Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dec.31st!!! I wrote already...and something happened to the whole letter... so I guess that I am not ready to replace Liza Peirce yet.. as Queen of the bloggers... Because Kit is still asleep from his bone marrow tap this a.m., I can not get him to help I will just start over....
Kit had to have more platelets today... and they are giving him anti fungal and anti bacterial medicines around the clock.. and hopefully they will be able to destroy the things that they find in the blood that Kit's blood can't fight , because he does not have any good white blood cells to fight infections.
The bone marrow test went fine and Kit is asleep... mumbling and rambling on and on. This behavior was frightening for me at first, because I was afraid that he was going to be like this forever... but it is just how Kit handles drugs and certain medicines. He is just talking up a storm.. with many of you .. with his kids... with the doctors here...etc... I see how much he loves people , because the mental state that he is in ... is not a fearful place... but a loving place.
We will not find out for a few days the results of the bone marrow tap, because tomorrow is New Years...
This past year has been a year with much pain and much joy.... but I know that you are all praying that 2009 will bring good news for Kit . It is so awesome to read the blog and realize that people from everywhere.... Hawaii, Calif. , Oregon, Wash. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, Chile,Honduras, Greece and etc.. are praying for us. We are connected by this blog.... it is amazing's like how Jesus is with each one of us all at the same time all over the world... He is infinite..
We have been so blessed by all of you... how much you love us and care for us. We are praying that you have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!!!! and that in the New Year ,the Lord will bring you even closer to Him.
Love,shelly and Kit


lorensaved77 said...

Hi Shelly
Good job getting this Blogg up and informing us all again!
I'm glad the Bone marrow tap is over and on to recovering from it!Hopefully the Lord spared Kit from the Pain of the Procedure...
We will continue to Pray for good White cells to fight his infections and for overall healing on Kit's Body!
We love you Shelly, and we are thankful for your efforts in posting Kit's Progress and Prayer needs.
May the Lord Bless you to Over flowing this 2009 with the biggest Miracle of all...
Love you and will continue night and day to Pray for you, Kit, and The Lauer Family!
♥ nancy and Loren Family

Anonymous said...

mom, I am sooo proud of you for doing the are quite the techy now :)
love you and dad very much!! praying with everyone about the results.
love always xoxo

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Aloha Shelly,

I know your pain...when you type something up than it vanishes! Bummer. The good news in your learning to do the Blog! We so appreciate the insight into your world ( your lives ) to give us direction for our prayers.
May we all seek the Lord for inspiration and direction for 2009.
We will rejoice in what the Lord has for all of us in the New Year. Hats of to the Lauers!!! We love you. Kim

Anonymous said...

love you guys, and praying as always.


Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelly and Maisha,

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us through this blog (Shelly, you're getting to be a pro at it!). It helps us to know exactly what to pray for each day and pray we do for you guys. And Kit your words go straight to our hearts and cause our tears to flow. We love you and miss you!
Carole and Thom

Denisec said...

Dear Kit, Shelly and Maisha,

I have been following your blog daily so that I can help meet Kit's prayer needs. His spirit and strength during this time has been amazing. As a former oncology nurse I have some idea of the pain, fatigue, malaise and confusion he is going through. Sometimes it seems the medication we use is worse than the disease. Thank you for sharing I will be praying for Kit as we enter 2009.


Ron and Barbara said...

Shelly, If Kit mumbles anything about me, write it down. I probably need the advice...!

Thanks again for your efforts keeping everybody informed! Lisa, move over!

love, hugs & prayers, R&B

Lisa said...

Hi Shelly,
I updated the contact information on the right side of the blog. I'm sorry the blog messes with you sometimes - it's possible that it times out and then when you go to save the post, it disappears. To prevent that, before you press save or post, highlight everything you've typed, hit control and c at the same time, then press save or post. That way, if it disappears, you've copied all your typing to the computer's clipboard, and all it will take is a control-v combination to paste it somewhere. This is helpful for comments too.

I'm praying for Kit and for you. You model so well how to be a faithful helper. We learn so much from you and from Kit. When you are tired and weary, read through the blog comments and be reminded that we are lifting you up in prayer constantly...kind of like Aaron lifting Moses' arms up. May God's strength be yours.


Jaime said...

Man, you guys are amazing! Praying that 2009 will bring healing, peace and hope. Miss seeing your faces and feel all the love and prayers you have sent us. Love you all, The Borlands in VA

mele said...

