Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Family of Hope ...

Aloha! This is Liza hijacking "The Journey" blog :) (Hi Kit and Shelly! love you!)

If you came here to see what's the latest news on Kit, click here. Maybe they will update us again later, but for now I want to take the pressure off of them to update this blog. I want US to update this blog for them by US sharing the many blessings we receive from God as a result of Kit's ministry, and the whole Lauer family's loving kindness to all of us.

Soooo..... while we are continually praying for Kit and the whole Lauer family, I encourage you to leave a comment on this post sharing about Kit and you. For example- how did you meet Kit and how that friendship enriched your life? any particular incident that Kit's teaching or action blessed you? Share them here on the comment section. Make it concise (see my example, I wrote the first comment). I know it's hard to keep it short because there are so many, but choose just one and share briefly. Is this is good idea? I think it is because I know Kit and Shelly will be encouraged to read all the comments. If this is not a good idea, then this post can be easily deleted (no worries). OK, are you ready to share? fire away!


Liza's Eyeview said...

I met Kit on the Philippines during one of their mission trips. What I remember the most at that time is how I love hearing him (and Buddy and Gordon) leading worship, especially the song "I Lift My Eyes Up, to the heavens... from where my help comes from..." Oh I love that song and will sing it for Kit today...

The whole Lauer family (except for Mikey because he was little at that time) was in our wedding. Kit is one of our groomsmen. I can see Shelly smiling as I recall this wedding :)

OK, this is getting long. Just want to share that your friendship means so much to me/us. Love you and looking forward to your return here on Maui.

Joe and Karen said...

Kit and Shelly, you have suffered with us in the loss of our didn't try to put a big bow on the package of our loss and minimize it. You have felt it with us. You have cried with us and held us. You brought the "bleeding heart" plant on his birthday, even though you could barely leave the house because of your cancer. Maisha continues to uphold us daily, and Mikie embraced Joe, just like Kit would do,on the day of our paddle out with Joey's ashes. You two have truly modeled to your children the meaning of love, and they have caught the lesson. All of us actually, and aren't we all at Hope incredibly loved by you!

So that's why you are so famous and applauded! You have LOVED us!

Janis said...

Kit & Shelly we can't remember a time that we've spoken with you when you didn't say "we love you guys". You always make us feel so special. Shelly made us laugh so much in Israel and Kit you are our Daddy Abu.

We love you guys back!!!
Jerry & Janis

lorensaved77 said...

I can't just pick one I have so many special Moments with the Lauer Family so I'll just touch on a few, Kit the way you always take the time, by phone and by e-mail to answer "Bible Questions" and debates on certain Books, and comments on e-mails I send, You do make us feel special in so many way's,Christ's Love just pours out of you!
Shelly the many talks we have had, breakfast at Fred's, you too have been such a good Friend and always so sincere and loving!
Maisha the many Coffee breaks we have had together are so much fun! I laughed so hard last time... such good therapy for the soul!
Mikey and Shae, the honor of dancing Hula at your wedding reception, seeing pictures of your adorable Puppy...LAUER FAMILY You all are so special and Loved Dearly!
Blessings and Much Love to you all!
nancy Loren and Family

Anonymous said...

We first heard Kit when he came to Edgewater in December. Kit, you have truly ministered to our hearts. We have never even met you but through the Holy Spirit, we are so close. We have been so challenged and encouraged through all your teachings we've heard online. You love the "truth" and in that it has kept us ecncouraged to keep standing for "truth" in everything that we are and do. We are asking the Lord for the MIRACLE. We have been lifting you and your family up daily. We love you Kit. Thank you for running so strong on Jesus' behalf. We pray everyday that you all stay encouraged. Stay strong Shelly
All our love and prayers,
Danny & Mandy York

Anonymous said...

Liza...thank you soo much for doing this. I know it will be an encouragement to my mom and dad, and it is an encouragement to me :)
I remember your wedding in the Philippines.
love you,

rayona Sharpnack said...

