Monday, December 1, 2008

Kit in Oregon

This is the first Part 1 of the slide show ... come back for part 2 tomorrow :):


Anonymous said...

very beautiful liza! thank you :)
love, Maisha

Anonymous said...

Kit should be home by now. Prayers on his new medication. Maui is a good place to be for healing, we know God has a plan and purpose. We were able to see that in the church and all the friends and family that surround Kit. He mentioned once that he wondered what it would be like if he hadn't gotten sick, with all the people he has caring for him! We all know that the love we have for him and what he and Shelly have done for all of us was long before his illness happened. God has used him well, he has taught and brought us far. He is amazing and we are the ones blessed to have him in our lives. On our knees we go before God to hold him and all his family up through this time. What a nice happy slide, we have much to be thankful for.
Colorado Nick and Sharon said...

Aloha Kit and Family, it seems a bit odd but I own a home in Grants Pass Oregon and Mr Vidlak was my son Jeffs baseball coach. My home there is standing empty so you may use it when ever you might wish. It is totally furnished and I also have a small teruck there if you ever need it, you are more than welcome. I have no idea what or where this e-mail is going but hopefully you get this. I will pray for direction and a cource that will best suit your recovery. God Bless you!! Richard Darner