Friday, December 19, 2008

A word from Kit

I wanted to bring everyone up to date. I came into the hospital at Kaiser Moanalua on Oahu two days ago because I had serious infection and the cancer cells had taken over 70% of my blood serum...a dangerous condition to my arterial system which was indicated by low blood pressure. The infection was abated and then I was transfused with red blood cells and platelets because they had also been dropping way too low over the last few months. If I go home now, I have a very short time to live. So we decided to fight for more time. I am submitting myself to another round of deep chemo TODAY, something I really do not look forward to, but barring a straight out miracle from God it is the only way known that we can possibly knock down the leukemia cells. The treatment is quite risky and there is a chance they could lose me through I would appreciate every one's prayers once again that God will show mercy to me...that the side affects will be minimal and that we would get even some remission to have more time to love you and my family and to continue to share the gospel of Christ. I may even be so bold as to have you ask God if this treatment could be used to send me into full remission...a real miracle...which would allow for a possible cure. In the physical, that possibility is a tiny sliver of hope...but all things are possible to God. I have felt the pressure to just give up...but how can I do that?... God just didn't make me that into the battle we ride and I need your prayers, love and support more then ever. So let us rally together one more time before the Lord and present our prayers and supplications to Him. May His name be blessed forever...even in death we are more than conquerors...for His resurrected life has swallowed up death itself. I love you all more than words could ever express. Stay the course, keep the in Him through it all.

Love in Christ forever and ever


Jean M. said...

Praying for that miracle and for peace and strength for you and your family. God Bless you all.

Jean McNulty

Anonymous said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you. Love, Greg, Linda, Holly, & Jack Hoover - Big Island

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Dear Kit,

We love you and your family so much, we are commited to praying for God's hand to be upon you. We pray for strenght and endurance for you...

Kim and Dave

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Love you so much Kit! I pray that God will let you stay here with all of us that love you so much! I pray that he will give you strength through this new round of chemo. Healing more than anything is my number one hope! Praying for you still and always! xxxooo Please feel my hugs and kisses! Nicole

guavatea said...

We love you, Kit. We're so sorry you're hurting so much. Please know that we are sending you all our love and praying for you. We won't stop!
God bless you.
Travis, Lisa, Ethan, Keana, and Makena

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and family
We are standing in the gap for you that the Lord in His mercy would grant you many many many more days here on earth!!! Oh Lord strengthen our dear brother
physically to handle this treatment...We love you
The Apo's

Anonymous said...

We lift you up to the almighty God. Praying and trusting the Lord. We love you Kit. Don&Laura

Ron and Barbara said...

We are on the road back to the Northwest and praying with every breath. Whatever the outcome now, we all win...

Love you much

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Kit
"Stay the course, keep the in Him through it all."
Loved what you said so I'm repeating it back to you....
Stay Strong as we all are Fighting for you!
Jesus the Power of Strength and Might, who loves us, Please comfort Kit and make him well!
Love you so Very Much!
John, Nancy Jonathon and Michelle

Colleen said...

Kit - we love you guys and are praying for you.

Scott, Colleen, Elisa and Anna Crabtree

Anonymous said...

Shalom Kit & Family. God's perfected presence be upon you all. We love you all and will continue to knock on the doors of heaven for you. Love you all more than words can express.
Da Domingos

Nicole Gniffke said...


the love and prayers for you and your family is so abundant and inspires so many.
your will, strength and faith is an encouragement and blessing. Gods promises are true, His mercies new, His faith everlasting, and His love abounding... and i love that your life is a great and marvelous testament to His character. God, I pray for a miracle, with so many others, on Kits life.

with much love,
the gniffke's

Mele said...

Yes Kit! We will not give up or give in. Boldly coming before the throne is a requirement in the prayer department. Letting our request be known.

We love you sooooo much!

The Stricklands

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Kit and your family,
We pray for comfort and ease from pain, we pray for a miracle at Christmas time, we pray that you will have many more days here on earth. It was your Friday night messages 9 years ago that reached our hearts, opening our hearts to GOD so that we would come to know and accept and declare Christ as our Saviour. You and Craig baptized us at Kam 3 beach! Please know how much you have touched our lives and now the lives of our three young children who will grow up knowing GOD because of your passion for GOD and your messages! We're praying for you!
Valerie and Cliff Ryden

Patty Cooney said...


Our love and prayers are with you.
We lift you up to Him.

Patty and Howard Cooney

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,if it is your will,we earnestly pray for healig for Kit and good health for Shelly and Maisha as they are there with you.Kit and his family have been a huge blessing to soooo many here on Maui,we are beseeching you for his healing!!! Joyce spencr

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing man serving an Amazing God! We're praying for you and your family.

Liza's Eyeview said...

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you. trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is Rock Eternal" isaiah 26:3

Bryan said...

The Maxwell Family sends our love and prayers to you Kit. Bryan

Bill and Lu Kepler, and Kelly Bonsell said...

I have just read your entry to Lu and Kelly. We are praying earnestly for a miracle. We are praying that your chemo puts you in full remission. We love you so much, Kit. We need you.
Bill, Lu and Kelly

Anonymous said...

All our Love and Prayers to you We LOve you very much hold on Natalia Craig Alex Jessica Rogers

Anonymous said...

Our many prayers are with you and your family. That God's will be done and that you might be healed. As you are well aware and have taught others, God takes care of our needs, not always in the way we wish but always to his way. God Bless you all.
Lane & Cheryl McFarland

Jeri said...

We love you and are believing God for a miracle.

Cliff & Jeri

Michael said...

Our Love for you is beyond what we can express! We are praying for a miracle, and pleading with the Father.
All our Love,
Ciara, Michael & Mikaela

Anonymous said...

We love you Kit and your family! We are praying for healing!
Love the Zautner Ohana

Anonymous said...

Pastor Kit,
we just want you to know that we are praying and interceding on your behalf...We thank God for blessing us with such an amazing pastor and a wonderful man of God. We pray that the peace of God would be over your life. No fear, only hope. God is faithful, always. Thank you for teaching this to us. We love you so much and we're asking God for many more years to come. Love Dust and Trish

Titus, Steph, Sofia said...

kit (and family),
we love you guys and are praying for you.

T, S & s

Anonymous said...

Prayer Warriors are on the job! Hang in there Kit, there are still too many Friday nights and Sunday mornings ahead with your name on it.
Praying He will hold you and carry you through this battle once again. May He give you many visions of you standing before us at Hope teaching, just as He did with Love Your God series. Praying without ceasing for you brother. Love you much Kit.

Anonymous said...

Love you Kit, praying for you as always...for clarity, open ears and peace in your heart...and a complete healing.

love you,

Frank Johnson said...

This is not the news I was looking for when I came to your blog tonight. We are lifting you up this very moment. It was so wonderful to see you when you came to Oregon. We want to do it again...we are continuing to pray for your healing.

Starr said...

Believing with you for a miracle!!!
Stand strong Kit!!!

We love you!!!

Starr, Alex and Ezekiel