Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1st
Well... it has been a tough 24 hours... Kit is having high fevers, chills, nausea and with all the medicines they are giving him, he is not thinking clearly. Right now , they are giving him 2 units of red blood cells and his platelets are low again..even though they gave him platelets yesterday.
I know that you are praying to our Lord for Kit to get through this.... and I can not tell you what reading the comments does to encourgage me...even though , Kit is not ready to read the blog yet... I am praying that tomorrow he will start feeling better. This is the day(day 14) that the chemo has done the most that it can to his marrow ..... his immune system is very weak and unable to fight all these infections. His sinus' are still sore. He is peeling like a lizzard from the rashes that he gets all over his body( allergic reaction to the medications).
I am sorry that I don't answer my is really difficult to talk on the phone most of the time.
I really appreciate your prayers.... I love all of you so much and so does Kit. We have been so blessed to have you in our lives.


james taylor said...

SHELLY and KIT...I am just praying that our prayers are answered in His healing Kit!!!and you having increased energy,peace and just a feeling of rest...God Bless U both!!! James Taylor

Colleen said...

Happy New Year to you both! We spent the day out on the lake with our baby girls and the Tucson weather was just gorgeous... probably a lot like Hawaii is most of the time. :) The Lord gave me such a peace today as we begin 2009 and I pray that you and Kit feel that same peace and that you are able to rest and recover in the healing that only Jesus can provide. I pray that the test outcome is good. We love you guys.

Colleen, Scott, Elisa, and Anna

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelly,

We continue to check the blog daily and hold you and KIt up to the Lord. We will keep praying for you as you have requested. You both continue to be a daily inspiration to us as you trust God in all that you are going through.

Mike and Barb Carney in snowy Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly:
We love your family so much and we are praying for Kit and for you to have the peace and strength to be by Kit's side.
A big hug from us!
The Zautners

Anonymous said...

My sweet shelly,I am praying you can stay strong thru all of this.I know it hurts so much to see Kit go thru this so I am praying for supernatural strength for you! Mark 14:36-Father,everything is possible for you-Take this cup from me,yet,not what I will,but what you will.Loving you both,Joyce

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, I know it is hard to take your mind off Kit to do this. We are praying that God will give you peace and Kit the strength and healing to get through this bout. Nick/Sharon

Mele said...


Praying for a better nights sleep and strength for the both of you. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Love you,


Frank Johnson said...


Thank you for the updates. Some things are difficult, even discouraging to hear, but it helps direct our prayers. Tammy, CJ, and Matthew will be home from Colorado tomorrow, and our family will lift you up in prayer together. Meanwhile, we will continue to ask for a miracle from separate States. We love you so much! I pray, also, that you will be able to rest.

Anonymous said...

Shelly and Kit,

Chelsea and I are here in Lake Tahoe sending lots of love and prayers your way.....please let us know if you need anything to lighten your load!!

Lots of love and hugs from us!! xoxox

Lisa said...

Kit & Shelly, lifting you both up in prayer today. This is the test results day. I remember Kit writing earlier this year (in the blog) that no matter what happens, "blessed be the name of the LORD." Love you both! ~Lisa Bryant

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly:

Thank you for keeping us all updated. There are so many lives that you and Kit have touched. As for me, I thank both of you for standing beside me during my times of tribulation four years ago. Even though it didn't have the outcome that I desired, you guys were there for me. God is good and faithful. You and Kit have been faithful servants and I know God will reward that one day.

Other than my daily prayers, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family. I am here for you guys in whatever way I can be of help.

Lord, we proclaim the victory of the cross and ask that Your will be done with Kit and his earthly struggle in the hospital. Bring healing to his body and strength to Shelly and the rest of the Lauer clan as they walk through this struggle.

Doug Spencer

Joe and Karen said...

Joe Johnson here:
Kit,Shelly, Maisha, Buddy and all of the Lauer family(which is very large.
I just keep praying...I just keep trusting.. I see through this glass very darkly...but I can see through it. It's's sometimes cold....It's is sometimes lonely...But I wait on The Lord.....I felt connected with you Kit this morning while I walked..I was thinking about Joey..I was praying for your healing and that you would see you grandchildren this side of eternity.....I love you so very much! Here is something I'm holding onto this moment in my grief and blurry vision..."It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private,suffering, that your noblist dreams are born.....and God's greatest gifts are given in compensation for what youv'e been through...."
Your friend...Constantly consummed by thoughts of eternity...Joe

Liza's Eyeview said...

