Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8 Update and the Football Pools

Last night was a good night , except that we were worried about Buddy. ( Buddy, Kit's younger brother was ran over by a truck on his bicyle yesterday on So. Kihei rd and taken by ambulance to the hospital, released and then later admitted because he feinted in the shower) We would pray, each time we woke up during the night that Buddy was sleeping soundly and that he did not have any brain damage. We called him at Maui Memorial this a.m., and Craig Englert answered his phone. Kit , Buddy and Craig talked for awhile and there was a lot of joking going on... which is a good sign. Buddy is being released today.. with a fractured fibula and he needs to take it easy. We are SO thankful that Buddy is okay.
Kit is in 2 football pools with the Lauer Family and one with Pete Nichols... he is in first place in both... Kit is a very competitive person... even when he is extremely weak...sick .. and in pain... he is determined that I send his picks in for the week. For awhile , Buddy was in first place in the Lauer family pool, but a couple of weeks ago, Kit went ahead...This a.m, on the phone ,Kit was joking with Buddy about Buddy being so depressed about Kit taking the lead in the family football pool that he got in an accident and ambulanced to the hospital just to get some attention or something to that effect.. they are just 2 silly boys still.... ( and "Poop",( my neice) you are so right about how these two brothers love each other.)
Thank you for your prayers about good dreams etc... Kit was not troubled in the night, like the night before... and the best news is that he does not have to have any transfusions today. The platelets and red blood cells are holding... and the white blood cells went up a little and there were some neutraphils.. so.. that is good news.. If the counts continue going up.. that would be awesome... but we just have to wait and see how the days ahead go.
Kit has a very small appetite... but he did eat a little for dinner and breakfast.. He is down to 140 ... his skin is peeling everywhere and his hair is falling out on his head... but everywhere is staying.. He wishes that he would have shaved down... arms and chest before coming in, because pulling off the tape from the Iv's very painful.
I am going to sign off for now... I read all the e-mails and blog comments to Kit..... they give him so much joy... thank you for loving us the way that you do.


Janis said...

The Giants will win it all! and I ain't in no stinkin pool. Having two Lauers' to pray for is a little much don't you think?
LOVE, Jerry

Robyn Iaea said...

The Iaea's are rooting for the Chargers, especially Jakey, our nine-year-old who plans to be a pro football player someday. Kit, you would have been proud of Jakey--he volunteered to stand up in front of the entire Kamehameha School assembly to say the prayer for Founder's Day. It was a "proud mommy moment" (daddy too!) as there were about 1,000 kids present. Maybe he will walk in your footsteps and be a pastor someday:)

We are all praying for you and I am SO happy to hear the white cells are increasing! We cannot wait to see you home on Maui.

I am the LORD, is anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27)

Nothing is too hard for our Savior and we ask boldly for healing, comfort and joy.
Love in Christ,

PierreCariCoetzee said...

Shelly, what joy to read todays blog. The Lord is just amazing!! We called Buddy and Becky last night because Pierre wanted to check in on Bud, and Becky answered her cell phone while she was with him in the ambulance!!! We just prayed and are so thankful to the Lord for being there for you and them. God is in control and I think that is so clear. Dickie gave us the update and I called Lucy to start the prayer chain. I so believe that prayer works. We must remain fathiful to our God no matter what. Still praying for you, much love - Cari:)

lorensaved77 said...

Hi Kit and Shelly
It is Good that the Lord answered our Prayers and that Kit had no bad dream's and Hallucinations last night! Thank You Jesus!
It is also great to hear Kit Joking around with his Brother and laughing a bit! ;-)
Thank You Jesus for answering our Prayers for Buddy as well, The Laurer Family are truly the Ipidimy of LOVE in the true sense of the word!
Thank You for the good news Jesus, please continue to enrich Kit's Blood and bring him back to Maui asap!
Love, blessings, and Hugs to you all,
nancy and Loren Family

Kim B. said...

Lindsay, Momi, and I were thinking of you at the first MIL tournament Saturday at Kamehameha. We sure miss your energy, enthusiasm, and your pat-on-the-backs. It was great seeing Mikey and Shea in Ashland, what an awesome couple. You should be a very proud papa. We're continuing to pray for you, Kit.

Liza's Eyeview said...

I an just imagine those guys joking around! That's nice to hear (read) - I can see Kit being energized by that :)

Mele said...

Hi Guys,

Good to have some good news today with the blood work and a better night. Thank you God.
We have your Buddy covered and the rest of the Lauers in our prayers.

Keeping up the pace at the Point:)

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Psssstt! Ok, Kit, I'm 45 minutes from the Panthers stadium. I have it from a very reliable source that the Panthers will dominate the Cardinals. Let the other Lauer boys fly with the birds while you run with the cats.

Praise the Lord on the blood work news. Keep those praise reports coming Shelly.

I love you guys.

Doug Spencer

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit,

I'm looking forward to joining you when you want to start a Fantasy Football league.

You keep Standing for HIM and fight the fight HE want you too.

Love You!

Your Brother in Christ,

Mark von Kugler

Lisa said...

Do you really have a niece nicknamed "Poop"??? Poop? Okay, that's just not right! :)

I'm so glad and encouraged that there were neutraphils and the red & white are holding their own. And so glad that Buddy is doing well. I'm heading back to Honolulu on Sunday for a few days and I'll see if I can stop in and see you guys.

Lisa Bryant

Valeria said...

Thank you Lord Jesus for the good reports...You are so faithful!!!

"For with God nothing will be impossible" Luke 1:37

"Ah, Lord God! Behold,You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is NOTHING too hard for You. Jer.32:17

Yes Lord...we believe!
We will NOT give up.
Love you

Pete said...

Never has losing felt so good as when it is to Kit!! Love playing with you Kit, you make it all so fun! By the way, 'jerry', if you'd like to be in a 'stinkin' pool, I can hook you up,always open to fresh meat! :) Now get those picks in Kit so you can win yet another autographed football! Love ya, Pete