Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec.31st!!! I wrote already...and something happened to the whole letter... so I guess that I am not ready to replace Liza Peirce yet.. as Queen of the bloggers... Because Kit is still asleep from his bone marrow tap this a.m., I can not get him to help I will just start over....
Kit had to have more platelets today... and they are giving him anti fungal and anti bacterial medicines around the clock.. and hopefully they will be able to destroy the things that they find in the blood that Kit's blood can't fight , because he does not have any good white blood cells to fight infections.
The bone marrow test went fine and Kit is asleep... mumbling and rambling on and on. This behavior was frightening for me at first, because I was afraid that he was going to be like this forever... but it is just how Kit handles drugs and certain medicines. He is just talking up a storm.. with many of you .. with his kids... with the doctors here...etc... I see how much he loves people , because the mental state that he is in ... is not a fearful place... but a loving place.
We will not find out for a few days the results of the bone marrow tap, because tomorrow is New Years...
This past year has been a year with much pain and much joy.... but I know that you are all praying that 2009 will bring good news for Kit . It is so awesome to read the blog and realize that people from everywhere.... Hawaii, Calif. , Oregon, Wash. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, Chile,Honduras, Greece and etc.. are praying for us. We are connected by this blog.... it is amazing's like how Jesus is with each one of us all at the same time all over the world... He is infinite..
We have been so blessed by all of you... how much you love us and care for us. We are praying that you have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!!!! and that in the New Year ,the Lord will bring you even closer to Him.
Love,shelly and Kit

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shelly here again.... I love reading your notes... thank you so much for praying for us... I am a slow learner.. and setting up Kit's computer was difficult for me... but... I have it down I can help do the blogging now. I love to look on the blog and read what our dear friends and family have to say. You guys are so encouraging!!!!
The infectious disease doctor called a little while ago to say that the recent blood work identified some strange flagellum, so they started Kit on some new medicine. Kim Insley-Morell said that she knew about the roller coaster ride.. because of what she went through when Randy died of cancer many years ago. It is such an up and down ride... but we contiue to pray to our Lord for strength and healing , we play our worship music, read our daily devotional, our Bible and another special book that Mikey's mother in law bought for me years ago...and with your prayers.... we are getting through each day.
For Christmas, I had bought Kit a special photo of a honu.( turtle)..because Kit has a special love for turtles because of Mikey. I had Maisha bring the photo over here for
Christmas and it is on the wall in our room. I just told one of our favorite doctor's the story of "turtle life" when Randy Insley died years ago....and Mikey ( a four year old) thought that eternal life was "turtle life"... and Mikey asked Kit if "Randy got to go live with the turtles now? "
Well ...I am signing off. I love you guys.. and I am so thankful to be here with Kit and to have you lifting us up in prayer.
Shelly here again. It is Dec. 30th. Just when we were thinking that Kit was getting better , the chills and fever began... over 103 last night, but we are controlling them with warm blankets and tylenol . One thing good about being here again at Kaiser... I know right where to get the warm blankets and we have the routine down.
Most of Kit's infection is in his nasal sinus' now. His eye is so much better. It is completely open now.
The oncologist came in this a.m. and said that Kit's bone marrow tap will be tomorrow at 10:00a.m. Because New Years day is the next day, we will not get results as quickly as we would like. I know that all of you will be praying for miraculous results and I thank you for that.
Reading the comments by each of you is very encouraging. Thank you for taking the time.. thank you for your prayers... thank you for loving Maisha and Mikey (too)as you do.
Love,shelly and Kit

Monday, December 29, 2008

Shelly here. We have been on Oahu for 2 weeks today. I think Kit is making good progress now. Last night , he did not take any pain pills, his eye that was swollen shut, is much better now. He got fairly good sleep. His disorientation, hallucinations, and confusing thoughts are less frequent now. ( We are almost sure that it comes from the anti-fungal medicine.. which he will eventually not have to take). He still has a skin rash, but he is handling the itching. Because Kit's platelet count is low , he will have another platelet transfusion today. The plan is for Kit to have the bone marrow tap on Wed. at 9:00 a.m.
We are very pleased with the nursing staff and doctor's here at Kaiser. We know they are doing their best to help fight the infections etc.
We are so thankful for all of your prayers... and loving thoughts..And Dionei, I know that you love never say that you are a terrible friend. Kit and I are so blessed to have the family and friends that we have. We are continually thanking God for you all. I hope that you really KNOW how your love inspires us. Love,Shelly and Kit

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank you so much for praying!  Tonight, my dad had more energy and his mind was a little more clear.  Also, the CT scan didn't show anything major going on behind the eye, so that is very positive....they are thinking it is just an allergic reaction.
Hopefully, tonight will be a more restful night for Kit.
With grateful hearts,
The Lauers

Bad Night for Kit...

