Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Are Mine

This song ministered to me, and I know it will do the same to you. From one "cry baby" to the next, make sure you have tissues next to you when you watch and listen to this:

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Doug Spencer said...

Great Song Liza, but geez, get some sleep will ya. 3:16 a.m.? LOL. God bless you for your dedication and your insomnia.

Ok, so now I hear that Buddy got run over by an ice cream truck. That's kind of funny, a nutty Buddy going after a real Nutty Buddy. (Ok, for those who don't know a "Nutty Buddy" is an ice cream treat usually sold by ice cream trucks.) :) Seriously Buddy, we're thankful you're ok.

Kit, don't worry. We aren't going to let Buddy hijack your blog here. The nerve of that guy, getting hit by an ice cream truck just so he could get some attention here on your blog. Man, some people will do anything to get a little attention.

The sun is shining. We don't weep for your pain my brother(ok, in my flesh I do, just don't tell anybody); we rejoice in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the mighty things He has done through you. Who else could take stubborn mule like you and turn him into such a loyal workhorse for the Kingdom? It gives hope for the rest of us mules.

God bless you my brother!

Doug Spencer

Liza's Eyeview said...

OK Doug, I am going to bed and get some sleep ;) BTW, did you see Buddy's comment on my Facebook Wall? He we think you should do a stand up - LOL! Love reading your comments!

Anonymous said...

This blog is such a testimony to Kit's life! Its a blessing to all who take the time to read and partake. Kit and Buddy have been such a blessing with their music ministry. So multi talented and enthusiastic about God's love and grace. This song is beautiful and all the images are perfect. I will have to download it on my ipod. Thanks Liza for blessing us! Pat Snyder

Tara said...

Dearest Kit and Shelly and kids,
That music that you chose was absolutely beautiful and I am feeling enriched just by listening to it.
Kit, I am so extremely excited to hear any and all positive words on how you are feeling today and each day. I don't know when or if you will be coming to church to see all of us that await you as I know that it must be exhausting just the very thought of it at this moment. However, I look forward to any word from you or any blog you send out or any news at all from you and your family. To me you are family and I love all of you with all that I am. Please please please be well and know that I pray for you everyday and every night. Sending you wishes for a wonderful day tomorrow and each day forward. If you get a chance to send another song I would absolutely love that. Who wrote that beautiful song? In any case much love to all from Tara. Aloha