Wednesday, January 28, 2009

something from kit

I am so thankful today for the strength and clarity God has given me to post a huge thank you for your tireless prayers, love and support of myself and my family. We are simply living each moment God gives us in hope of a miracle healing and in assured peace of a long enduring relationship with God in Christ who gives us life. I am blessed to have my son and his wife as well as my daughter here with me. My family is such a wonderful comfort. My family always reads me your posts, e-mails, cards and letters. I am so loved...and I thank you so much for never giving up through prayer for one another. You are constantly in my prayers as well. I pray God would give me the strength and time to speak at church. That would be an awesome day...for now it is moment by moment...knowing that all our moments are in the loving hands of the one who gave it all for us and has the power of life in His hands. Robyn Iaea has graciously been putting "The Journey" notes into a booklet that will prayerfully be an encouragement to all of us. We will let you know when those booklets are ready. I was also excited to learn that last Sunday's message giving by Craig came with a promotion of the 'Loving God With All Your Mind' seminar notebooks and CD set which is a great tool for those that want some hard core empirical evidence for God's existence. This all makes me happy because I feel like God is still using my life for His good purposes.

I just wanted you to know that I am still very much alive, still here, still in love with God, still in love with you, still thinking about you and praying for you as I receive your love and prayers deep into my heart as well.

Continuing through His strength,


Leeann said...

So great to hear words right from you Kit. We all miss and love you so much--I was telling Maisha, my New Year's Eve just wasn't the same this year without TV with the Lauers and relationship advice (admonishment?) from Kit :) Keep lovin' God as much as you do and sharing it--it points me to Jesus more!

Anonymous said...

Aloha from Colorado, somehow that just doesn't sound right but for now that is how it is. Very cold and dreaming about Maui. I know how it must have felt being back on home with family. We are anxious to be coming back, a month away yet. I can almost hear your words in you comment coming from you. I am sooooooo glad your family is there. I know how important that is. I pray for you all endlessly. I listen to your tapes and tapes from church in the car as I drive. They make me smile, cry, laugh and be ever enlightened that God is in charge.
I listened to the one about the vine, that you spoke on in July. It is so true. I love God with all my heart and we are so blessed.
Having hard days but more good, thanks to having the Lord God almighty to lean on.
Much love to you.
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight, buddy,
your family and friends are still praying faithfully on your behalf.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that your spirits are high:) Praying for you and your awesome family everytime you guys pop into my mind - which is a lot:)
Miss you giving the science talk on Sunday but rest assured that Craig did it justice:) Hang in there! Love you guys!

Mele said...

God bless you Kit as you continue your journey in His strength.

We are walking with you!

All our love and prayers,

The Stricklands

Mele said...

Dear Kit,

I just had another thought. Shelly did a really good job on her journaling, will there be a sequel?

You guys are the best:)


Kathy Englert said...

Saint Kit, Just wanted you to know that we had a University Physics Professor who was in church on Sunday. He totally loved Craigs message and went out and bought all your cds and notes. He intends to incorporate your teachings into the University where he teaches. Thank you for all you do to further the Gospel.

Anonymous said...


You are such an inspiration for our family. We continue to pray for you and your awesome family.

-Kim Ball

Anonymous said...

Bless you Kit,

Yes you are loved.
Keep fighting. We pray everyday for your healing.
What a great feeling it must be for you to see and experience how much you are loved by God and all of us here. What an honor it is that we are able to share it with you.

Paul, Judy and Brian

Doug Spencer said...

Brother Kit:

Wow! What a treat to hear your own words here on the blog. I was on Maui last week visiting my folks but understood you weren't up to seeing people. Dennis and his family were over as well, so we had a great time having all the kids there with my mom and dad. I got a chance to visit with Becky for a bit in the sales office and she brought me up to date on the wonderful news about your brother John. What a joy it must be seeing him out living for the Lord. I also had the pleasure of hearing Craig's sermon on Sunday and I thought of you while he was speaking. Your spirit was there with him even if you weren't there in person.

