Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6 Update

Jan. 6 ,
Liza is so true how your blogs are keeping us connected to our loved ones and I read them to Kit... and he is moved by all of you and what you say... you are encouraging us big time!!!!
Last night , was a tough night. Kit really wants to be home on Maui... last night he told me that he has had the most fulfilling life... so blessed...so loved... and that he is ready to go be with the Lord. He was just praying out loud to the Lord, thanking Him for everything , his full and rich life... his loving family and friends...and asking Him to bring him Home( to Heaven) . He was in alot of pain... but eventually fell asleep and today is a new day.
He does not have an appetite. He had one bite of eggs and drank some Ensure... and that is it. The blood work came back today... and Kit needs another red blood cell transfusion. The oncologist just came in and convinced Kit that he needs to stay here on Oahu for awhile longer to keep getting antibiotics and to not give up yet. Even though , his white blood cells are still at 0 , only a few neutraphils... his doctor believes that Kit might still be responding to the chemo and that his body is slow making the new blood cells. The platelets are holding from the transfusion yesterday. So... we are not coming home right yet.... tonight... when everyone is out of the hallway... we are going to try and take a walk... the doctor really recommended that he do that... to change the scenery..Maybe after the red blood cells... he will have the energy to do that... Right now... he just lays in bed and sleeps... his sleep is not too restful because his brain is working over time... and he just keeps talking about things... He just said something about "the secret garden" ... maybe that book... we read to the Maisha years ago... I don't know... it is funny the things that he says...
I had a great experience this a.m. Out in front of Kaiser there is a little stand where they sell good coffee and sometimes, I go get a cup in the a.m. Well, today I did and the lady in front of me was buying Earl Grey tea.. she was an older tiny petite japanese woman... who was wearing this adorable vintage hat... (she had had chemo ) ...she reminded me of an old Bonjo... with her unique style.... I asked her what doctor she was seeing... and then I ran back to Kit's room and got this box of Earl Grey tea... that an angel from Maui...Robyn Iaea had sent to Kit with other goodies...yesterday.... Kit is not much of a tea drinker..nor am I.... but these tea bags that Robyn sent ... were too adorable to waste on people that are not tea drinkers. They were packaged in little triangular shaped boxes.. hanging from a string with a leaf on the end... They were so cute and I knew this lady would love them..so.. I wrote her a note and brought them to her and she was so happy and thankful.. SO.. Robyn .. thank you for letting me bless someone with that gift for Kit.
I think that Kit is starting to lose his thick hair( ha..) I see hair on his pillow.. He has not shaved... because the electric shaver that I bought him was junk and his placelets are too low to shave with a blade.. so... he is growing a white beard ...
CW... I think that was the person... I am trying to think of anything to say.... to keep you informed.
I love reading your comments.. all of them... you just don't
know how your words minister to Kit and me. You are such wonderful family and friends.. that have made our life so rich...thank you for reaching out to Kit...and me. ... and our family. love,shelly


Anonymous said...

Shelly: You are just too wonderful for words. All of us hang on to every word you post on this blog. Its like you have a room full of thousands of people there with you at Kaiser. I have many fond memories of Kaiser as all three of my kids were born there, including Jeremy (age 30) who was born at the old Kaiser they blew up. My man Kit is still bringing a smile to face hearing him mutter on about the Secret Garden (I really think that is the place he goes to imagine beating me at golf!) We continue to keep Kit and your family in our prayers and I know that we all have a peace that our Lord Jesus Christ is in complete control.

Keep those posts coming!

Doug Spencer

lorensaved77 said...

Dearest Shelly and Kit
Please know you are not far from our thoughts and daily continual prayers...I know this is a tough, emotional time for you, yet,even in the midst of it, you take the time to still teach us the Humility and Love of our Savior Jesus Christ!
You both have shown such compassion, Love, Humility and grace! When we have spoken face to face, you both have a way of making one feel special and loved!
That IS the CHRIST I see in you!
Loving to the Fullest!
Your friend always into eternity!
nancy, Phil 4:13

Liza's Eyeview said...

