Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat. Jan 10th

Kit has not taken any pain medicine for about 30 hours now.... that is such an awesome thing... because his sinus pain is going away. Praise God!!!! He had a tough night tho.. not because of the pain, but because he wakes up every couple hours... completely soaked.. and freezing... so... we strip everything off... get new sheets , nightgown... and start over again. I remember this happened the last time when Kit was recovering from the chemo...antibiotics.. etc.. He was always so cold and the hospital has the AC blasting in here... and so... the night was sure is amazing how a little sunshine coming through the window can change things.

The doctor that we love... Dr. "Tiger Woods" Duong came in with good news today. Kit's blood work was very good...platelets up...neutraphils up... He wants Kit to have two units of red blood cells today.....which takes about 5 hours... and then.. he wants to see if we can go home this afternoon or tomorrow. Kit is ecstatic!! He can't wait to get to Larry and Charlotte's place... to open their storm blinds and look out on the whole Waikiki beach... their condo..on the 12 th floor.. has the most spectacular view in the world. It won't be cold there....and to stand there and watch all the action in the water is invigorating.. to the far left .. there are people surfing...then.. the outrigger canoes.. are going out and in.. in the am and pm. then.. there are the stand up paddlers, the snorkelers... swimmers.. then there are people sailing boats past them.. and then.. way out there are the big ships... it is so exciting to sit and look out over God's creation..Oahu is such a beautiful island... We are so thankful to have friends like the Petullas... they are so generous.. When we got our first house 33 years ago..Charlotte stitched the most beautiful" Home Sweet Home" picture that has moved with us from house to house ,all these years...Years ago.. we taught and coached their kids, who are all grown up now with their own kids...We are not sure exactly when we are coming home.. but we will be there soon.


Anonymous said...

What awesome news!...I look so forward to seeing you both...What an awesome God!...
and sweet Shelly, you are becoming an unbelievable writer...such a vivid description from the 12th floor lanai...I thought I was there.
You two are such an inspiration...your unwavering love and devotion...just like the Lord's for each one of us.
Anxiously and ecstatically awaiting...

Joe and Karen said...

That is such wonderful news. Neutraphils...the most coveted word in leukemia, and now you're getting some!! Thank you Lord. Can't wait to come home just to see Kit and the Lauer Clan smiling broadly!!
Love you so.

Ron and Barbara said...

Kit and Shelly, We are celebrating God's answer to our prayers with you !!! As Bonjo said, your vivid description of life on the beach there at Waikiki makes it sound pretty inviting. Maybe, we'll run out and buy a ticket =) LOL Ron and Barb

terry and karen Brown said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!! This is the best news that we have heard in along time and all of us in OREGON are smiling soooo big of the answered prayers !!!! We feel so gifted to be able to communicate when needed with our computers to our loved ones and so Created prized family. Kit, sometimes the path to healing is not an easy one but just remember the lord is walking by your side and his hand is within your reach. Our Shelly, children, and grandchildren are the ones that keep our prized memories within thought and we have the best. Mike and Sha keep beautiful smiles of his glory on our face. May God answer all the prayers that have been said for YOU by giving YOU NEW STRENGTH,HEALTH, and may all his blessings be poured upon YOU at this time!!!!!! We love Terry and Karen

lorensaved77 said...

What Great News! Thank you Jesus!
No Pain medicine in over 30 Hours? Awesome!
Platelets, Neutrophils,red blood cells...Thank You Jesus for answering the Saint's Pleas for Kit!
Thank You Shelley for giving us all such a vivid description of this journey...
The Condo does sound Amazing and comforting to know Kit will get better rest there,(PSALM 71:21
we will pray no more night sweats and for sweet dreams and peace!
Love you both, happy for the good news that you will be leaving the hospital soon!
Love and Blessings to you both,

Lisa said...

haha! My sister calls him Dr. Tiger Woods too! That is so funny. Great great news about Kit! We'll see you on Maui soon.

PierreCariCoetzee said...

The Lord is so Good, Praising HIM with you. He truly is an amazing God!!!!

Anonymous said...

We rejoice with you in your good news.
Love, Lynne

Liza's Eyeview said...

The news gets better all the time!

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers...

Yey - we are happy for you Kit and Shelly that you are going to the condo soon!

Anonymous said...

This is the best news ever! yeah God!!!!

Praying for your return to Maui soon.

Barb in Chicago

Anonymous said...

thank You Father!! what a wonderful thing You have done.
love you so much kit and shelly!!
from all us nichols

Anonymous said...

Yeah God!!!!

This is great news!!!!What an awesome God we serve!!!

Susan Chris Nathan

Anonymous said...

We are very glad to hear the latest news. We think and pray for you everyday. Our prayer from Ps 130:1-2. Out of the depths we cry out to you on behalf of Kit O Lord. O Lord, hear our voices as we ask for healing in Kit's body. Let your ears be attentive to our cries for mercy on the Lauer family.

Anonymous said...

We love you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated, titus, steph, and sofia

Mele said...

Praise the Lord! We are thrilled for you Kit and Shelly. I remember the last homecoming:) Oh happy day!

Still praying hard for you!

Love the Stricklands

james said...

