Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bad Night for Kit...

Dear friends and Family,
I just spoke with my mom and my dad had a very difficult night. My dad (and my mom) could really use prayer.
The power went out on Oahu and, they have some things on a generator at the hospital, but not everything. The lights in the rooms did not work, and unfortunately my dad was sick throughout the night and the pick line came out of his arm and was bleeding everywhere. They had to try to put it back in with flashlights.
My dad is a little better this morning. He is on pain meds and it's difficult for him to communicate what he's feeling and what he needs to my mom. He's very tired and his mind is very slow. I know it's frustrating for both of them.
Another thing is that my dad's eye is pretty much swollen shut and they are afraid that it is an infection. They thought it was allergies because he had reactions to meds before. They are doing a scan on it today. Eye infections like this can be very dangerous because the eye is an extension of the brain and it could potentially be fatal if they don't get it under control. He is already on many antibiotics.
Please pray that the Lord comforts my dad and sustains him, and also that my mom is comforted.
This is all so difficult but I am trying to keep you guys aware of everything because we really need and appreciate the prayer!
love, the Lauers


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates, it helps us all know how to pray specifically for your dad. We will hold him in in prayer and your mom and the whole family.
We love you all.
The Zautners

Anonymous said...

We continue to keep you ALL in our prayers. We love you dearly! -Todd and Laura Williams

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit and Shelley and family,
We are praying for His sustaining grace in this hour of need for all of you. Lord pour forth your healing mercy on Kit, comfort and strengthen Shelley, give hope to the family....
All our love
Kelly and Jan

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Charlie and I continue our prayers. We are so sorry to hear of the difficult night for Kit and Shelly. Dear Lord, we ask that you lift up Kit, give him strenght to fight this battle and lessen his pain. Please give comfort and strength to Shelly so that she can continue to help Kit. Please bless all of Kit's family.
Charlie and Doreen

Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelley, Maisha & Mikey,
We love you guys so much! Jacques and I are with my family in Iowa and he is having a ball playing with his cousins. One thing you have taught me Kit, is to appreciate every moment with family that we have. I praying for God's blessing upon your lives! Love, Beth

Anonymous said...

Maisha,thank you sooo much for keeping us updated.Our hearts are pouring out prayers for your dad,your mom,and all of you.I am not good with words,but wnat you to know your family's needs stay in our hearts at all times.Joyce

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit, Shelly & family:

Misha, thank you so very much for keeping this blog updated on your Dad progress and pray needs. You have all been on my heart, especially you Kit, as you completed another round of chemo. Praying for you.
love you guys, Freckles

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Dear Lauers

My heart is so heavy for you, Lord please have mercy on them, Lord meet their needs, Holy Spirit fill that room with your peace. We are praying! Love Kim

Mele said...

Dear Lauer Family,

Our hearts and prayers are with you. We are asking for God's mercy and comfort to you all. Praying and holding our Kit up continually.

We love you,

The Stricklands

Lee and Renee Steen said...

Lee and I are so grateful for your updates. I know it isn't easy for you and must seem such a chore at times when you have so much going on in your life. Thank you so much for being there for all of us. We care so much! Lee and I stopped and prayed & prayed after reading todays blog. We pray everyday and will continue. Much love to you! Praying for you with all our hearts and of course Dad, Mom and Mikey & Shae.
Lee and Renee Steen

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit, Shelley, & Family:

We pray that God continue to guide you as he does us all.
We truly miss you at HOPE, appreciate all the updates as your courage inspires all. We look forward to your return.

All our love and prayers go out to the Lauer Family!

Mark & Cheryl von Kugler

Anonymous said...


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