Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5 Update

Jan.5. We have been at the hospital for 3 weeks today.
Kit had a pretty good night...he is not constipated now... I know for Maisha that is too much information..ha.. but being in the hospital gets down to those sorts of topics.. Kit has been sleeping alot.. and not eating. He does not have an appetite. His platelets are very low..3,000 and he is having a transfusion today. His white blood cells are coming up very slowly.. I wish that I could report more news... but this is a time of waiting ... to see if Kit's body can fight the infection that is in his sinus' and maybe other places in his body. The pain medicine helps him alot... his teeth ,jaws, nose ,temple area, and his face in general ..are what really hurt when the medication wears out... I am so thankful for the pain would be unbearable to sit and watch someone suffer ....if they did not have pain medication. What would even be worse ...would be to watch someone suffer and to know that they had not received the Lord as their Savior.
Kit really wants to come home to Maui.
I can't tell you how your blogging helps me get through these hours. I love you guys...


Janis said...

Thanks Shelly, there is never too much information as far as you and Kit are concerned. It helps us on this end to be informed of every detail of what you two are experiencing, as if we were there with you. Oh, if that could only be.
This afternoon there will be a time of prayer at Hope, I know you will be at the top of the list.
Love, love, love,
Jerry & Janis

Maisha said...

hi mama,
I love you so much, and please don't worry about too much information. There are a lot of people who are concerned about dad and who are write whatever is on your heart. I'm sorry I teased you about that before :) I love you.

Susan Welk said...

Our family will be praying for strength today. We have been in the hospital with our daughter and we know how the Lord can be very present. We pray specifically that you will see Him today. John 14:21 He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.
With much love in Christ,
The Welk Family

bob h. said...

I don't have any stories about meeting Kit or Shelly and we never really did "hang out" but I know from spending most every Tuesday night with Kit for the better part of a year that I believe more than anyone else I know that God would say about Kit what he said about David in Acts 13:22 and we all know that standing next to every great man is an even greater wife. I love you guys and thank God that He has been waking me up several times during the night so that i could have the privilege of praying for Kit!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up the blog Shelly, Your doing a great job!!
I pray that God would continually remind you that you are waiting in good company, hundreds of us waiting and praying with you and best of All God who loves Kit and You more than we ever could which is incredible because we love you so much. If you need any help with anything please let me know,
Love Ben

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping us updated....My mom and dad watched me follow the blog while I was home for the holidays and now they are checking it every day just like me.

I am still praying for all of you...For a miracle, for Kit's comfort, for the strength you, Maisha and Mikey must have to get through this...Praying that the Lord surrounds you with his love, peace and comfort...

--Lisa E.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly.

Thanks for writing. We're reading everyday and praying for all of you. We sure loved living in your house when we were first married. I especially loved that little carpeted area in the stairway. That sold me on renting it! I would jump up onto that little square way up high and read there. I had a stash of books and bibles I kept there. Love to you all. Linda Hoover

Marsha and Phil said...

Shelly this is the third time in the last ten minutes I have tried to comment on the blog....but since you were persistant and can blog I will keep trying too. I had to laugh at the too much information comment. It is never too much information and we will continue to pray for all your needs, both big and small. That is one of the things we love most about you Shelly, your innocence and willingness to just put it all out there for us. I know it is a trait much loved by Kit because he mention it in his messages. We will continue to pray for the miracle as we wait patiently to see Gods' plan unfold in your life. Sent with much love, Phil and Marsha

Liza's Eyeview said...

Shelly and Maisha, sharing about the constipation is nothing - you should read other blogs that talk about poops and farts - LOL! (LOL is laughing out loud for those who are new to this lingo ;)

Shelly and Maisha, and everyone, I just love reading your interaction on this blog. That's what makes the blog special - it's not jut "reporting" it is actually conversation online. Kit will have fun reading this when he's awake.

I love reading all the sharing - keep them coming.

We're continually praying.


Eric & Sheila said...