We are praying about moving back to Maui. It will be five years this May since I left, so Lord willing, it may be time to return. I'm still holding out for a rematch on the golf course with you one day as I recall you finally took away my long running victor's crown the last time we played.

I pray for God's will in your life and for God's blessing upon your wonderful family.

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Oh dear Kit! Love you so much. I am so glad you have the whole family there with you spending time together. Family time is always a blessing. It is so good to hear your words. I check this thing daily and hold my breath just naturally till I hear you are ok. Then I take a deep breath and am so thankful to God for you with us another day. I pray for the strength of God to fill you every day and for you and your whole family to feel his love and ours. Love you all so much!!!!! Praying for healing without ceasing!

Tara said...

Dearest Kit, Thank you so much for your message on Wednesday. It is just so lovely to know that you are feeling a little bit better as it appears that you wrote your own blog. I continue to pray for you as does my daughter. I still think of you, Kit, mentioning to me that I should consider going to the Oxford University that you went to to study more about apologetics as you have opened my eyes so much towards that direction that I pray that someday I will actually be able to think seriously about doing that very thing.
In any case, dearest, Kit, I send you and your family all love and aloha. Sincerely, Tara

Anonymous said...

we are so happy to hear from you we love you very much Natasha Craig Alex jessica

Anonymous said...

Kit, it is a joy to see you demonstrate that regardless of our circumstances HE is worthy to be praised. You are such an encouragement to me as I read your notes. Your love continues to flow at such a level that it could only come from a truly blessed heart.
Always in my prayers, David Blaeholder

Anonymous said...

Always in our prayers.
Love, the Small Ohana in Oregon (and Tennessee)

Jimmy said...


I've been checking the blog daily and was stoked to read your latest entry. Full of spark, hope and optimism, you are a true warrior and an inspiration to us all. It's like the final period in a wrestling match and you're down 8-2 but you just scored a reversal! keep on little brother, love Jimmy

Anonymous said...

"Pick up your mat and walk" - could such a thing happen - yes! You're not gone until you're gone... be encouraged - we're still praying for a miracle. I hope it happens faster than Lazarus! You're sure doing an amazing job of abiding in Christ. An inspiration to all of us... God is able - maybe he's willing? Maybe a demonstration of His power of healing or maybe a demonstration of His power to sustain you to the end like Stephen? Either way, you win. Don't give up - be strong in Christ. He da man, da God man

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit
So great to hear your words! We are still praying for complete and total healing from God our Father!

Much love and prayers,
Susan, Chris, Nathan

Anonymous said...

Dear are a gift from God to us!! Thank you for sharing your loving and encouraging words!
We are praying for you and looking forward to that day when you coming back to church.
We miss you,
ALOHA from Minnesota!!!(here on vacation...sooo coooold!!)
Valeria Strand

Robyn Iaea said...

Hi Kit,
Thanks for taking time to let us know how you are doing. I think of you each day and pray for you and Shelly. I was actually on your street yesterday and wishing I could drop by and give you a big hug of encouragement:)

I finished formatting The Journey and I can get you a preview copy soon:)
Love to all of you!

Jeri said...

Thanks for your love and encouragement. You're constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we're also praying for that miracle healing.

We love you & your family,
Cliff & Jeri

Frank Johnson said...


How wonderful to read your own words! We are praying for you today and every single day; praying for that miracle that we know God can make happen. Keep fighting. Keep letting us hear your voice. We love you and miss you!
The whole Johnson family

Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelly, Maisha and the rest of the family. My prayers are continually with you. love you

Renee said...

Dear Family,
We are family in Christ! Just a note to tell you that we continue to have great hope for your complete healing. It can be so discouraging to be sick for such a long period of time but our Lord tends to be an 11:59 kind of guy... so keep looking at the 11th hour with anticipation. We do! We come to visit you here every day, we pray for you and your family every day....our hope is strong that He will heal you. That you will come over to the other side of this thing saying, "I would have never chose it but I wouldn't tade it for anything either because of all i learned in the process". Sometimes gifts - great gifts hurt and hurt real bad. But they produce in us things of God's glory that nothing else would. I am sharing my thoughts and I do believe it. I pray you suffer no more and that this season change! Hang and let it be in His hands. You will recover in His timing. This is my hope, prayer and belief.
Miss you
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Kit and Shelly. I come here to read the others and hear the wonderful words and prayers that come to you daily. It is a blessing and your are an amazing family. You are encouraging to others and life us up. Getting a book together is a feat in itself. Talking about Hope Chapel and the ministry that continues. We just finished Romans here at our home church. Funny how things work and will be interesting to listen to another on the same teaching. Staying strong in prayer for you.
Lovin you guys. Sharon and Nick

LInda Lehmann said...