Dear friends and Family,
I just spoke with my mom and my dad had a very difficult night. My dad (and my mom) could really use prayer.
The power went out on Oahu and, they have some things on a generator at the hospital, but not everything. The lights in the rooms did not work, and unfortunately my dad was sick throughout the night and the pick line came out of his arm and was bleeding everywhere. They had to try to put it back in with flashlights.
My dad is a little better this morning. He is on pain meds and it's difficult for him to communicate what he's feeling and what he needs to my mom. He's very tired and his mind is very slow. I know it's frustrating for both of them.
Another thing is that my dad's eye is pretty much swollen shut and they are afraid that it is an infection. They thought it was allergies because he had reactions to meds before. They are doing a scan on it today. Eye infections like this can be very dangerous because the eye is an extension of the brain and it could potentially be fatal if they don't get it under control. He is already on many antibiotics.
Please pray that the Lord comforts my dad and sustains him, and also that my mom is comforted.
This is all so difficult but I am trying to keep you guys aware of everything because we really need and appreciate the prayer!
love, the Lauers

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am writing this from the hospital room in Kaiser on Oahu. Although this is not the ideal mom and I are happy to be here with my dad and we are very grateful to have him with us.
I mentioned before that my dad is still battling infections, so he could use prayer that they would stay under control.
Also, it seems that one or more of the medications are having an effect on my dad's mind...he is not lucid all of the time. We pray that this will get better and that nothing is permanent. It's very difficult for him to carry on conversations right now.
My dad is relying on God to hold him up for the next 12 to 13 days until the bone marrow test. We are all praying that his blood counts will come back up, that the chemo worked on the bone marrow, and that there will be no major complications.
Our deepest gratitude for your love and support!
Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2009!!
All our love,
Maisha, Shelly and Kit

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Update

My dad got more energy and was able to finish the blog. Maisha

This is Kit here! Just a small break in the storm long enough to post a short not to you. My heart is saddened because I can't come to the Wednesday Christmas eve. service. I was so looking forward to speaking that night, for my heart is simply filled with your love, support and prayers and your never giving up on me "attitude". And know this, that I won't give up either until the Lord says "let go". I look forward to that day, but today is a day for battle. Tuesday will be the fifth and final treatment day and then I have fourteen days to wait for a bone marrow test to see how deep the cleansing of the cancer cells has gone. Just making it through this third chemo treatment will be a miracle in itself. But, the greatest miracle of all, of course, is that God would enter His own creation by taking on the additional nature of a man. That God would care enough about each of as to give His Son for our failures, weaknesses and sins and all this before we had even acknowledged Him, while most of us were just 'sinnin it up' out there in the world. God, looking from eternity to eternity, saw the potential loss of His creation, so he stepped in to save us from ourselves...and the most amazing thing is that God entered this world as a helpless little baby boy and at the moment of Jesus' birth the shadow of the Cross fell upon that manger. Thank you Jesus for giving your life for ours in order that we could receive the gift of everlasting which you hold in your hand. We stop in our busy schedules and punch lists...we pull back from our myopic view of life, our circumstances and complaints, yes even from our pain and suffering to give you thanks this Christmas and to offer our selves as living presents to you. Let our lives shine so brightly with love for one another this order that you would be gloried.

I love you guys...keep up those prayers...let's see what God will do!

My dad started to write the blog today, but he was just too tired to finish. My dad has an enormous amount of gratitude for all of the love and prayers!!! We don't know what else to say...they are deeply appreciated!

Here's what is current and what we need prayer about:
1. My dad has one more day day of chemotherapy treatment. As we said before, these are older chemotherapy agents. When the Hawaii oncologists conferred with the doctors from City of Hope, they felt that he should try different chemotherapy agents since he did not go into remission before.
2. He is battling infections (as before) and probably will be for the next few weeks.
3. The blast (cancer) cells in his blood are being eliminated by the chemo but we do not know, until we do a bone marrow test, if they are working on the bone marrow. So, Kit would appreciate prayer on that. Also, please pray that when he does do the bone marrow test (not sure when, but maybe in the next 2 weeks), he would have no complications from it. Last time,there was some damage done and it was very painful for him...for weeks after.
4. My dad has had to take a lot of vicodin because of his horrible headaches...but these pain meds have side effects...and he is experiencing them. So, if you could pray against these side effects, that would be great.

Thank you!
love, Maisha

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Sat evening and I am writing the blog for Kit. Thank you for all the encouraging comments. We really feel your support and love.