I met Kit 34 years ago through Shelly who is a sister of one of my dearest friends. Kit has always been a source of inspiration. Everything he has ever done he has done with a passion for excellence. He has contributed his love for the Lord to both me and my daughter who also loves him deeply.

Kit is a once in a lifetime hero to many of us and we continue to pray for him and his family

Liza's Eyeview said...


I am glad you like this post too.I know it will encourage the whole Lauer family. You are such a sweet friend - your were just a kid suring a wedding and you've now grown to a lovely young laday. Looking forward to spending more time with you. and if we get too busy, we'll meet at Facebook - gotta love Facebook :0.

Liza's Eyeview said...

correction on previous comment: I meant to type "during our wedding or on our wedding" not "suring a wedding" - you know ... ;)

Anonymous said...

My dearest Kit and Shelly, You have touched our lives in so many ways, through soccer and baseball when the kids were growing up,and when my daughter and I made our way back to the church. You continue now to bring me closer to the Lord as I pray for you and your family day and night. Today I will add a prayer for your safe return to Maui. We miss you and love you.
Maureen Harvey and Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,
I will never forget how, while it was YOUR mother who was so close to death two years ago, you gave ME a hug and asked ME how I was doing when I came up to the hospital too see her.
It was your mother, I should have been the one encouraging you and comforting you, but instead you encouraged and comforted me. You loved me and thought to bless me in the midst of your pain. Thank you so much for your caring heart.
We love you and the WHOLE Lauer clan! And pray for you always.
Sarah Hutchins

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit & Shelly,
Precious memories for the Iaea ohana are: Your blessing, prayers and presence at the dedication of our children (12 years ago:); the baptism of 4 out of 5 members of our family (Jakey our "baby" was recently baptized, too:); and countless messages that touched our hearts in the inner most places.

You (and Hope elders) also prayed over Jacob as an infant, and God healed his chronic asthma that very morning!

Thank you for your faithfulness always! You are the best:)

Lisa said...

Hi Kit,

I can't remember when I met you. It was probably back in the old days when Becky was the office manager and I was a volunteer bulletin typist in the upstairs office by Star Market. You guys started the Friday night service at that time on the other side of the building.

Through the years, you have been such a good friend. You are an includer - you can make everyone feel included and a part of your inner circle. How do you do that? That is definitely a gift. Your grace toward others is always there. And your sweet bride, Shelly. What a pair you two make. We love you both so much. You truly complete each other. In your love and care for each other and others, you model God's love for us and you motivate us to love others. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

My favorite moments with Kit were when he would give me that side hug as I worked at the cd/info table and just ask how I was doing. It was so special and I send that same hug to Kit, Shelly and all the family. Much Love June Donaghy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit and Shelly...

Wow, going way back to how I first met you brings to mind such great memories. You guys hosted the very first Ohana Group I attended once I got saved at Hope (it was in the pole house). This was back before Kit took over the Friday night service. I'm not sure if I met Kit or Buddy first but that was how I began serving in the worship ministry. Those Ohana nights are precious to me because that fellowship and Kit's teaching helped me as a baby Christian become rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Kit, to this day you make me laugh, you make me cry, you have helped me grow so much and thank you for continuously challenging me to live my life surrendered to Jesus!

My heart is so broken right now with you, for you. I love you more than I could ever say. I thank and give glory to our God for the life you have, for every single day, every single hour, every single minute. I thank Him for you! Thank you Jesus, for the hope and for the future we can only have in You...

Praying, pleading...Debbie

Coetzee said...

We met Kit at Hope Chapel early days, so long ago. Kit you have always been so loving, compassionate, tender. Always there to give a hug, to minister, to encourage. I personally remember Harvest Crusade Oahu, when we had to go out on the streets to invite people to go. All I knew was I wanted to watch you, what you said, how you said it and what you did, thinking maybe I can do it like Kit. You have always been such an inspiration. I have always loved seeing you in action Kit a constant worrior for Christ! More now than ever! Love you dearly, Cari

Anonymous said...