"Do not fear, for I am with you" (says the Lord) Isaiah 43:5

Liza's Eyeview said...

In you O Lord I have taken refuge
In you, my secret hiding place
for you are to me a Rock Of My Salvation
and my fortress forever.

Trust in Him at all times O people
Pour out your hearts to Him,
for God is our refuge.

From Psalm 71

Shelly, I wish we can be there, to hold your hand, and Kits hand, and pray with you. But we are there in spirit. We are praying. God is your refuge. We trust Him.


paris said...

Dear Kit and Shelly. Our family is in constant prayer for you. Faithfully each one of the kids prays for Kit in their own special way. Dallas(our 4 year old) prays so amazingly for you!! We know that God can touch you and we are believing for a miracle!! You are an inspiration for us to continue loving one another and all those around us. We will continue in prayer for you!! God is faithful to give peace!! We love you!! Spencer, Priscilla, Paris, Carson and Dallas Sargent

Robyn Iaea said...

Dear Shelly,
Kneeling before the Lord and humbly asking for His amazing grace to sustain you right now. You inspire me to be a better wife and partner and just to LOVE everyone in my life. We will be lifting you and Kit up throughout the day, praying for complete healing and protection. Please give Kit a huge hug from all of us!

The Iaea's
Robyn, Halii & the kids

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelly....We are praying and praying and praying for healing, for comfort, and for peace. We love you guys and will not stop sending up our petitions on your behalf.
Love and Blessings to the whole Lauer clan,
Steph and David

Anonymous said...

Kit & Shelly

I thank God Kit that you are still here with us and it is 2009. Imagine that. What a miracle. Praise HIM.

I celebrate your persevering spirit, that even though you could have chosen to relax and go to be in the land where there is no more pain and no more tears, you chose to fight and go through this chemo to stay with your family and with us.

And Shelly, I celebrate your loving serving heart as you stay by his side and go through the pain with him. It is no easy task to watch a loved one suffer so.

May the Lord sustain you both and hold up your arms like Aaron & Hur did for Moses. And may He give you glimpses of beauty in the midst of a situation that is not beautiful. God's beauty, his love, the beauty of the love of family, friends, the body, the beauty of sunsets and treasured memories.

much love & prayers


Anonymous said...

Hang tight Shelly.
God is with you.
We're keeping posted on your blog.
You have all our love and much constant prayer.
Cathryn and Julian Varlet

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year kit and shelly
thoughts, prayer and love for you today. and trust to the Father Who made you and has every single blood cell of yours numbered. standing with you, carrie

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Aloha Shelly,
I am stopping in to visit...(via cyber space) I realize today is another day of uncertainty as you await the test results. We love you and pray for you. I hope the Lord proects you from germs and sickness so you can remain by Kit's side. Time by his side is so precious. I wish things were different and that it was not harmful to phsically surround Kit with our presence.

We are sinding you HUGS and LOVE,


Anonymous said...

Kit & Shelly,
I was dreaming about Kit this morning, and he was on Maui at church in the Courtyard talking to everyone after service. I am taking this as a good sign!Please stay strong and know we are all praying for and support you.
Alana Rucynski

guavatea said...

We love you and your amazing, beautiful family. We are continually lifting you up in prayer. Sending you big giant HUGS and LOVE!
Travis, Lisa, and family

Debbie said...

Dearest Shelly,
I love you all so very much and will not stop praying for Kit's healing and recovery. You are so in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for loving and serving God so completely by being the most awesome wife Kit could ever have. May God protect and strengthen you...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit and Shelly,
We love you both SO much and are praying for you. You both have always been such a great example to us both as Christians and as a couple. Through this trial you are continuing to inspire and teach us. In you we have clearly seen faith, hope and love in action. most of all we see Christ in you and thank God for having you in our lives. Love, Will and Mo

Anonymous said...

i will lay me down both in peace and in sleep. for thou alone o Lord, doth maketh me to dwell in safety. psalms somewhere.
love you kit and shelly

Anonymous said...

opps, somehow simon and garfunkle snuck in on the psalms... :)