Kit has finished 2 days of chemo now. The first day of chemo did knock down some of the cancer cells in his blood, so hopefully the next three treatments will destroy all of them in his blood and bone marrow. The doctors here have conferred with the City of Hope doctors and they recommended 2 chemos that were older , that Kit did not use before. We are hoping that these destroy his blast cells. One of them is cobalt blue and makes his urine blue.. hopefully the urologists were prepared for the strange looking sample.
Kit had a really hard night last night, his head felt like it was going to explode. Hopefully , it will be a better night tonight.
I can not tell you how much we appreciate your love and prayers. Please keep lifting Kit up to the Lord.
We love you and we want to be home with you soon.
Shelly and Kit

Friday, December 19, 2008

A word from Kit

I wanted to bring everyone up to date. I came into the hospital at Kaiser Moanalua on Oahu two days ago because I had serious infection and the cancer cells had taken over 70% of my blood serum...a dangerous condition to my arterial system which was indicated by low blood pressure. The infection was abated and then I was transfused with red blood cells and platelets because they had also been dropping way too low over the last few months. If I go home now, I have a very short time to live. So we decided to fight for more time. I am submitting myself to another round of deep chemo TODAY, something I really do not look forward to, but barring a straight out miracle from God it is the only way known that we can possibly knock down the leukemia cells. The treatment is quite risky and there is a chance they could lose me through I would appreciate every one's prayers once again that God will show mercy to me...that the side affects will be minimal and that we would get even some remission to have more time to love you and my family and to continue to share the gospel of Christ. I may even be so bold as to have you ask God if this treatment could be used to send me into full remission...a real miracle...which would allow for a possible cure. In the physical, that possibility is a tiny sliver of hope...but all things are possible to God. I have felt the pressure to just give up...but how can I do that?... God just didn't make me that into the battle we ride and I need your prayers, love and support more then ever. So let us rally together one more time before the Lord and present our prayers and supplications to Him. May His name be blessed forever...even in death we are more than conquerors...for His resurrected life has swallowed up death itself. I love you all more than words could ever express. Stay the course, keep the in Him through it all.

Love in Christ forever and ever

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Update From Maisha...

Hi everyone! I just spoke with my mom and she said that my dad is feeling much better this morning after he got all of the transfusions. I think I mentioned before, but my dad's on Oahu and had IV antibiotics and blood transfusions yesterday.

My dad is battling allergic reactions though (he experienced that before) where he gets all puffy and one of his eyes was swollen shut last night. It's from the antibiotics and may also be from the blood transfusions. He's doing a bit better with that this morning though.

His blood pressure was dangerously low last night and they almost took him to ICU, but that's better as well. My guess is that it was because his red blood cells were so low, and once the transfusion started working and his body got used to it, he was doing better...but I'm not sure.

My dad is still thinking about starting on mylotarg (I spelled it wrong before) after he's feeling a little better...but he also wants to be home on Maui for Christmas.

Thanks sooo much for your love and prayers!!

**as of 5:00pm*
Not great news--I just got off the phone with my dad...what he told me is that the cancer cells in his blood have increased from around 65% or so to about 75% in one day. This is not a good sign. The cancer cells are spreading VERY fast. According to the drs...if he were just to go home and get transfusions...he might make it to Christmas. They decided they don't want him to do mylotarg but do a newer different type of chemo (sorry I don't know more details about that). It's very intense...but if he makes it through, he could have more time. So, once he is a little more healthy, they are planning on starting that treatment (maybe in a couple days, I'm not sure). This is not an easy decision for my dad, and this is not an easy time for my entire I hope that all of you will try to respect this decision. It is hard to make these kind of calls, you know what I mean if you've ever had to make them. That being said, what we need is prayer!!!! and we sooo appreciate it!!! thank you!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Update From Kit...

I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support to help me be able to go to Oregon and see my son Mikey wrestle and hang out with him, Shae (his beautiful new wife) and all the extended family there in Oregon. If you have followed the blog at all, you probably know how God answered our prayers and kept me healthy the whole two weeks I was visiting. I was able to watch Mikey wrestle both a tournament and in dual meets for his school, Southern Oregon University. It was wonderful being with the family there in Oregon during Thanksgiving...I even got to go fishing on the Rouge River with my brother Buddy, compliments of Shae's uncle Danny Vidlak...I am so thankful for all our family and friends and our church family who have loved and supported us through this battle with Leukemia. Some of you know I was invited to speak there in Grants Pass, Oregon at the Edgewater Christian was a wonderful experience and we all got touched by God's love and hope.