We are kinda new to the hope family but the way we were embraced and welcomed made us feel that we had been here for years. Kit ministered to my husband and I during a time of counseling as our family was struggling and we needed guidance. He so lovingly listened to us and I could feel his compassion sitting there in his tiny office. His advice was so complete and concise: "Walk your walk with the Lord, let your kids see, and the Lord will do the rest." Thank you Kit for the encouragement. Praying for you without ceasing and living for enternity,

The Wilson Family

Ron and Barbara said...

One time when Kit came over to work on some video, one of my neighbors came over wondering who parked so close to his driveway. Kit was all apologetic (no pun intended). I was immediately losing my cool but Kit was right there to keep me from harming my neighbor who is usually a nice guy! I figured that when Kit and I were together he may have came up with ideas for teaching, especially on humility!

msbtc1 said...

Dear Kit and Shelly,
We are the Amaral family from Grants Pass. Although we have not had the pleasure of meeting you we feel as if we know you. Kit, we listen to your messages online and I cannot tell you the impact they have had on our lives. The spirit is so alive and shining within you. We pray for a micacle in your healing. God is so good and merciful. You have touched many lives with the insight you have given. Please continue to stay strong. We will continue to pray for strength within you and your family.

May God bless you and keep you always
Mike & Sheri Amaral
Edgewater Christian Fellowship

calvin said...

Wow I have alot to say but will be short.I met kit about 5 1/2 years ago at the old church in north kihei.I had just came to maui from oregon and had only been on the island for 3-4 days when I was asked to go to church and there I met kit and he brought me to the lord and we became good friends.I was 22 years old at the time and he has dedicated my first son brandon [ my other one is only 1 1/2 now] and he married me and my wife at a beautiful beach, he baptized me and my wife and so much more.I love you kit and shelly,

The Livingston`s

Frank Johnson said...

I very clearly remember the first time I met Kit Lauer. I was coaching a group of wrestlers at the same spot Hope Chapel was meeting—Kihei Youth Center. I had never (and still have never) met anyone like you. It wasn’t because you had the body of a 30 year old personal trainer or the stamina of a 22 year old distance runner when you were going on 50. It’s because the first thing you said to me epitomized the man you are. Your first words to me were, “Are you a believer?” You became part of our family that night. We started attending Hope and Danny started wrestling. I could fill the pages of a book about all our wonderful memories on Maui. No man has influenced my personal walk with our Savior more than you. Nobody has ever modeled being a husband, a father, and a man of God the way you have for me. I cannot think of anyone I am more thankful for, more indebted to, or more encouraged by than you. I cannot read the words you dictated to Shelly without tears and I can’t imagine a world without you in it. So I am still praying for that miracle that we know can happen and praying that I can see you again & give you a great big hug and thank you for being such bright light in my life. Please keep fighting, Kit. Just keep fighting. We will keep praying. We love you so much!

Paul & Lynn said...

I had already moved back to the mainland, but joined the Hope Chapel crew at Whistler for a ski trip, probably 10 years ago! Anyway I was excited to see everyone and Ryan my son went with me. As we were skiing we ran into Kit and Mikey so we skied a couple of runs with them. I asked Kit if he wanted to go with us to another lift and meet up with some other families and he declined saying, "I just want to stay on this lift with my son, I am having so much fun, I really don't want to ski with a group." The joy I saw on Kit's face spoke to me of the importance he placed on spending quality time with Mikey that day. Kit you taught me an important lesson and you weren't even behind the pulpit. We love you and Shelly and are praying constantly for your healing.
Paul and Lynn Zarubin

Anonymous said...

We met Kit when we were invited to attend Hope Chapel through friends that went there about 7 years ago? I remember thinking WOW we had never worshiped like this and the message was powerful and real right from the start. We are part timers in Maui and finding a church was awsome and important to us. We missed going on Sundays so we will also put a plug in for pastor Craig! I do know and believe God was preparing us for down the road, He does that, and having the blessing to know Kit and Shelly the little that we do has meant more then words can say.
This whole journey has meaning and hope and something we need in a strange way. We love you guys more then you can ever know. Thank you so much with sharing your love.
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

