Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4 Update

Jan 4th. Oh Liza that was so sweet of you to hijack Kit's blog. Just thinking of your wedding makes me laugh. I will never forget that day...Everything was so well planned ahead of time by you and your family. HOWEVER...Bradley failed to tell Marla and Me that we were in the wedding and suppose to being wearing a shade of PINK... and when someone came and told me at the last minute... when I was wearing some black small patterned shabby little dress that I was suppose to be walking down the isle... I could have died.. I don't think that I even had lipstick on etc...But that was a beautiful wedding with all the things in it ...Philippine tradition to the max... and you were so gorgeous that day.. with your hair up.... and your loving family all there to share the day.. Of course.. Bradley was so handsome in his barong...and Kit and Dickie too...wearing them too... makes me smile..What an honor to be asked to be in your wedding. I know that you had chosen McManus ' and us to be like godparents to you.... and I have always felt like such a failure to you guys, as god parents. I had big plans ... but just never carried them out...
Liza, thank you again for being such an encourager...

Now... about Kit...He is sleeping now... and he is getting another red blood cell transfusion right now. Last night he slept pretty good and he did not have a temperature.. that we knew of.. He is getting 4 different antibiotics and anti fungal medicines... almost around the clock. The pain medications make him constipated.... which is a problem... when you can't eat fresh fruit and vegetables when you are nutrapenic (weak immune system because of leukemia). He can't walk around in the hallway... because he has no white blood cells to fight pray that things will start moving... ha..
We are just waiting now... for the infections to get nailed down..and for Kit's bone marrow to start producing his own white blood cells . He has to have a new IV put in... every 4 days, because he is not a candidate for a picc line because his immune system is so weak. The person is putting a new one in right now as I write.
Your prayers.. your comments... they are so uplifting to us. Some of you.. I don't know(but I feel close to you anyway) ... but Kit knows you .. I just cry when I read what you write because God is so good to us by blessing us with you all.. standing by our side.. while we are over here. Praying for us...begging God for a miracle... thank you.. so much.
love, Shelly

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Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh Shelly, you NEVER, never failed me/us. Everytime I see you and Kit at Hope (or anywhere)you always have an encouraging word to say, a hug, a loving touch, a smile. I know you are always there for me and that makes a huge difference. You are a great godparents to us.

One thing that you did that I could never forget and touched me so deeply is when I parents came here for the first time and we were staying in your ohana, you hosted a a small but intimate welcome party for them at your house - that was way too sweet and touched my heart.

Enjoy reading the comments, we will keep them coming as we continue to pray.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you every minute. My husband and I came to Hope Chapel last year and heard Kit speak. We went over to him afterwards and introduced ourselves. We were moved by his message. We pray that he returns to Maui and Hope Chapel so that we can hear him again during our next visit. I check the blob hourly until you give us an update for the day. It means so much to us and to everyone, you can not imagine. Our prayers are with you always.
Lane & Cheryl, Haslett, Mi

Anonymous said...

Even as Kit sleeps, Lord, when your Spirit moves in and through his body and soul in power and whispers into his deepest being, oh, Lord, HEAL and STRENGTHEN and REALIGN those blood cells, RECREATE, like you do best Lord, Lord of CREATION those needed WHITE BLOOD CELLS. If you will.
We believe You can Lord, in this the 11th Hour.

Oh Lord of Heaven and Earth, we worship You as the God of Miracles and infinite possibilities.

We know and we have SEEN and HEARD what You are capable of, God of healing and RESURRECTION!

GOD of GLORY, glorify Yourself by healing Kit and giving him more years to serve you through Your precious body at Hope.

Nevertheless, not OUR will, Lord, but YOUR will be done, if You have need of Him elsewhere, with You, oh Lord. We TRUST You.

Have Your way, but GLORIFY Yourself through Kit in this special season for him and for all who are "watching and praying".

We love You Lord, and we trust You.
...and we thank You for Kit and what You continue to do IN and THRU him.
Your daughter,
Cathryn in California
(Cathryn True Varlet)

God bless you Shelly, Mikey + Maisha!

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

Liza, thank you for again being such a Servant to the Lauers and to all of us. You have an anointed ministry. You are Gifted.

I have loved Kit for so long, and for so many things. I love his laughing, his crying, his tenderness, his strength.

One common bond we share is that we have beautiful daughters almost the same age. We often spoke about this, as we watched them grow up together. I remember more than once, after a particularly tender sermon, looking directly into Kits eyes and knowing that he loved my daughter, just as I loved his.
Thanks, Kit, for loving Kelly.
Bill Kepler

carolina said...

I'll always be thankfull for all your love while I was an exchange student on Maui, you are the nicest persons I ever met and I keep the memories of that year in my heart. You are a great and special family, I'll continue praying to give you strength. LOve Carolina
Ps: One of the things that I won't forget is your smile mom, I hope someday see It again. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

On the first day of this year while on a special walk in the spectacular Makawao Forest Reserve, God's presence all around I prayed for you Kit and your family and knowing where you were at that moment I imagined you with me and carried you and Shelly in my heart that day. I pray for your healing recovery, but know you are in the hands of our Creator and you have strapped yourselves to the mast and we will endure this perfect storm together.
With Love and Aloha for all the ways you have touched our lives and continue too.

God's Blessings to you all,
Nancy and Roy Hoiem

michelle micucci said...

Dearest Shelly, my sweet sister in the lord, may the Lord continue to give you both incredible strength and endurance
...I just read todays update with Kit, about constipation from the meds. If you are able massage Kit's abdomen #1 While he is lying down on his back you can massage abdomen beginning on his right side upward towards his head then once you reach the rib cage go horizontal across then down the left side . the large intestine can handle alot of pressure check with Kit about his comfort level also if he is able to hydrate as much as possible. I hope and trust you both remain strong in the Lord . My husband Joe and I will continue to pray for the entire family , much love ,Michelle Micucci

Anonymous said...

I am back from cold Minnesota and while gone Nick would keep me updated with what was happening. I brought back some of your messages and listened to you bring hope into the lives of my family back there. My brother has cancer and has exhaused all treatment. So
you carry me through that as I listened to you and your powerful way of spreading the word. I also prayed hard while taking communion on Sunday morning. It has happened before but suddenly we are singing music that is soooo familar to what we sing on Fri nights at Hope. I know that together prayer is so strong and I feel like I hear all these voices praying for God to life you up once again and let you use Him to help us. I smile at what you have brought to me and many many others.
I am at a loss at what my heart feels. Continue to heal Kit and please show us, Lord, that this man of God will be with us here leading worship again. I humbly ask this in your name Lord Jesus!
Your friends in Christ
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Kit and shelly,I think I met you for the first time,when you were teaching the 4-5-6 graders at the Old community Center.I was teaching that group also as we each taught one sun.a month.Wasn't that a neat experience being out on that grassy knoll and looking across at the ocean!
Kit also introduced us to Mike Hankal and he has been our CPA alll these years,so thank you!!
You two have always blessed us with your genuine love for People and proclaiming the gospel thru words and your life! Your children reflect this very same love.We are still crying out to God to bring Kit thru this leukemia and to keep Shelly healthy thru all of this! Joyce and Jesse

Coetzee said...

Gosh Shelly you are such a good writer!!!! We are begging God for a miracle and yet we know that HE is in total control of absolutely everything going on. Praying for HIM to answer all our prayers concerning Kit, We love you guys. Thank you for the updates, they mean so much and help in the direction of prayer. Love, Cari