Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on Buddy

Hi All. This is Maisha. Latest is that they don't think Buddy had a seizure (I didn't personally witness any of it). I think he just fainted and sometimes you jerk when you faint. His CT scan was normal which is the most important thing. He still shouldn't have been sent home, and it's good he went back into the hospital because he actually did have a fractured bone in his leg. I saw him at the hospital tonight, and he's gonna be ok :-)

I also talked to my dad tonight and he seemed in good sprits. I got to pray with him and I prayed that he wouldn't have any negative images popping into his brain...but only butterflies and puppies :) Praying that tomorrow will bring good results in the blood test!
Thank you everyone for being such a support to my mom and my family...thank you Liza for helping us with the blog!!!


Liza's Eyeview said...

You are welcome Maisha. I am glad to read all the good news on this post. We will continue praying :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to stay on top of all that is happening. Staying strong for the Lord can be a real true test. You have to make your parents proud! As I spend my day in prayer for you Kit I chuckle to think back to when we are in our Maui home. Once we had to leave on Fri night back to Colorado and we went to have sushi and then to Fri night service. The service had gotten a bit over time and we sat there thinking we did not want to get up and leave but time was clicking by. No worries as we flew up to the security line, we had already checked in for our boarding pass. We love Hope chapel and it has always been hard for us to leave. Your word has always given us such hope. I just always see that great smile you and Shelly both have.
Nick and Sharon

Jean said...

Thank you so much Maisha and Liza. So if he hadn't have fainted and returned to the hospital, the hospital wouldn't have caught the broken leg. Prayer works, and God is Good. Blessings to all Jean

Cathryn True Varlet said...

Morning, Kit.
Warrior, friend!
Father, pastor and mentor to many.

I have a prevailing vision I keep seeing I've gotta share with you, my brother.

This is what the Lord says.
"You are My Warrior! You are my Marathon runner and you are running the race of life WELL, my friend!"

(Did you know He calls you "friend" as well as "son"?!)

This is what I see, like it's being held in my mind's "eye", as it were, REALLY STRONG the past few days....

..ESPECIALLY since Shelly blogged that after your recent transfusion you guys walked back down the hall, I said, "Go Kit!" in my spirit and THEN I saw "a great cloud of witnesses" and the Host of Heaven watching and cheering, like your Life had been one great Marathon and they, along with JESUS were CHEERING YOU ON!

It is such an awesome picture!
I can't get it out of my mind and I hope you get to have this HIGHLIGHTED when you or Shelly reads it!

All the Host of Heaven, led by Jesus Himself and a Great Cloud of Witnesses are WATCHING and CHEERING you, Kit! Whoah! That is just SO AWEsome!

It's how you've lived and CONTINUE to live your life, "run the race" as Paul put it, and it's like I also wanna say, "Go platelets, go platelets, yeh! Go white blood cells, go white blood cells, for God's glory in Kit!"

Just had to tell you you've got a REAL TEAM ROUTING FOR YOU!
(Can you tell I used to be a cheerleader?! Actually songleader!) another hour I begin leading worship here in the Aglow Lighthouse in my home, "Worship & Intercession, Touching and Praying the Father's Heart". I begin worshipping, just me and the Lord at 9:30, which is YOUR 7:30 AM, and continue, as people arrive at 10 AM and stay, sometimes until 1:00 and worship flows into intercession before the Throne and operating in all the spiritual gifts, as the Holy Spirit leads us. It's the highlight of my week, kind of what I live for.

So, YOUR time, we'll be lifting you up 8 AM- 11 AM this morning, and also Buddy. LOVE you, my brother.
Have a good day.
I'm looking forward to GOD'S report!

Later, Cathryn (True Varlet)

lorensaved77 said...

Great News about Buddy, Thank You Lord CT scan was normal and you spared the Lauer Family of further trauma!...We love you guys so much and are very thankful to call you friends!
I hope you ALL had a restful night as we prayed!
Looking forward to your next entry Shelly, your really good at this Blog thing and I'm very encouraged by your strength, endurance and commitment to your Awesome Husband, who has poured out so much love to all of us sheep!
Love you guys...
nancy and Loren family

Anonymous said...

We are all glad Buddy is ok. I tend to think that Buddy had a secret plan to somehow try and get transferred to the hospital on Oahu so he could room with his big brother Kit. How sweet Buddy, but next time, just buy a plane ticket and go there. I know Kit will be reading this, and he understands my sense of humor; so please don't anyone else be offended.

To Kit and Buddy, you guys are two of my favorite people in the world if you didn't already know that. We will continue to lift you up to our Lord Jesus in our prayers.

Doug Spencer

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, you are so real, so genuine, like we're sitting together with a cup of coffee (not tea:-)talking over the events of each day, good and bad. Your sharing of the tea touched my heart so deeply as you and Kit have always shared your love with us at Hope. Robyn first took us to Hope Chapel when we moved to Maui so many years ago and we got involved with the Friday night "Refreshment Ministry". Thom says "Kit never misses a chance to chat after service - he's never too busy even when he really is!" You've touched our lives in so many ways. Shelly - what a true example of a supporting and loving wife you are to all of us.

We love you and pray always for you, you know that!

Carole and Thom Phil 4:13

Kim Insley Morrell said...

Dear Kit and Shelly,
Dr Kosecoff form City Of Hope has been checking in with me on your well being. Yesterday I sent her an email with an update as described in the blogs. She replied back this morning, so I have attached it to this blog post.


I am so, so sorry to learn about Kit. From what you have told me, he will make his life meaningful personally and to all whose lives he has touched.

Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD

Lisa Edwards said...

I am so sorry to hear you are having uncomfortable hallucinations...I have nightmares almost every night (a side effect of all the meds I have to take) but I am thankful they are nightmares, not hallucinations...I can try to forget the nightmares when I wake up.

I am so happy Mikey and Shae can come back to Hawaii to be with you. That is such a blessing.

I haven't posted my "how I know Kit" message yet, so I thought I would here

Maisha and I lived with each other for about a year in optometry school. It happened to be at the time when I was getting ready to accept Christ as my Lord and Saivor. Maisha was an integral part of that process--she was incredibly patient with me as she answered all my (sometimes ignorant) questions about Jesus and Christianity. I KNOW that her ability to minister to me was modeled to her by both Kit and Shelly. When Kit and Shelly came to visit Maisha once we all went to church together--I hadn't accepted Crhist yet and stayed seated while everyone else walked up to take communion. Kit walked by me, squeezed my shoulder and looked at me with such a caring, loving, look....Like he knew exactly what I was going through and somehow telling me it was ok, and that I would get to take communion very soon.

I've only met you and Shelly twice (and you may have no idea who I am), but I always have and always will consider both of you (and of course your daughter) integral parts of my 'journey' to Christ.

I'll pray those terrible hallucinations go away--hallucinations about the ocean and kitties sounds much better. And of course I will contine praying for your whole family....I'm amazed at how wonderful this blog is..

--Lisa E.

Carole Brazil said...

I am sending you both a huge hug right now! Can you feel it? Here are some Words that have encouraged me today, which I pass on to you, dear friends:

Thus says the Lord: "I remember you, the kindness of your youth, the love of your betrothal, when you went after Me in the wilderness," (Jer.2:2).

I will remember My covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish an everlasting covenant with you,(Ezek.16:60).

...I will visit you and perform My good Word toward you.... For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord,thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope,(Jeremiah 29:l0-11).

Love and prayers...

Anonymous said...

Praise God for all that He has done for your family. I just love you guys and pray that Kit and Buddy will soon be fighting fit once again. As for the rest of the families my prayers are with you at all times. Love you all. Lulu