Shelly,Thanks for the daily updates.We check this at least a few times a day.We are praying for Kit very hard from Tahoe. We love you guys so much. Both of you have had such a positive influence on our lives since we first had you as our teachers in 7th grade;and it still continues every day.Coach is right, you are awesome ! Much love Eric & Sheila

lorensaved77 said...

Shelly we love you and Kit and too much info is not the problem, it's not being close enough to help in any way we can...Prayer is a constant, and we will continue to Plead with our Lord! Comfort, Peace, Healing, Strength, all good and great things, But none of that matters unless we have the Lord and are walking with Him! You and Kit have so preciously shown us this way of walking, even in the midst of your Pain! You both are such Warriors for Our Jesus and for that I am so Happy to know you both and call you friends!
Love you,
nancy and Loren Family

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk story about Kit, Ive got a millon. In the early 80s, Kit and I use to do triathlons. Kit came to the lord about that time and never one to do any thing half way, he emblazed on the back of his cycling jersey, 'JESUS, is the N 1 Iornman" Now at that time we use to cycle with some very strong riders. The trick was to stay in the back and draft, because it was alot eaiser. Not Kit. Being a mobile ad man for his lord and savior, Jesus, Kit would always power up to the front and take these mondo pulls for hours on end. I use to pray that no one else tried to take a pull, because Kit would just hammer harder. I wish i had a dollar for every minute I looked at Kits rear end and his love for Jesus displayed on his back.Loyalty to family , friends and his Lord Jesus,won't ever be forgotten by anyone. Hang in there buddy, your in good hands. Love, Jimi

Anonymous said...

When Mikey asked Shannyn to marry him, I was so excited. I got to know Kit mostly through other people, and I knew Mikey would be a great husband to Shannyn just by the way his dad was and how he raised Mikey in Christ.
I am proud to call Shannyn a LAUER and I pray so hard that God heals you, Kit.
We love you and your family.

Rick and Vickie Brown

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly,
Having spent way too much time in the hospital I know that nothing is too little to talk about :). We will be sharing your latest blog with the Snowbird Ohana so they know what to pray about.
You are constantly in our prayers and we are confident that our Lord is holding you all close to His heart as you go through this struggle. I am certain that He weeps with you and is constantly lifting His prayers for Kit (and you) even as He promised so long ago. You are loved far more than you know and by people you have never met, like Den and Barb in Lake Macquarie, Australia. They have been following your life journey by email and are constantly pulling for you all. Please tell Kit that we hope to see him back on Maui warning people about the impossibility of an infinite regress. He'll know what we mean.
It is a deep comfort to know that the God who knew Kit before he was conceived is present with him and loves him enough to have laid down His life some 2000 years ago so that Kit could live. There is no greater comfort, Shelly and we repeat it even though we know that you share this wonderful truth because we love you and care.
May God keep you both now and forever.
Marv and Michele

Anonymous said...

Kit & Shelly - I still remember having dinner one August night with you guys in 2001 when I first moved to the island as an intern....and I remember the first time I really let loose and was myself (in other words laughed so loudly I woke the neighbors) and Kit - you just looked at me and your eyes lit up and you joined right in...I knew I could just be me around you. :-) The best things happen during dinner with you Lauers, like us discussing how I could be Mikey's cousin from Muldova for his class report...or when we prayed for the food in Scottish accents...seriously though, you two (you four) have a wonderful way of relating to people on all levels - fun, laughing, serious, encouraging, uplifting....I am very blessed to be part of your ohana. much love and many hugs,

Heidi ;-)

Maisha said...

Heidi...I absolutely love what you said! :) We all adore you and your ability to put us into gut-wrenching's a talent! :-) Plus, you have a heart of gold my friend.
My dad loves you, you are like a daughter to him. I hope you know that.

Thank you EVERYONE for the comments....These comments are comforting to my mom and the rest of the family, so we appreciate them. You are all very wonderful to us and we appreciate you.

Love, Maisha

Robyn Iaea said...

