Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Update

My dad got more energy and was able to finish the blog. Maisha

This is Kit here! Just a small break in the storm long enough to post a short not to you. My heart is saddened because I can't come to the Wednesday Christmas eve. service. I was so looking forward to speaking that night, for my heart is simply filled with your love, support and prayers and your never giving up on me "attitude". And know this, that I won't give up either until the Lord says "let go". I look forward to that day, but today is a day for battle. Tuesday will be the fifth and final treatment day and then I have fourteen days to wait for a bone marrow test to see how deep the cleansing of the cancer cells has gone. Just making it through this third chemo treatment will be a miracle in itself. But, the greatest miracle of all, of course, is that God would enter His own creation by taking on the additional nature of a man. That God would care enough about each of as to give His Son for our failures, weaknesses and sins and all this before we had even acknowledged Him, while most of us were just 'sinnin it up' out there in the world. God, looking from eternity to eternity, saw the potential loss of His creation, so he stepped in to save us from ourselves...and the most amazing thing is that God entered this world as a helpless little baby boy and at the moment of Jesus' birth the shadow of the Cross fell upon that manger. Thank you Jesus for giving your life for ours in order that we could receive the gift of everlasting which you hold in your hand. We stop in our busy schedules and punch lists...we pull back from our myopic view of life, our circumstances and complaints, yes even from our pain and suffering to give you thanks this Christmas and to offer our selves as living presents to you. Let our lives shine so brightly with love for one another this order that you would be gloried.

I love you guys...keep up those prayers...let's see what God will do!



michael, ciara and mikaela said...

It's so good to hear the Word the Lord speaks so beautifully through you. You have been in my thoughts & prayers constanly! On Sunday when Buddy played the last song for worship I just broke down in tears, praying for your comfort & healing, wishing that I could take some of it. But God reminded me, HE is taking ALL of it, for He LOVES you even more that we do. That has been my song for you since the beginning. It is very special to me, and always remins me the HE IS THE EVERLASTING.

Love you so much,
Ciara, Micahel & Mikaela

Jeremy said...

love you guys and praying praying praying.

Ron and Barbara said...

Thank You Kit. Your words are constantly refreshing our faith. Life would seem really bleak sometimes without our faith!

Thanks so much for keeping us posted. We love the Christian family that has developed around you!

Anonymous said...

love you kit


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Kit,
If we can't hear you on Christmas Eve we'll be looking for the good word on your blog. We have some avocado waiting for your return to Maui.
Gerry, Terry, Chad & Whitney

Anonymous said...

You are so amazing. My boys and I talk about you and pray for you each day. We talk about this "journey" that you are on,and that now we can help you, after you have helped so many others.
Have a good Christmas, and know that you will be in everyone's hearts on Christmas Eve.
Alana, Tristan & Tanek Rucynski

Frank Johnson said...

I was just talking about my amazing friend, Kit, and we prayed for you before I read your blog tonight. I was surprised and inspired that it was you writing. Keep fighting! We love you and will continue to pray for the next time we get to see you.

kim insley-morrell said...


Anonymous said...


So good to hear you with the energy to give glory to the One who gives us life and breath. I'm very grateful you're a fighter and we are standing with you in the fight. When it's hard, remember Aaron and Hur on either side of Moses and picture us all there holding up your arms just like they did.

It was so special to have Maisha playing keyboard with Buddy leading this week. I was crying too when Buddy dedicated the last song to you. it was a good thing there were some announcements to give me time to compose myself before I got up to share!

you are loved dearly, precious Kit.
there's nothing in this life that the nearness of Christ cannot overcome. may you stick to Him like glue today


Anonymous said...

WE love you Kit! We are praying, praying and praying for that miracle.
Love The Zautner Ohana

Anonymous said...

Kit: My prayers are with you all the way from North Carolina my brother. Your comment about fighting the battle until the Lord says to stop was more profound than you know. That is what all of us need to do every day. Hebrews 12:3 tell us "For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls."

Your words are meant to reach far beyond the confines of that hospital room. We will all continue to fight the good fight. God's blessings be upon you and your family.

Doug Spencer

Loretta and Alan said...


We're keeping tabs on you and lifting you and your family up
through prayer. We entrust you to the one who loves us best and knows what is best for us. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so very many.

