Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am writing this from the hospital room in Kaiser on Oahu. Although this is not the ideal mom and I are happy to be here with my dad and we are very grateful to have him with us.
I mentioned before that my dad is still battling infections, so he could use prayer that they would stay under control.
Also, it seems that one or more of the medications are having an effect on my dad's mind...he is not lucid all of the time. We pray that this will get better and that nothing is permanent. It's very difficult for him to carry on conversations right now.
My dad is relying on God to hold him up for the next 12 to 13 days until the bone marrow test. We are all praying that his blood counts will come back up, that the chemo worked on the bone marrow, and that there will be no major complications.
Our deepest gratitude for your love and support!
Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2009!!
All our love,
Maisha, Shelly and Kit


Mele said...

Merry Christmas,
Kit,Shelly & Maisha! We missed you last night.
Shelly please know that Yuko is doing an awesome job as usual and I am taking close notes, although she is a tough act to follow. I call her the "Little Tornado". Maisha, beautiful job on the worship last week. Kit, hold fast the Stricklands are praying for you and we will not give up. You are one of a kind and we need you!

Love you guys,


Jessie said...

"Do not be afraid; only believe".There is both hope and promise!!!!! God bless you all this Christmas and everyday always! You are in my heart and prayers!
Your Star apolegetic girl :)
Jessie and Aaron

Janis said...

To the Family Lauer,
We love you and expect the best for Kit. This is a tough test but Kit is tough too and he has much prayer covering him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize your facebook picture changed--I love the new photo of you with Kit. I hope you are able to stay on Oahu for a while before you go back to work.

Lifting your whole family up in prayer,

Lisa :)

Lee and Renee Steen said...

So glad you are together. We love you and lift you up to Jesus constantly. Our hope remains strong.
Merry Christmas,
Lee and Renee

linus said...


My dad and I went for a walk this evening out here in California. We prayed for you as we walked and are continuing to do so.

Much love,
Linus Jr.

Frank Johnson said...

We prayed so long for you this Christmas night that CJ fell asleep. When it was his turn to pray, Tammy nudged him & he didn't move. Then she nudged him again & he said, "I love you too, Uncle Kit!" We will not stop asking for God to heal you and protect your family. Every time we pray for you, the boys never fail to thank God for the wonderful blessing you have been in our lives. There are so many others who need you; we are holding on to that hope--that our Savior will allow you to stay with us, knowing you're going to be taking so many with you when you do finally go to be with Him. Keep fighting! We believe in miracles!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Family Kit Shelly Maisha we love you and keep praying for you all the time May this Christmas bring miracle to you may Lord hold your hands at this time . We love you very much miss to see you here . Merry Christmas With Love family Rogers Natalia, Craig, Alexander and Jessica

Liza's Eyeview said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Maisha - and for uploading a photo here. We're continuing to pray - everyday.

Love you all,

Jimmy said...

For someone who has known Kit for 45 years, I can tell you that God has been preparing Kit for this challenge from the start. Kit is a warrior in mind,body,and spirit. It is who he is, has been, and always will be. As always, Kit, with Gods strength is leading and teaching us now, in this, his greatest challenge.

Anonymous said...

Just know that continous prayer goes out to you. We pray for your healing, for you to be painfree, and ask God to do a miracle. He says ask and you will receive. We know that He is the one and we will all end up with Him and it will to our glory!! Have just a blessed Christmas and coming New Year. The Oltmans

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Kit, Shelly and Maisa!
WE love you all so very much and are praying for Kit's healing!!
Love the Zautners

Joe and Karen said...

Lauers...all our love and prayers from Virginia. We can't stop thinking about you all and love you so much.

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

So sweet to see a picture of you two. I had a dream about Uncle Kit and the family. Very special. I could feel his big hugs like they were real. And want you guys to feel our hugs too! We love you, and are thinking and praying for you all the days long.
ciara, michael & mikaela

Ron and Barbara said...

Thanks for posting Maisha. You guys are so loved...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Kit and ohana! Lifting you up in prayer and sending you lots of love. In our prayers always,
Robyn & Halii

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Kit and Family,
Charlie and I continue to pray for Kit's healing and for his comfort. Your whole family have been on our minds and in our hearts. We will not stop praying nor will be give up our faith and belief. May God Bless You.
Doreen and Charlie Barnhart

James Taylor said...

KIT...You are so much an example of Jesus love and His message of good news!!!You are such a blessing, through you we can see we can see one of Gods miracles right before us. I pray for Gods Blessings on you and Shelly and Maisha,and Mikey. Have A very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Gojavascript:void(0) God Bless James

Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelly, Maisha

I'm so glad you were together for Christmas. thank you for the photo!!

Here's my prayer for you today, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7

may you be filled with God's love & power as you keep your mind focussed on Him.

much love nancy

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit, Shelly and Maisha,
I missed you on Christmas eve but my prayers for you are unceasing. You da bes!!!!!!!!
Ken Wallen

Janet said...

Dear Lauer family,
Christmas and New Year's prayers and hugs for you all. Missing you so much on Maui and looking forward to your quick return. Praying for your mind, blood and marrow to fight and win against the pain and blast cells. All is possible with God.
Take good care of each other and remember how much you are loved.
:) janet

Anonymous said...

Always smiling....We're praying constantly for entire family! Each day brings you new hope, more love, more prayers. Rest in God's hands. Happy New Year and God bless.


Alan and Loretta

Robin said...

Merry Christmas,
Kit, Shelly, and Maisha! Thankyou for the Update with Kit and the family. We are praying with you and that the Lord will bring comfort to you all . Our Bible study group here in Ogden are Praying as well. We Love you very Much .

Ho'omano remembering His Grace,

Robin and Ivan Barbadillo