Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today...my dad wants to say that he is so thankful for the amount of love, compassion and concern that has been stirred up within our family, friends, the church body, our community and beyond...because of what has been going on. It's amazing how God can mature us through pain and suffering.
Our church has been through a great deal of pain this last year.
It's amazing to watch us grow and mature...and to be able to express more love and compassion through our relationships. It really brings great glory to God and all that is good! That being said...let us encourage each other this day to continue in that good work.

My dad has not been in a lot of pain for the past couple of days. The pain meds have been working wonders :) We really pray that this continues. He also has more of an appetite now especially since his taste buds are coming back. He still has very little energy and we're hoping that will increase.

We are praying for you all as you are praying for us!

The Lauer Ohana


Robyn Iaea said...

It is wonderful to hear that Kit is not in bad pain and that you are all together. As a mom, I know having my kids with me makes everything better:) Just want to say that we are thinking of you daily and praying for you, Kit.

Mercy, peace and love be yours in ABUNDANCE!

Mele said...

So glad to have you home Kit and it was really good to see Shelly at work. We will not let up on our prayers for you guys because we love you and need you in our lives.

Prayerfully yours,

Mele & Ohana

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!
Praying for you still, and always Kit. The battle ragges... here you are,... still. Beyond all that man can predict, you are home. I thank God, for we hold hope in what His Plans are for you as we continue to stand in agreement, steadfast in our prayers and thanksgiving for you brother Kit.
Hold on Pastor, hold on.

love you.

Jean said...

It is 2:38 in the morning. I am awake, asking God to shower love and blessings to Kit and the Lauer family. I love you guys. Jean

Anonymous said...

A very good morning to the Lauer family. So good to hear the pain is being taken care of! I seem to be at a loss of words which is rare for me. I am so connected to you but by the grace of God. I know that what you are going through is in my life for a reason and daily I pray, unending really.
God is so good. I just want to thank you for being in my life, it has been a blessing.
Nick and Sharon
We will be there soon, much needed sun and friends to look forward to.

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Good Morning Kit,
May you find pain-free rest. May your days be filled with love of the your family and friends that are on this "Journey" with you.

Love you so much Lauer Family!!!


Joe and Karen said...

Thinking of you today and every day. Praying strength and peace for all of you. Hugging you across the miles. All our love.

Anonymous said...

Rest up buddy.The love you showered on others is now coming back at you. You are in the loving care of God, whose work you have done here on earth. I love you and miss you. Jimi

lorensaved77 said...

We will continue to keep the whole Lauer Family in Prayer!
We Love you all so very much!

Blessings and Healing to you Kit!

Susan said...

I don't know if you remember me (I used to sing with Buddy at Calvary Chapel in Santa Cruz), but I remember you and your sweet family. I've been reading your blogs and praying for you all for months. Your faithfulness and wisdom has been such an encouragement to me and a testimony of His presence in your life. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and letting us be part of it.
Love, Susan (and Joe) Giardina