Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan. 7 8:10p.m.
I am typing a quick good-night from Kit to you.
"Shelly sits by my bedside and brings me joy and hope and a sense of God's presence and encouragement ,all....because she is reading your posted comments on the blog and your e-mails to me. They are like precious treasures that keep me close to you and they let me know that I am a part of your life , as you are a part of mine.
The beauty of this is that for those of us who are in Christ, we have this relationship forever .... it is amazing how God's love and his compassion just shines through you guys... it really does!!! It gives testimony to the whole world around us to the genuiness of God's great love!!!"
We just got a call from Maisha telling us that Buddy had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital tonight because he had feinted in the shower, Michael heard him fall and ran in and put him on the bed, where he had a seizure. Right now he is at the hospital and the doctors are checking him out completely. He had been in a serious bike accident today.. and his leg was driven over by a truck, but until now... we did not know that his helmet had been split open as well, during his fall. He went by ambulance this a.m. as well to emergency. Please lift Buddy up in prayer... We pray that he has no brain damage and that he does not have any more seizures... the hospital is keeping him there tonight... and we are praying for good news in the a.m.
love,Kit and shelly


Rich said...

Uncle Kit. I am about to leave maui tomorrow morning and head back to the mainland. I fixed up Big Richs' bike and have been building up endurance pretty hard core. I also signed up for the LA triathlon club meet in March, which I will be doing based on your advice to "seize the day and work the body into submission!"

You're the ultimate warrior, I hope you know that. I miss you all, especially Mikey boy. I might have to make him my best man soon enough, believe it or not. I met a girl who makes me want to be a better man everyday. If it lasts, and my instincts continue to serve me correctly, I want to seal the deal with a ring.

I start my new job soon, and have my degree now, so I guess that means it's time for real life! Woo hoo! I'm a tad nervous. Anyway, just wanted to let you know whats going on. I miss you guys so much. All my love and prayers, and remember, you're the ultimate warrior!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelly day by day i can't wait to go home and read your blog to see your letters thank you very much . We love to be with you in your hospital room. We praying for you with all our hearts. We LOve you and all your family . We need you . we crying and praying for you . your Natasha Craig Jessica Alex Rogers

Kathie said...

Dear Shelly and Kit- I was smiling to read that Mikey and Shae are coming to see you both very soon, but I was smiling through the tears for Buddy.
On our Oregon visit, I came to know how close Kit and Buddy are, and hope and pray that Buddy will recover very soon and with no residual complications. These are truly brothers in every sense of the word- loving, loyal, kind, and dedicated to each other! These two are shining examples of the relationship that every child of God should experience with at least one person in their lives.

Shelly, I love to read your messages to us as much as Kit's- it is so wonderful to be able to be there with you to share your hope, goodness, worry, joy, sadness, and unflailing love for your husband.
I especially admire your strength and fortitude and FAITH!
You are my hero!
I pray and dream of the two of you back on Maui and know that the two warriors that you have both become will make this dream happen!
I love you both, Kathie (aka: Poop)

Lee and Renee said...

To the ultimate warrior! And his equally warriorist! (is that a word?) Shelly you are a Queen, beautifully clothed in His love, wisdom and strength and such a warrior you are in all your beauty! We pray for you both...that on the other side of this fight is victory. There will be victory! Kit, don't lose hope. Hang on. Our God is an 11:59 kind of Guy - anything is possible so we fight with you in freverent prayer. Praying for comfort, peace and absolute surrender. That's an oxymoron the Ultimiate Warriors and Absolute Surrender but they do work hand in hand as Jesus is the author of both. He is your strength and He is your hiding place where you can lay it down at His feet. Do not fear or worry. I pray you can think on only those things that are lovely, true, of good report...that when worry or fear try to creap in that Jesus would nudge you and help you recognize it and change it to Truth. Taking our thoughts captive is not easy but with His help it is possible and freeing.
May the Lord bless you with sweet, sweet sleep.
Maisha, Mikey, Shae we are praying for you contantly too. We are also praying for Buddy, Becky and family. We will go visit him if he is still in the hospital tomorrow.

Jean said...

He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber Ps121:3

Now when I wake up in the middle of the night, I won't say "Kit Lauer" to God, but simply "Lauers" May God give you the grace to keep on keeping on. Love you ALL - Jean

Colleen said...

hi kit and shelley-

just up reading your blog during yet another middle of the night feeding for baby anna. she's 3.5 months already - hard to believe! i try to remember that this time with just her is fleeting even as i wish for it to hurry by... (just the middle of the night part) :)

how true that it is so beautiful that we have this relationship for eternity because we are together in Christ! it is exciting for me to think about that. you guys are such an inspiration to me!

even though they are more like my peers, i love to read about how maisha and mikey are believers and trusting in God now that we have babies of our own. each night before we sleep and each time we sit down to eat, elisa (not quite 2) rushes over to hold our hands because she wants to "pray" with us. she even reminds me during hurried times when i have forgotten. i love seeing these little building blocks as she grows toward an eventual decision of her own. all through Christmastime, she would ask to be picked up to look at our nativity scene so she could "see Jesus." because of that, i decided to leave up our nativity scene a bit longer. :)

just thought i'd share a bit of my 3 am musings with you. love you guys and thinking of and praying with you each day!


Liza's Eyeview said...

Reading Maisha's post this morning, we know that your prayers are answered for Buddy (no seizures, CT normal :) and for you (yey, she she you're in goo spirits - yeah, you even wrote ok, dictated to Shelly) on the blog. We are continually praying, we will get through this hardship, together. Love, Liza