A friend encouraged me to visit Hope Chapel and later I discovered that others were praying for me as well. I walked into the hall on a Friday night and immediately felt the presence of God and knew I was in a good place. I sat in the back row and cried tears of repentence and joy as Kit gave the message. Kit is my pastor. Kit took the time to speak to me, to remember my name, my wife's name, my son's name. After my wife stopped coming to church, Kit always by name asked how she was doing. When I was thinking about my marriage, Kit encouraged me to keep loving my wife as if I was loving Jesus, and to pour out the love of Jesus on her and our relationship. I have failed so often to even come close to loving my wife the way Jesus loves us, but I keep trying with the hope that God answers prayers and is faithful. Before Kit's cancer was announced Kit prayed for my son and I and our relationship. I love you Kit and praise God for your friendhip and guidance.

Ron and Barbara said...

These posts are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I met Kit back in 1991 at there home Bible study. He loved on me and I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. He gave me a tape about his testimony and coming to the Lord. Prov. 3:5,6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart... I gave my life to the Lord 2 days later and Kit has always encouraged me and I am so proud and encouraged of how he has lived his Christian life. Kit also married Valeria and I and we will always be thankful for him and the Lauer family for the way they have impacted our lives. We love you and say thank you for all that you have done. Strand Family.

Steve and Janna said...

When I first met Kit, I had a broken heart and I still clearly remember the tender and loving way he would speak to me and minister to ~everyone~ on Friday nights.

While on the Friday worship team, I loved the lengthy and heartfelt prayers Kit prayed with our team before the service and how the presence of the Lord was so tangible as we played background worship to his prayers and pleas to the Lord at the end of the night.

Thanks for loving the Lord the way you do Kit! God has anointed your ministry and changed my life for His glory because of your example.

Love Always,

Janna Schlag

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration to me. I witness how you love Jesus. It makes me shiver and my soul leaps for joy when I hear your passion for God! Your love for Jesus, is so complete. It shows me that I don't need anyone or anything else but Jesus!It's obvious you read the scriptures over and over but, its like the first time. A true romance with God.

My relationship with God is stronger and will last in my soul forever. I will spread it to others. I will live for Christ more passionately, as you do. God takes care of all of our needs. Gods will is best.

I know God uses you even today to bring Hope Chapel closer to God. You serve Him boldly,even today. Your message is strong.

Keep up the humour, and Irish you felt better. Tonight, I am listening to J Vernon McGee on tonights sermon was on Confidence, Certainty, and Cheer(Phil 1).I am praying that I will see you in Hope Chapel in Maui, again. I am praising God for your healing, already.

Tamara Johnson

Colleen said...

i first met kit in 2002 when scott and i came out to maui to be married. it was about 2 weeks before Christmas and we got the chance to meet in person after having done some marriage counseling via email. of course, scott already knew kit and everyone from having attended hope chapel. right away i felt like i knew him and his family and we just loved how shelly, maisha, and mikey were all at our wedding, too. it was wonderful!

even though we only get to maui about once a year, i know one of the things i look forward to most about vacation are the friday night services at hope. it has been such a blessing to me, even from afar.

thank you guys for your smiles and welcoming me to the hope family. it is such a blessing!


michael, ciara and mikaela said...

What a "ride" reading all of the comments. Tears streamed down my face the entire time.
You both have the most tender, sincere, beautiful hearts we have ever known. That encapsulated with strength, wisdom & zeal. What a privilege to have "grown up" with you in our lives. And now as our family is growing we are blessed to have Mikaela call you Auntie Shelly & Uncle Papa Kit.
Love you more than these words can begin to express!
ciara, michael & mikaela

Valeria said...

Dear Kit...I have so many wonderful and precious memories with you and Sweet Shelly...
My wedding...YOU WERE THERE to share the love of Christ with us!
The death of our first daughter Rebecca Grace...YOU WERE THERE to support and cry with us!
My 40th Birthday...YOU WERE THERE to pray and celebrate with us!!
My ups and down...YOU WERE THERE to guide me and give me wisdom!

I love you Kit and Shelly...I will never forget your love and friendship.

We are praying...always!!
Valeria Strand