Kit an family,
We love you !!!!!!! In the quiet moments of this morning I have prayed for you. It is so easy because you are so special to us. Kit you keep fighting! God is using you even though you feel isolated....When we bow our heads to pray for you he uses you, when you write a note and our hearts are so blessed, and challenged, he uses you, when you love your family and we see how you all pull together, he uses you! I all of this horror HE HAS USED YOU GREATLY!!!!!!! The greatest teaching of all is being poured out from you by your LIFE! I am learning so much! Keep fighting Kit! We are fighting with you!

John Franks said...

Hi Kit!! SO glad to hear that you are still running the race and keeping heart =) You are very much missed here, and you are in our prayers. I'm sorry I have been out of touch as of late. Craig did do a great job on Sunday, but (forgive me, Craig!) it wasn't the same without Kit! We pray that your white blood cells will increase in number, your muscles to grow strong, and your energy to return. God is surely with you, Kit. Take care and talk to you hopefully soon.

John, Megan, and Ethan Franks

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit & family

IT is a joy and a privilege to be able to stay in tune with how you are doing. I'm so thankful for this technology.

One of my housemates just flew in from Africa--only 15 people made it to the airport in London because of their big snowstorm, so they let them all sit in business class to LAX! meanwhile it's so unseasonably warm here in CA that the apple trees are already blooming. that's all for the weather trivia.

I've been soaking in the first chapter of the book that Dizzer gave me the night a few of us bad girls celebrated janet's birthday. (shelly might know it, the little purple one the bad girls were studying). It talks about God's glory, ever visibly present to the Israelites wandering in the desert by the pillar of cloud by day and the fire at night. and after camping on those OT verses about the pillar & the fire--instances of guidance, protection, instruction, power, presence---then it turns to descriptions in the NT of Jesus being the image of God's glory. Christ in you, the hope of glory. Now that's a new picture for me. the pillar and the fire, living in me. living in you.

we pray that fire consume all the cancer cells & invaders and warm you by its light and life today..

much love nancy

Anonymous said...

We pray for you every day

Mike & Mary K

Anonymous said...


We are so glad your here with us. Your life and courage and trust in Him draws us deeper in love with Jesus and His sustaining power. Your life is like a torch burning bright in our hearts and turning our eyes to what matters most. You inspire, through your trials, us to give each day, each precious moment to the Savior to use as He desires. We thank God for you continually and ask for Him to relieve your pain. Your willingness to suffer calls us to use all our strength for HIM. Thank you for being you.

In Christ

Tamara Johnson said...

Whew! What a praise to give God tonight! Hearing from you is truly a blessing. I won't stop praying for you.
Thanks for the booklets...
for scaring our church, straight! Straight to a deeper relationship with God...
And thanks for the love.
I bet its nice to be home, finally.
Sending my love fight back to you all!
~Tamara Johnson

Tamara Johnson said...

Odd, but, I guess my type-o is actually correct.

But, I meant to write...
"Sending my love right back to you all!"

God bless you all.

Maisha said...

Tamara Johnson...I love and miss you very much!

Stephanie said...

Still praying...
Still hoping...
Still believing...
Still trusting...

God is good and He is faithful, and what comfort it brings knowing that we can put our trust in His perfect plan. Oh how we are praying that He is planning a healing miracle! We miss you and love you Kit...

Steph and David

Anonymous said...

Kit I love reading your blogs. You still inspire me when I read them.

I love you Brother. May GOD bless you with a complete healing. I'll see you again.


Anonymous said...


Much love and prayers heading your way, always. You are an inspiration.