Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15 Update - Kit, Shelly, Mikey, Shae & Maisha are all on Maui :)

Mikey and Shae arrived back on Maui yesterday ... and it sure is good to have them home.
Kit went in to Kaiser to have his blood tested in the a.m. We still have not heard back from the doctor , but Kit seems like he is getting stronger and healthier to me.
On Tues., afternoon , the Hospice people came to assess Kit. The doctor on Oahu told us that Hospice could be a good support to us on Maui, so.. we called them and I am so glad that we did. The nurse helped make suggestions on the pain medicines..and last night... was a much better night because of the new medicines. Kit still wakes up frequently, and has to change clothes and sheets because of the night sweats, but there was only one time last night that the pain was really uncomfortable.... a big improvement for other nights. Kit is eating really well.. he has an appetite..and he must be gaining weight... although we don't have a scale , so I can not confirm that.
Now that I am home , with the kids here and all the things to do in my life , my attachment to the Blog is not the same.. I feel badly, because "the Blog" ( your postings) helped me get through those days at Kaiser..and I feel a little disloyal to you these past few days...because I have not been good about writing... I really want to emphasize how much your writings helped me and Kit. I want to thank you again for taking the time to write e-mails, write posts, sent cards etc... it made a huge difference in our days at Kaiser. I know that some of you did not write, but you were praying and even fasting for us... thank you so much. We could not have more wonderful friends and family in the whole world than YOU!!!! Love, Shelly and kit


michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Are you kidding Shelley! You don't need to feel bad, you are being loyal first to your husabnd and family, and that is all that matters. Of course we know that now you are home there are other things occupying your attention. WE LOVE YOU, and enjoy your time with Mikey, Shae, Maisha & Kit. We are praying whether you update the bog or not. FEEL OUR BIG HUGS, KISSES & LOVE,
ciara, michael and mikaela

Anonymous said...

Please do not feel badly for not posting...While we want to hear from you, we all understand that you do have other things to do... :-) Hospice Nurses will certainly have a special corner in heaven, yes? They are amazing people full of love.

Praying without ceasing, CW

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the previous comments. We are just thankful that your family is together at home. We are also thanking Jesus for a better nights rest and a better appetite, (plus lots more).

Susan Chris Nathan

Anonymous said...

Love on your family! We understand slower blog - doesn't stop the prayers!

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

We love you guy's!! Just focus on being with your family right now. Everyone understands and would want you to do that. Sending you big hugs from Virginia!

Love you,

Colleen said...

Yeah! So glad you are all at home together! That's wonderful news. Hope the medicines continue to be effective and make sleeping easier. We love you guys.

Colleen, Scott, and babies

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys....
It dosen't get any better to hear that you are all back together at home!The blog was just a vehicle to where you are now, home with loving family. We will continue to rejoice and pray.
Love and hugs, jerry,rosemarie &mia

Robyn Iaea said...

Hi Kit and Shelly,
So glad that are you enjoying your family and out of that cold hospital room! Being detached from the blog is a good thing--it means that you have wonderful, joyous moments competing for your attention, Shelly. Isn't it the little things that mean so much? We prayed for you last night in our ohana group, Kit, and I will continue to lift you up for healing, relief, comfort and love!

If there is anything at all that I can do for you, please let me know.
Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelley,
I want to encourage you both, as Kit has been an encouragment to me. Recently, I was a student with YWAM Maui. I would attend Hope Chapel nearly every Friday. Kit was a blessing sent from Heaven for me. I battle Myelodysplastic Syndrome and a message that Kit gave rocked my world to the core. I have had countless numbers of RBC and Platelet transfusions and Kit was talking about being laid up in the hospital and having the flood gates of Heaven open up and pour over him. Kit you prayed for me that night, even though I knew you were exhausted. I saw you another Friday night and you spoke that if God wanted you to have normal blood, than He would give you His blood. This rocked me even more. The simplicity of this message healed me. Not physically, but my heart was healed. I still receive routine transfusions, but I can now sit there with the love and mercy of our Lord pouring over me, and say "Thank you Jesus for this blood." I love you brother!