"Even though , his white blood cells are still at 0, only a few neutraphils... his doctor believes that Kit might still be responding to the chemo and that his body is slow making the new blood cells."

Fight is not over yet Kit Man! I am sorry you have to experience a lot of pain and discomfort, but think of this as a wrestling match. No pain, no glory :)

We're praying for victory. We will see you here on Maui.

Shelly, you are a natural blogger, I should recruit you to write for me on my new blog (A Maui Blog :)

Love you both (and all the Lauers too),

Anonymous said...

My husband and I came to Hope chapel for the first time during our last visit to Maui so we never got to personally know your family. I can tell from all the comments that you are a very caring and loving family. Shelly your comments are heart warming. You are in our prayers daily and I hope that we get to meet you both when we come to Maui during our next visit in a few days. The Secret Garden sounds like a wonderful place. I hope that Kit gets to take that walk tonight.

God Bless you both.

Lane & Cheryl Haslett, MI

Tara said...

Dearest Kit and Shelley and family,
Hi, this is Tara Brock ☺, in all this time, Kit, I haven't realized that I have a way to connect with you by sending you a blog. I feel so silly because everytime I read about you I feel a little frustrated that I haven't found a way to stay connected with you so that you can hear my voice. I miss you so much and all the classes that you so profoundly taught me. What an incredible man you are to have given so much to so many, you really blow my mind and not only are you in my prayers forever, but all the lessons that you have brought to my life have taught me so much. I love the blogs that Shelly is sending to us. I read them, and read them again and again. I am so grateful that you are staying in such close touch for our beloved Kit. Kit, what a lucky man you've been to have been married to such an incredibly wonderful woman. What a blessed life you both have led by being together. Kit, although I'm sorry for all that you're going through, I do appreciate the lessons you are providing us with on the Lord's process and about understanding and accepting His ways. I will be in touch as close to everyday day as I can, depending upon who I can snag to write for me. God bless you. If there's any chance for you to say hello back at some point I would love it, but I understand you have so many who would love to hear from you. Sending you and your family all the love in the world. Aloha, Tara

PierreCariCoetzee said...

Shelly, thank you so much for such detail. I'm always checking to get an update. You and Maisha are doing such an amazing job of helping all feel apart of whats going on, and we all just are so eager to come along side and fight the battle with you. Lord give them strength, We pray Kit can come home to Maui, please answer that prayer. Love to you all -

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauer Family

All of you are an amazing example as to living a life pleasing to God. Through your triumphs and pain, you have taught me soooo much - to accept that His ways are perfect, even though I don't understand; to pray about everything and worry about nothing (hard one when you have a teenager); to be humble and grateful for everything God has put in my life. Yes there is more, but these are just a few.

Kit, in 2004 you baptised my son Nathan. Your picture with him is forever in our home and you are forever in our hearts. It was a glorious day, a day of new beginnings for all of us.

Praying Praying Praying
Susan, Chris, Nathan

Mele said...

Okay Shelly,

So make me cry rivers. Yuko and I had an early day. We thought of you guys the whole time and stopped several times to pray. The clients have been so gracious and are concerned for you and Kit. God has given me super natural strength to work as hard as you girls do. I thank God that maybe I can bless you in some way. He has covered my family while I have been working, even when everyone got sick, I did not.
So Kit save your strength for that dinner at Mama's. I know your due for one and now coming up on two. Remember you said that Lynn and I could come to your place for dinner sometime. That was a long time ago but I still cherish the invitation and look forward that day.
So hang in there bother the battle belongs to the Lord. We are holding you up, all you Lauers.

Forever praying with love,


michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Thank you Shelly for always portraying the heart of Christ. You are such a precious vessel of His and we are beyond thankful to have you guys in our lives.