I need your prayers again to help me make a decision whether or not to take a fairly new treatment that has similar downsides as the chemo therapy...the new treatment has only a 13% chance of full we must weigh the chances of remission against the downside affects ...I am caught between just waiting on God for the straight out miracle or asking God if He is going to work through this new treatment. So I need your prayers for discernment. Please, if you haven't already done so, peruse the blog to see pictures of the trip, our Christmas letter, Mikey wrestling and other stuff. I will continue to teach Friday nights and Sundays as often as God calls me and gives me strength. It is your love and prayers that are keeping me going, that is for sure! I thank God for you everyday!

Please know that I am in constant prayer for and your families as well. Just being alive to celebrate this Christmas with you is a miracle in itself and my heart is filled with gratitude.

In His love forever,

Friday, December 5, 2008

This song ("Faith" by Jason Upton) was introduced to me by my friend Leslie, and it has really ministered to me lately.  What God has revealed to me through my dad's battle is that there is a whole lot of pain out there.  I know that so many of you are hurting (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) so I wanted to share this song with all of you who want to believe God and who want to see Him in your life.
Much Love,

here's the link:

Mele Kalikimaka Family and Friends

Mele Kalikimaka Family and Friends,

2008 has been an eventful year for our family. I know that most of you know that Kit was diagnosed with acute leukemia one week before Good Friday. Before he started his chemo treatment on Oahu, he flew back to Maui and gave the Good Friday Service message at Hope Chapel. Mikey and Shae flew home from Oregon and we all spent Easter Sunday together and then Monday a.m. , he was off to Oahu to begin the treatment. Unfortunately, after 2 rounds of chemo, Kit’s body did not respond to the treatment and he was sent home to Maui after 2 ½ months in the hospital.

The chemo, infections, and antibiotics… almost destroyed Kit physically, but slowly, he got his strength back and began feeling better. Recently, his blood tests showed that his white blood cell counts were dangerously low...and he was worried that he was not going to be able to fly to Oregon and watch Mikey wrestle. (he had never seen Mikey wrestle in college yet) With God’s grace and antibiotics, Kit and Buddy flew out on Nov. 14th . They watched Mikey wrestle 7 matches, they spent time with my family( Carol, Diane, Kathie , Mike , Laura and Jared) who drove up to Oregon to see Kit and Buddy.

Kit was able to spend precious time with Mikey and Shae, the Vidlaks, the Browns, the Johnsons, the Crabtrees, the Smalls, the Hickmans, the Wilsons. The trip was such a blessing to Kit . He felt so good in Oregon and Shae’s relatives, treated Kit and Buddy with such care. They spent Thanksgiving at Danny and Steph’s house, the same beautiful house where Mikey and Shae were married on Sept. 8th 2007.

So…even though we are unsure of the future, we have so much to be thankful for. We have received so much love and support through this trial .Friends, clients, family and our church body have loved us so much that we are in awe. If you Google, Hope Chapel, Kihei, Maui, you can go on the Kit Lauer blog and see all the incredible things that our church did for us.

Maisha has been such a blessing to us. She comes over a lot and spends time with us. Kit always tells me how happy Maisha makes him and how he loves to hear her laugh. Maisha is working optometry at several places on Maui. She was able to go to Paraguay again this past summer on an eye mission trip. Maisha and Mikey and Shae bring Kit the most joy in his life.

Mikey is finishing up his senior year at Southern Oregon University. He and Shae live in Ashland and hopefully after this summer, they will move back to Maui. Mikey is wrestling and hopefully, if he survives all his injuries, he will have a good season. He wants to teach on Maui… hopefully, there will be a job here for him.

I still have my cleaning business and I have the most awesome partner, Yuko, who helps me everyday. When I was in Oahu with Kit…she ran the whole business. I have great clients, and I am thankful for the work. I have a very thankful heart at this time in my life. I appreciate each minute that I have Kit in my life. He has been the best husband and father that anyone could have. If God does not heal him, I know that Kit is not afraid to die, because he knows that he will be living eternally with the ONE whose birthday we celebrate this month. We have felt Christ’s presence through this whole ordeal…He has been our strength…”Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” Luke 2:14

Thank you for being in our life…we love you and we pray that God will do wonderful things in your life in 2009!


Shelly and the Lauer family

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kit Is So Proud Of Mike (Mikey to Many of Us :)

This is one of the main reasons Kit went to Oregon - to see Mikey wrestle, so we wanted to share with you some of the action shots :) Kit is so proud of Mikey, and we are too!

Coming up next is Shelly's Christmas letter to family and friends. Stay tuned :)

Kit in Oregon

This is the first Part 1 of the slide show ... come back for part 2 tomorrow :):