KIT and Shelly....We serve a GREAT!!! GOD is awesome!!! it is such a blessing to hear of the great news about Kits recovery...again!!! Don't the doctors realize that it is not them but GOD that is in control.I can't wait for you guys to get here ...i missed the last one.JAMES Taylor

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

AWESOME NEWS! can't wait for you guys to be enjoying that time outside the hospital together. Well, I can't help the tears yet again, but these are "happy" ones. Can't wait for your homecoming to Maui. Love you so, so much! Big, Big Hugs, & prayers for a smooth transition.
All our Love,
ciara, michael & mikaela

Jean M. said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! Can't wait for you to come back to Maui:) Thank you for keeping us all up to date Shelly. Keep up the good fight "Chemo Man";)
Praying for continued healing and that you are home on Maui very soon.
Jean McNulty

Valeria said...

Hi Kit and Shelly
Every time I open Kit's blog I pray for good news and today...WOW!!!
What an awesome news...PRAISE GOD!
He is so faithful.

"The Lord is good to those who wait for Him,
To the soul who seeks Him" Lam.3:25

Love you guys,

Kathie said...

Crying 'tears for happy'- as Kit would say - that your homecoming is soon approaching! Wonderful, joyful news- I hope your Waikiki view is as wonderful now as when Shelly described it to us.
Thought my physical body won't be there to see you arrive in Maui when you both return home, I will be with you always in spirit and in love!

Kathie said...

PS: Shelly...I always love the 'Poop' story. Thank you.

Robyn Iaea said...

That is such awesome news! I can picture the two of you on that Lanai in the warm sun soaking in all of the beauty!:) Thank you, Lord for your tender mercy and love. Thank you, Shelly, for sharing the good news. I just had the most beautiful picture of your pretty smile lighting up the room! Give Kit lots of hugs from all of us.

We will not stop praying.
Love you,

Carol Bolton said...

Thank the Lord! What wonderful, wonderful news! Kit, you are so amazing. Shelly, you are just as amazing in yet another way. Thank the Lord that Buddy is also doing well. I hope you are in the condo by now. I love you so much.

Big sister, Carol

Anonymous said...

I am just lead to say this word!,,

In our prayers always
Nick and Sharon.

Huray for family and their
safe arrival and time with

Jean said...

Fantastic! But then again, so is our God. I finally found the Hope Chapel here Kailua Kona - went this morning to find a cute little short guy preacher who cries for happy during his sermons. Course it is not our Kittrick, but I did put in the prayer request for butterflies, puppies and a happy Maui homecoming. Love you ALL - Jean Lane PS I check the blog periodically through every day - my current Christian bosses don't mind. and I still love you.

Lee and Renee said...

We are so happy! Thanks Be To God! Kit, Shelly we are estatic with you! We keep praying as always! Thank you Jesus! Thank you!
Lee and Renee

Anonymous said...

How Great is our God!!!!
This is the news we have been praying for. We are so happy to read it.

Shelly, you really are a talented writer. I should talk to my sis about publishing your words!

We love you Kit and Shelly.

Paul, Judy and Brian Owen

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

Wonderful news, Kit. We love you.

Anonymous said...

I have read this last email so much. I just feel you are out there seeing all you described. It is so amazing what God provided us with. Having had a bobcat in our back yard, that we have seen three times since returning to Colorado has been beyond words. It seemded every time I would talk to my sister a hawk would fly by our window. We have seen elk with eight by eight racks right by us. We have deer in our yard and beautiful snow and sunrises. Wanted to share with you our blessing, how is it that our gret God does so much for us and not have people see this. I am feeling the Maui sunshine as I write this however and we will be there shortly. God please watch over all the people hurting and trusting in you. Have the Lauer family enjoy this time, out of the hospital. Put all the people, that praise you, to work with healing this special man, Kit.

Have just the best day, everyone.
God be with you as you grow stronger.

Nick and Sharon

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Awesome news! AWESOME GOD! Will continue to pray for more healing...more neutraphils....more peace and happiness for your entire family.

Doreen and Charlie

Anonymous said...


that is good news. neutrophils, yeah. may they prosper and multiply.

I'm back on the mainland now, moving in to a retirement trailer park community with Janet & Fred & their cat...I know God has us coming here for a reason, but it still seems kind of humorous to me.

much much love nancy

Nurse Becky said...

Dear Kit and Shelly,
I went to work Sunday to find that you had checked out!! All praise and glory be to our God!! Thank You, Lord! He is so faithful! I had been praying along with you and all your friends and family that you would get well enough to at least leave the hospital! I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye, but I am so happy for you that you don't have to be confined to that tiny cubicle we call a hospital room. I knew I had to write when I had the most vivid dream last night about visiting with you guys in some log cabin next to a crystal clear stream with snow-capped mountains in the background, and we all watched from a window a heron or some type of white bird gobble up a fish. Don't know what it meant, but it was so serene and peaceful!

I read your post on Jan 6 as I laughed and cried at the same time...dear Kit, how you humble me, as sick as you were, you were concerned for my safety! Amazing.

You remind me that the Lord has me there for His mighty purpose; He is so much bigger than anything we will ever face here on this earth, in these temporary,earthly tents. Tough as things may get, He gives us His grace and His strength to make it through! And He places around us brothers and sisters, to share with, to hold hands with, to laugh with, to cry with, and above all to pray with, to encourage one another! What an awesome group you have rallying for you! I am amazed at the love and support that just flows through the notes your loved ones, your family and friends! Kit and Shelly, your devotion to one another, your faith, your steadfast love of the Lord and for one another is truly inspiring! I am so blessed to have met and have had the privilege to work with both of you! Please know that you are in my prayers, and I believe that miracles happen!!

In His love and mine,

Anonymous said...

So happy you are home ,great news .The news I was looking for opening the blog .Now you can get stronger in the comfort of your home with the whole family right there,praise God .We love you Anuschka,alex and mikela