Dear Kit and Shelly,
Of course you know we are praying for you, and I feel comfort that if we can't find words, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. The Lord knows our innermost desire is to see you back on Maui, standing up on the stage at Hope, making us laugh and cry, and sometimes laugh UNTIL we cry:) I was having coffee with Tammy Ventura today (she was in your small group with Dino many years ago). She sends her love and she is praying for you, too. She reminded me that it was your messages, Kit, that always touched her heart no matter where she was in her walk. Tammy has fond memories of their time with you and Shelly in the ohana group, and remembers how Shelly always made her feel so welcome.

Love and big hugs from all the Iaea's & the Ventura's!

p.s. Shelly, you are an excellent blogger! I love reading your posts--they reveal your true heart of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Please, share what you can when you can. You say the blogs help you, and we will continue to post post post, and pray pray pray. But the blogs also help us to stay connected to you and Kit and to pray specifically for your needs. I know from experience that this is a difficult time. Psalm 145:8 "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him" and Shelly, I know that He is even closer to you now. Be strong, and know that we are all holding you so dearly in prayer.

Trusting HIM in all things,


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly

We Continue to pray for strength for your family and a miracle for Kit.

I was reading an article in Focus on the Family monthly magazine. There was a scripture in this article that can speak to each of us in our hardest moments.

Jeremiah 32:27 "I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything to hard for me?"

We love you!!!

Starr, Alex and Ezekiel

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to hear a lot of talk about poop you ought to try hanging out with a few Lifewater sanitation folk... where the titles of a couple of books on the shelf are "History of Latrines in America" and "Who pooped in the Park?"

So glad to hear Kit is able to sleep and be more comfortable.

Hugs, prayers, a few tears and lots of love, Nancy

Joe and Karen said...

Hi Shelly...thanks for keeping us updated about you and Kit. It's not quite like being there, but it's the next best thing. It helps us so much to know what your days are like. It guides our prayers, and your faith in this terrible struggle is always an inspiration.

I listened to a Louie Giglio dvd this morning that helped me a lot, and I will tell you what he told me. He said our goal in life has to go beyond being happy and safe in this life. We have to look out farther than that, to eternity, and know the hope we have that no earthly sorrow can separate us from. He quoted Jesus words,"In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world." I hope that helps you today as it did me.
All our love. We miss you and Kit and are so grateful for your strength and beauty.

lynn strickland said...


Mike Leonard said...


Wow, I am so glad to hear that things are moving for Kit. What a relief! When I read about his constipation it was a total flashback for me. Susan and I were so glad to have seen you guys when we were in Maui. I have reflected on that time and it brings on tears for me to think about you guys going through this now. We are praying constantly for Kit and for you. Love you guys.

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Good Morning Lauers,
Each blog I read is such a joy. I love reading about all that God has done in and thru your lives
( I first typed in lice!, glad I made that correction!!)
The Insley's moved to Maui in 1987 your family came about that time frame too. Our lives were intertwined, by friendships,children & bus driving!!! Funny to think about the days when "us" moms would drive the Doris Todd School Bus! I can't think of a better way to start our day than with a bus full (15 of our little darlings!!!) and drive from Kihei to Paia with a bus full of kids! (twice a day) Or how about the beginning years in baseball, and then with you Shelly coaching Soccer.
Speaking of games...I love playing Bunko with the "Bunko Babes", Shelly you had me in tears laughing when you were attempting to "hole punch" your score card as you aimed all over the place looking for the "right spot"...You were not ready to admit that you needed reading glasses!!!

Kit and Buddy were such great friends to Randy as his took his Journey with cancer. Songs of Praise and Worships filled our living room as these guys sang for Randy at his bedside. Kit was there with in minutes as Randy went on to meet the Lord. According to Mikey...Randy now has E-Turtle Life!

Time with Mikey, (who has a the best traits of both of you) was pure joy... sleepovers, vacations on Kauai and New York together..

Well this blog was meant to bring a smile to your face! I hope it will stir up some good ol' memories as you sit along Kits side.

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Shelly, Kit and Family....

We love you all and are praying for you and asking and expecting God for a miracle! You are heavy on our hearts! Thank you so much for sharing your daily intimate details it helps us all so much in knowing specifically how to pray. With love and hugs,
Lori, Wes, Noah and Alexa Ignacio