Reading your words of course brought me to tears. (as always), We just wish we could take some of the burden from you guys. It breaks my heart to hear of Uncle Kit in such discomfort, and we know it has to be the hardest thing for you to be right there. Good job though, you are AMAZING! And Uncle Kit is a fighter, his strength is INCREDIBLE.

I have so many beautiful and fun memories, and stories. But this one I thought of today made me laugh. I'll call it: HOT PANTS.........
We were on a mission trip to Mexico with Uncle Kit, and he was driving one of the vans. We all were in communication via walkie-talkies, and it was always quite comical. We're driving along, and over the radio we hear Kit yelling "HOT PANTS! HOT PANTS! We all had to pull over, and I remember seeing Kit jump out of the van dancing everywhere holding the back of his pants, yelling, "OH MAN, HOT PANTS!!" Somehow at one of the work projects - he had sat right in Paint Thinner! He was laughing, dancing, and hurting all at the same time.


ciara, michael & mikaela

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! what ciara mentioned is one of my greatest memory of kit also. I remember that day so clearly, it was really funny. That was my first Mexico trip and Kit was my driver at that time. I also remember when he used to drive crazy and go fast on this one rocky road, it was awesome! He was the best driver ever!

Hi Shelly, thanks for keeping us updated with everything. Hi Pastor Kit, we love you so much. We're praying for you all and know that despite whatever happens we all win. You're constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we are so thankful for you.

Dustin and Trisha

Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelly, Maisha, & Mikey,

It is so touching to see the kind of love, wonder, humor, and care your entire family has lavished on others all of these years returning to you with such magnitude.
Kit, you have always reminded me of the woman who perfumed the feet of Jesus. Possessing a love for Christ that was so extravagant that, at times, it almost seemed absurd. And yet having all of the understanding that time and life is precious and to "waste" all of our heart, gifts, and passion on Him is the real meaning of EVERY moment of our lives.
I was young and new in Christ when I first met you and Shelly. Hope Chapel was still meeting at the Kihei Community Center and you guys had one of the most popular Ohana groups going...I was bewildered at the whole church experience, just having received Christ and not quite knowing how to be a part of a church family. You singled me out, sat with me, put your hand over mine and we just talked. You were kind. I felt welcome. I met Shelly. What a ray of sunshine. I kept coming back. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have meant...to me, to all of us.

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Thank you so very much for keeping us updated on Kit. Please tell Kit we are praying, praying, praying for God to let him come home to Maui. We also pray for him to start producing white blood cells and for his comfort. Like the Dr's said...don't give up. We aren't!
I love the story of Kit preparing to defend his nurse. It is so Kit. I wrote Kit some time ago in an attempt to share how he impacted my life. Like so many others...there are a number of ways but the first thing that always comes to my mind was that he made me feel special. Everyone needs to feel special at times. Kit did that for me as I know both you and he have for so many others. Shelly, you keep saying that you and Kit and your family are so blessed by all the people praying and sharing with you. That couldn't be further from reality. WE are the one's so very blessed. Blessed to know you and blessed to feel that we are an important part of your lives.
I only wish there was something more I could do. Will never stop praying.
We Love You,
Doreen and Charlie

Valeria said...

Shelly...you are so cute!
You make me laugh, you make me cry(tears of joy!) Reading your blog, you teach me how to be a better wife. Your unconditional love is a blessing to my soul.

I love you and you're in my prayers!

Jean said...

I remember the Secret Garden in Israel near the tomb where we all had communion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelly and Kit,

I read your words with tears in my eyes but not all were tears of pain. Most were of joy for the marvelous future we face in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am constantly amazed at the strength of the battle against death that Kit is fighting even striving when he has no strength as when he wanted to “have a talk” with the man in the next room. I burst out laughing about that because it was so Kit!

Dear ones, you are both fighting this together and your obvious love is witness to us all. I pray that God would bring healing, comfort, peace and a deep abiding sense of His loving presence to you both. I don’t know how this will all work out but I do know one thing of a certainty – YOU CANNOT LOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE BOTH IN HIS GRASP!!!

In His love, Marv