letter yesterday that made Shelly and me cry(which we often do while reading your letters and cards) . He said that he wasn't praying for God's will but that he was begging God to heal me. He also said that if God has a big refrigerator in Heaven, my picture would surely be on it. Wow!!! it is the same for everyone for those of you that love the Lord... you can be sure that your picture is pasted on that giant refrigerator. Never a day goes by that He does not look at it and say... "that is my boy !!!.. "or "that is my girl!!! "
Our job in life is simple ,really. We just do the things that Jesus has taught us to do and He gives us peace ,joy,fulfillment and blessings. God's job is everything else. that should take a burden off your shoulders today.
We will get you the news as soon as we hear.. today.... or tomorrow.
Love, Kit
From Shelly... I feel that to thank everyone , everyday for their love... seems redundant.. and almost not special... but my appreciation for all of you.. is overwhelming. I very seldom return calls ... but just know that I really appreciate you and your willingness to help etc.. but sometimes.. I just don't have the energy to make the calls. Some of you write the most touching cards and letters..just know that I love them and I appreciate all your wonderful words of encouragement. . Love, Shelly


Mele said...

Thank you for sharing your heart as we wait with you. It's as if we are all holding hands together during this time.



Anonymous said...

KIT,we are all praying for you! you are a champion! we love you! brother JEFF in cali

Heather said...

I am praying that the test results reveal God's miracle. I know everyone from Hawaii to California to Europe is praying for you and has you on there mind right now as we await the results.
Love, Heather Overholt

Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying, praying...singing songs of healing over, Heidi

Liza's Eyeview said...

It's great to hera from you Kit and Shelly. We're praying.... love you.

the hoovers said...

Prayers, love, and hugs to you all....with lots of Big Island prayers,
Love, Linda, Greg, Holly, & Jack

Anonymous said...

P.S. Here's a smile to pass the time....:)

Jack just dumped out a whole bag of chocolate chips outside in the yard (I didn't know he could even open them!) He's insisting that the birdies will like them....

Anonymous said...

As I read this blog it feels like I'm reading one of Paul's epistles, loving, encouraging, despite your trials. Bless you brother Kit. Have been praying for you.
Dr. O.

Lisa said...

I know we have all said this many times, but you are an amazing, wonderful servant of Christ. It makes me wish I lived in Maui so I could have listened to and grown from your services there.

So sorry to hear the rash and stomach problems are back.

One more night to pray for the total destruction of the bad blast cells.

More days and nights to pray for the rash, fever and other side effects so go away.

Thank you for helping us deal with your illness, Kit!

--Lisa E.

The Bonsells said...

It was so wonderful to hear from you two (Kit AND Shelly) TOGETHER. We are thinking of you and praising God for you, as we wait with you. We love you soooooo much . . . "As High as the Sky. As deep as the sea." That's what Kainoa, Kev and I say to each other. I've always said it should be "Higher...Deeper...", but now I think it should be "As High as the Heavens" . . . and that's ETERNAL! We love you, we love you, we love you.

Kelly, Kevin, Kainoa and Keahi