Way to go Shelly. Your blog is inspiring and visual. Thank you.

Keep on walking girl.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Aloha, dearest Kit + Shelly ~

You remain in our hearts + prayers. We miss seeing you around here! God's blessings for continued courage, never ending faith + peace in your hearts.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

~ Ke'ala Pasco, Kanoa + Kala'i

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh Shelly, you are so funny :) that little comment put a smile on my face :) -

As I said before, you are doing a great job blogging and updating us. This helps us pray specifically. And yes, prayers are coming from all over the world!

Love you both, and your whole family. Praying for a good result on the tests. Blessings on this New Year.


Eric & Sheila said...

Shelly and Kit ,
You are an inspiration to us all.All of our love and prayers are with you! WE LOVE YOU. Eric & Sheila

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to admit that lately i'd been feeling sorry for myself because I have these nagging little injuries that won't, at 60, let me behave like Kit and I did in our 30s. After reading this blog, it puts it all in perspective. It breaks my heart to see you all going through this. God bless you all. Love Jimi

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

It must be this post, cause I just typed a long comment and something happened - it disappeared.

I can't even count how many times you both came to my mind yesterday as I prayed for the test to go smoothly, peace & comfort, and most of all, the healing result that would give much Praise to Our Father.

Mikaela LOVES the book that you got her! She played with it ALL night long, and carried it around saying "this is from my Auntie Shelly & Papa Uncle Kit!!"

So sweet of you to think of her and get her a special Christmas gift. Thank you so much!

ciara, michael & mikaela

Coetzee said...

Shelly, we just love you guys so much. Even though we don't get to spend much time with you, Please know that you all hold such a special place in our hearts. Kit has been an amazing example to us all. His faithfulness, steadfastness, encouragment has been above and beyond anything we have ever experienced with someone going through what he has been going through and you have been right up there with him. Words really cannot adequately express what you all means to us, and we are continuously joining you in prayer to our awesome heavenly father for healing. Thank you so much for your updates. We love you! Pierre & Cari

Cathryn True Varlet said...

Hey, Kit!
Just had a wonderful spirit-filled conversation with my dear friend and worshipping buddy, Lucy Jim!
Then I was able to call you, but you're sleeping. I'm hoping to get through later on, but HAPPY NEW YEAR, buddy! to you and Shelly!
The Lord's got ya!
Isn't wonderful to be in HIS hands!
Isn't wonderful to be living in HIS power, HIS plan, in HIS presence!
I hope you have worship music going over there. That would be awesome.
In fact, the LORD is singing over YOU right now!
Zephaniah (is it 3:17?)
I love you and will catch you later. Got your email too!
Love you Kit!
Cathryn True (Varlet)

Ken W said...

Hi Kit and Shelly,
You guys encourage and teach me so much through all you write. Please keep it up. I continue daily prayer for you as always.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,
Hi,it's the Parker family.You introduced yourself to my son in the wheelchair at the bday party for Luke and Zach.Our whole family routinely stops and prays for you.Your name is heard often as we lift you up to the Lord.We wanted you to know that we've only been going to Hope for a few months,but your messages have been so annointed and such a blessing to us.My husband is always reminding me that annointing means "rubbing up against".We can feel that you have been intently rubbing up against the Lord you love and...oh!how you radiate His life!The circumstances that the Lord has allowed,have stripped you bare...and His light shines so brightly.It reminds me of Elisha's bones...stripped of flesh,yet annointed of God...waiting to bring life from the dead.We pray earnestly that the Lord leaves you with us and we can't wait to see all that He will do.

Anonymous said...


Some friends were visiting Hope Chapel on Nov. 2nd and were so moved by Kit's sermon that they brought home the CD for me. I am battling cancer myself and I would like for you to know how much that Nov. 2, 2008 sermon "The Season of Loss" has meant to me! I have listened to it many times and cry each time. I am keeping Kit in prayer for complete healing so that he may continue working mightily for God! God bless you and your family Kit!

Trudy Reneman
Tacoma, WA

Emery said...

We just found out today from Linda Lehmann of your health struggles.

It has been a long time since we were last together in Calvary Chapel Santa Cruz with Pastor Johnny Johnston.

You guys were such a blessing in those days and we are so saddened by this latest battle with leukemia. We are storming the gates of Heaven praying for GOD to release His awesome healing power on your whole family in this incredibly difficult season. GOD richly bless you all!

Love from Emery and Della Smith
Hollister, CA