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Don't even think of apologizing regarding the blog. Our greatest prayer for you and your family is to spend time together and enjoy each other...that is the healing gift for Kit. We will not stop praying for his comfort and healing. We will cherish every update we get but just know, all of you will be in our hearts and prayers daily.
Doreen and Charlie

A Maui Blog said...

Shelly, do not feel bad about not updating regularly here. One of the main reasons I made sure that the blog was maintained (updated regularly) when you were on Oahu is because I know how great a support that would be for you (to read the comments) while you are away from Maui. Now that you all are here - ENJOY each other. Don't worry about updating the blog. Update when you can but only when you feel like it. This blog is to minister to you. Sounds like Kit is doing better and we are all happy about that. If there are any urgent prayer request, just type in a one line or two line prayer request and we will pray specifically :)

Love you :)


Lee and Renee said...

Oh Shelly you are so thoughtful and loving. I agree with everyone here...we love to read updates but more than that we are so happy you are home and that you are all together. Enjoy being home and your family. We will be continuously praying as always.
Loving you,
Lee and Renee

Anonymous said...

shelly and kit,
i'm thinking by this time tomorrow, you are going to know kit's weight because people will be leaving scales on your doorstep... :) maybe you should have said car or washer/dryer or something like that :)
we are happy at the nichols over you and just picturing your time with mikey shae and maisha.
we continue to pray for the lauer boys (kit and buddy).
love you guys so much,
pete carrie and girls

Anonymous said...

Lay low as you mentioned. Take time to do what is right for now. We just couldn't be happier that you are home. We would know that you are always thinking of others, but now is your time, you are allowed that pleasure. Glad Kit is eating, good sign, and having family around is the best. Prayers will never stop and smiles are always good after reading your blog.
Love you all
Nick and Sharon

Joe and Karen said...

We love you all so much. We are so glad Kit made it home...answered prayer. Just enjoy your precious time together.

PierreCariCoetzee said...

Shelly, you are too sweet for words. We praise God for answer to prayer. Now we pray not only for continued healing but precious family time for all the Lauers. Enjoy every moment:)We love you!

lorensaved77 said...

No Worries Shelly And Kit...No need to apologize either, everyone is so thankful that God answered our Prayers and you both are back on Maui and enjoying your family! HOORAY!!!
Prayers will continue...We Love you guys so very much!
Hugs and Many Blessings to you all!
nancy and Loren Family

Mike Leonard said...

I was reading in Jeremiah this morning. I came across a verse that jarred my memory. I love this verse and wanted to share it with you guys.

Jeremiah 15:16 (NKJ) - "Your words were found and I ate them! And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart, for I am called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts"

When I was so sick, Susan or the kids would sit with me and read the Word of God to me. No matter how bad I felt it was like sitting in the warm Maui sun. The Holy Spirit washed over me and gave me a peace and rest that was amazing.

You guys are in our thoughts constantly and we are praying for you daily. We love you.

Mike & Susan

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've not been able to write before now.
SO HAPPY that your back.

We missed you so and continue to pray for you all.

LOVE from the von Kugler's

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

Shelly--It's a GOOD thing that you're not relying as much on the blog. It's so great that you're back here on Maui where you belong, and that you're dealing with the wonderful people at Hospice. We love you guys.
Bill and Lu

Alan and Loretta said...

Hip, Hip HOORAY!! Welcome back to Maui, AKA HOME!!! Wonderful to know that you are back on island where you want to be. Will keep you covered in love and prayers.
No worries about writing. We all
understand. Rest and enjoy each other.

Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelly, and family: It has been difficult for me to read of Kit's ordeal. Although it has been seven years since I moved from Maui I still love and appreciate you. Although we have had little contact over the past few years I still feel close to you all and I feel close to Kit probably because, besides out common faith and Love for the Lord, we have much in common ( a zeal for apologetics, wrestling kids). So, it is hard for me to read of Kit's suffering. It is also hard for me understand why God would not answer my prayers and the prayers of so many others for Kit's healing. Although I cannot fathom why God would not answer these prayers I do know that He has some inscrutable purpose in it all. Maybe we will never know until the next age. I will keep praying, though. Kit is a supreme example of perseverance.
Craig Rogers