Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Kit We Love

Kit is having his red blood transfusion right now... and something so funny just happened...that I had to put it on the blog... the walls in this place are really thin and we have had alot of different people sleeping in the next room. Some people are very quiet and some are quite noisey...there are nights when we can painfully hear patients throwing up in the night ... and Kit will pray out loud for them...." Jesus , please be with that woman "
etc.. He really has a heart of compassion for them because he has been where the people are... well.. a few minutes ago.. the patient next door.. was making all these loud noises... from the bathroom... and Becky , one of the sweetest nurses that Kaiser has.. a full on Christian who prays openly in our room for Kit... was asking the man if he was okay... and he made some very rude and loud remarks back to her... and I could not believe Kit... he has been laying there.... almost lifeless... with no energy... having a difficult time to sit up even... and he starts to get up... and he says.." Is that guy talking to Becky like that?"... and I said yes... and he said ..." I'm going over there and talking to that guy..."..and I told him to sit down.... and he said..," No one should talk to Becky like that.... " the whole thing made me laugh... because he came alive to defend his special nurse... and that is what I love about Kit. bye for now...


Maisha said...

I love this mom :) thank you for sharing. tell daddy how much I love him and who he is.
love you very much!

Liza's Eyeview said...

What a guy! Yes, that's the Kit we know :)

Mele said...

You said it Shelly. That is what we love about our Kit. He is a lover of the people.

Keep on fighting!




Joe and Karen said...

Great story, Shelly. Good thing Kit wasn't in wrestling condition, or it may have ended very badly for the rude guy next door. I love to see the protector in him, the defender...his spirit is so strong. Not to mention YOURS! What perseverance and strength you show. We LOVE you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley
I just got back from having dinner with Taryn and we prayed for Kit and you. She is home from school through the end of next week (16th). Her apartment is in a nice building at Kukui Plaza near Queens Hospital. She said to let you know that if anyone needs housing just to let us know and we can get you the keys.
You are great at blogging. Its as if you are right here telling us a story. Every time I open the blog I pray for Kit and for you and your family.
It is such a testimony to hear how the two of you are still delighting in the Lord in the midst of this trial. The power of a life centered on Him is a rare and beautiful thing to behold. Well done, well done....All our love
Kelly and family

PierreCariCoetzee said...

Lol, Love it!! Your description is perfect, I can hear Kit's voice as I read! thanks Shelly, Praying He comes home.

Kathy Englert said...

This note is To Saint Kit and is there such a thing as a Saintess? If there is you are one Shelly. Thank you so much for your modeling to all of us what it means to truly walk thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death and Fear no Evil. We love you both so much and will continue to pray for the hope of healing. No matter what the test results say, we will keep praying. Thank you for that example of Kit defending Becky. That was amazing. Love, Kathy and Craig

Cindy Lu said...

Hola from Santiago Chile!!!!

Dearest and very much loved Lauer family... You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

Love Cindy Lu :)

Anonymous said...

My Prayers are with Kit

Anonymous said...

Praying for you draws me closer to the lord. He gives and takes away...he is sovreign and he is good. And because he is good we have hope that your body will be restored.---Thinking of you everyday!

Clint & Christy

Kim Insley Morrell said...

Shelly that is too funny! I too remember a funny story about Randy in the hospital...he watching tv from his hospital bed, he saw the news about the war starting
(Summer 1990) Randy was very weak, sleeping a lot. He heard the war news and said " I got to get up!" He was working on trying to get his weak body out of bed. He said "this is a sign of the end times!, and the Lord is coming back so I gotta be standing!"

Cherish your moments with Kit, I know you are!


Ron and Barbara said...

Kit and Shelly, Truly, I think the thing we miss the most about leaving Maui.......the Friday night services with Kit preaching. We miss your welcoming smiles and loving hearts. Our prayers for you are continual and we thank God daily that you can feel God's presence.
Love Ron and Barb

Lee and Renee said...

Hi Shelly,
We love you and Kit so much. We come here to check on you and Kit often. You are on our minds and in our hearts. I love to read about all that you and Kit have done. It is evident that you have invested so much into other's lives including ours. The compassion and the love of Jesus has been your guiding Light as you've poured yourselves into others' lives. May Jesus' love for you be a tangible strength that chases away fear and brings the peace that surpasses understanding. May He bless you now 100 fold of what you've sown! May The Holy Spirit move mightly in and around you! So neat that He gave you and Kit Nurse Becky who loves Him also. He provides...He knows...He cares even when we can't make any sense of the pain. We don't always have to understand but we have to trust and we can because we know His GREAT love.
My dear friend Shelly, God is great even when life isn't. I know you know that but I am not eloquent in words but I want to encourage you...Look Up To Where Your Help Comes From...from my heart I write to you. Do you remember a song we had at Bible Study and it was kind-of long but beautiful and we all wanted to hear it more than once...the gal sang, When you have no more to say, when you've prayed all you know to pray, just Say The Name...Jesus...Jesus...Jesus and He will get you through.
Well, I've written more than I intended. I tried to write a couple times today but I didn't know what to say so...I came here again wanting to say We Love You and We Care and I had no idea of more but now look at this letter!
Gods' rich blessings to you and the Precious Lauer Family!
Lee and Renee with much love

Robyn Iaea said...

Hi Shelly,
I am so glad you could share the tea with that sweet lady! I am sure she was touched by your kindness. What a precious story about Kit, too:) Thank for encouraging US with your spontaneous, fun spirit!

I have been praying for you today. Working on the blog makes me feel close to Kit and keeps you both on my heart, even when I am at the office.

Above all love each deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

You are loved! Praying now for a peaceful night for both of you.
Grace and peace always!

lorensaved77 said...

Shelly I loved reading this story!
Kit, the very compassionate, loving, Man whom we all Love so dearly!
Thanks for sharing. This was a great story!
Praying Kit will be able to make it home to Maui soon!
Love You!

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Yep, that's our Uncle Kit! We would expect nothing less. Thanks for sharing the special moments of your day with us. Love to you tonight, sleep tight in His comfort and care. love, ciara

Anonymous said...

Woke up in the middle of night, I hate when that happens. You guys are the first thing that comes to my mind. So I praise God. I start my normal routine in praying for Kit. Starting at the top of his head, working my way down and praying for every part of his body I can think of.

I am amazaed at the power of your witness. At your selflessness in helping and reaching out to others at a time of great personal need. Your lives stand as one of the greatest apologetics for the faith.

“Our Hope is certain. It is something for the soul to hold on to. It is strong and secure,” (Hebrews 6:19, NIrV).

Love you,
Toni Spence

(can't get this to post, sorry if it shows up several times)

Titus, Steph, Sofia said...

this post made me smile. . . just wanted to let you know we're praying for you all as you continue on this journey, may the Lord continue to give you strength one day at a time. We love you guys.

T,S & s

Jean said...

LOve you both - the power of prayer is still showing - Shelly your mailbox is full and I can't answer your questions from the last email. -and I am still waking up in the middle of the night and saying "Kit Lauer" Peace!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this moment about Kit. This is what we truly love about you guys. So transparent, loving and caring about others so much. This is an outstanding qualilty that makes him the awesome leader he is. You are both true models of Christ's love. God Bless all the Lauer's.
Don and Laura Roll

Anonymous said...

that is priceless:) glad to see the fight is still in him.

I ran across an old song - loved it - it is called I'm still here and goes something like this:

'I'm still here - I'm still here - oh you have not been abandoned and though you can't see through your tears - I'm still here....'

'You know there are no easy answers and yet His promise remains true - He may not take your trials away - but he always sees you through'

Always praying for you all:)