We love you,

Alan and Loretta

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Kit
What a blessing to open the Blog and see your words! I'm glad the Lord gave you strength to finish writing to us all! We are so inspired by you and this Journey the Lord has you on. I also am so touched by how the Lord has used this journey to touch so many and bring them closer to our Heavenly Father!
Your message on Love that you spoke to us at the Christmas Party is still ringing in my ears, and now you mentioned it again at the closing of your letter..."Let our lives shine so brightly with love for one another this order that you would be gloried." You do shine sooo Very brightly for our Lord and for that we are all very grateful!
Hey remember our talk we had about the book "The Shack"? Jonathon asked if I'd read it, (one of his reading assignments from Joshua) Once I started I could not put it down I finished it in 2 day's!
Anyway, there is a part in the book which also talked about Loving on each other, the love that is powered by the Holy Spirit! You have definitely been such a great example of that on so many, and I am Blessed to have been touched by that Love myself, I am so glad we are Friends for you have shown me the Lord in so many of our conversations...
Love you Kit, Love you Shelly, Love you Maisha, Mickey and Shae...
We will continue to Plead with our Lord for you and your recovery!
Many Blessings to you all,
Love, nancy and the Loren Family

Anonymous said...

Kit, there is not a day that goes by without us thinking about you and praying for your comfort and healing. You are amazing - your life is amazing - your family is amazing! And if anyone could accomplish half of what you have done, that in itself would be a miracle. All our best to you, Shelly and your wonderfully grown up "kids". You must be so proud of them. Love, Mark and Joanne

Teresa Nelle said...

Aloha from Napili,
I am so happy to see your blog today Kit and that you are feeling a little better. I am praying for you over here! You have been such an incredible blessing to us all and we all love you very much.
Hugs n hulas,

Anonymous said...

We have exhausted ourselves with prayer for you. We lift you up with tears flowing at what an inspiration you are and have been since knowing you. God has certainly blessed us with you as His teacher. I pray for your healing once again and the pain be little. The journey has been long and you have been strong through His everlasting grace.

We love you both Kit and Shelly
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

So here I am two hours later letting you know I have been in endless prayer for you. It has been a difficult year and have spent many hours kneeling before the Lord. Today I asked humbly to end this year with a miracle. He knows and must hear all our cries out to Him. Knowing that I am a part of this is awsome. It pulls me through the loss I feel. Praying your night brings you rest.

pat said...

My dear sweet Kit, How you have touched my life, given me Hope, you have so much to teach, I pray for you,and I pray for your family, You were taken away from us last time just before Easter, and now just before Christmas..The two miraculous Holy days that we Christians celebrate and count on.

I love you, and I will never forget holding your hand praying and loving on others under a Maui starry night this summer. I do beleive that there are many miles to go before your sleep.

In His name, with love and respect,

Pat Law

Anonymous said...

Hey Kit,
I checked into your blog to see how you are doing and was glad to see you were feeling better. You have always been the encourager to me and I hope that you are encouraged today.
Joy Gerry

Anonymous said...

love and prayers continue.
been thinking much about you.
here's a Christmas thought for you... we realized the only time we tell secrets in our home is Christmas and birthdays... and that nobody is bummed by secrets because they know something good is up :)
it made us think about the Lord and His secrets. they are always for our good huh? was thinking about Jesus not even knowing the day of His return. always seemed so funny but even in that the Father must be up to something and the Son knows and trusts that it's all good.
just a Christmas thought for you.

we will be praying extra these next 10 days. may you always feel God's palm under you.
so much love
the nichols

Anonymous said...

There are few words to be said yet, one cannot escape the depts of your heartfelt message and how comforting you make us feel when we read what you speak from your heart. Thank you Kit for being such a man of God and constantly shineing your light for the Glory of our Lord. You bring life once again to the true meaning of Christmas. Your journey has made us stronger and much more aware of the life that is about us each day.
Today I stopped by Door of Faith Church to pick my sister up from a Bible Study, as I waited in the hall closing prayer had begun, I heard Pastor Babarba meantion your name as she prayed a beautiful pray of healing for you. It was such a blessing for me to be in that place at that time a reminder of how the Body of Christ although in differnt locations are connected ny His Spirit.

You are missed but, we know that you are where God needs you to be right now. My first thought when I heard you were going back to Oahu was how happy all the Staff were going to be when they saw you again. You are no doubt watering some of the seeds you panted.
Merry Christmas with Love,

The Manzano's said...

Merry Christ mas the joy that only God can give in this challenging time. We love you and just prayed as a couple for you Kit, Shelly, Maisha, Mikey & Shea.....Christmas is not the same w/o you here. It's only a short season. So do your shinning for Jesus in the hospital and come home real soon okay??? I'll have juice waiting. Love you deeply, Art & Deborah

Rich said...
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Rich said...

Uncle Kit! I just wanted to extend some love your way. This has been my first Lauer-less Christmas and I must say it does not compare. I fixed up my dads old Schwinn Paramount roadbike and am going to start triathlon training when I get back to Maui. You got any tips for me? I need to work on my endurance, and let's be honest, endurance is your forte. I am going to win it, mark my words. Love, love, love you guys. (i deleted the last comment due to a plethora of spelling errors)