Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday night and we are back on Maui.
I just read Kit the blog... and Becky, it was so nice to read your letter on the blog. It was very hard for us to say good bye to the second floor East , so.. we actually left very quietly. After spending almost 3 months ( total ) in Kaiser with all the nurses, doctors ,aids , etc. you get to know each other and you get attached to people.. and of course.. we had our favorites and Becky you were definately one of them. We could see Christ present in your nursing... you were so sweet and tender with us... we will miss you... thank you for your prayers especially. Becky did not just pray for us.. she would pray for all her patients before work.. the nursing profession is so admirable and Kit and I have so much respect for the men and women that do that job, it is such hard work.
After staying at the Petulla's condo one night, we flew back on Sunday afternoon. It was so great to get home to Kihei and of course, we had to visit Buddy on the way home, since he is layed up on the couch from his bike injury. It is so wonderful to be home with our family.
Kit is very tired and weak and unfortunately the sinus pain is back again. Sunday night was difficult. He wakes up often soaking wet, and he has to change clothes , sheets etc. So please pray for the pain.. even right now.. the pain medication is not working.. and it is a helpless feeling to watch someone that you love so much... suffer pain. Kit really loves everyone, but he is going to lay low for awhile, until he gets his strength up. He weighs about 130 lbs... but thank God, he is getting his appetite back.
Mikey and Shae come home on Wed.. We are anxiously waiting for them.
We love you so much and we appreciate all your help,support , prayers, concern, comments, cards, gifts and love... these past months.
Love,shelly and Kit


MauiGirl said...

Miss you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated. I'll continue to pray for Kit and the rest of the family. So exciting that Mikey is able to come back home on Wed. Love you...

Liza's Eyeview said...

I know what you mean about how difficult it is to watch someone you love so much suffer in pain. Hang in there, we are lifting you and Kit in prayers ...

Jaime said...

Prayers coming your way all the way from Virginia Beach, VA. My heart is heavy for you guys. Love you and thinking and praying of you all the time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Lay low, as you put it, and be lovin on each other as your family soon gets there. Pain is a hard call to sit and watch but God gets us through it as I well know. I can't tell you how glad it was to hear you made it home...I just know that the sounds and sun make a difference it how you feel. As wonderful as the people are in the hospital it is still a hospital. We love you guys so much and the heavens must be humming with all the prayer that goes out to you both.
Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Shelly and Kit
I'm so thankful that you both are back on Maui!There are many of us from Los Gatos and Tahoe praying for you Kit. Sheila's sister came up for the weekend and spread the word about your blog and the prayers are coming strong from all of us. Kit I have been doing some reading that you suggested.Love you E.H.

Anonymous said...

25 years ago I saw Kit suffer on the run in the Montery Bay Triathlon and he sucked it up, but this is brutal. Please just rest, you too Shelly and heal and be together as a family, You are in the thoughts and prayers of many people. Love, Jimi

Janis said...

We're hoping you are at the condo resting and preparing to return to Maui. Praise God for his unlimited blessings.
We've been reading some great books and can't wait til you get home to talk about them.
Miss you, love you, hugs and kisses,
Jerry and Janis

Anonymous said...

So happy you are back on Maui! Welcome home:)

Still praying for you all!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Praise HIM for answering prayers and allowing our precious Kit to come home. It is more than we could ask for Jesus, THANKYOU!

Shelly, I know that you are surrounded by people and friends and family, but if there is ANYTHING that the rest of us can do, please please please, post it here so the rest of your extended family can help. We are all so willing and want be a comfort and a help to you. Will continue praying for peace, comfort, and of course a miracle.


PierreCariCoetzee said...

Missed you last night at Bunko Shelly, but even more we are praising the Lord you and Kit are back home on Maui, a direct answer to prayer. Missed you too Becky, but the bunko gals lifted you all up in prayer together:)Love you Cari

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy are streaming down my face right now. God has answered the prayers of His people and you are back on Maui. Now it is time to rest and abide in His great Love for you and your family.

Barb in Chicago

simons said...

Hey you guys,
We're all so glad that you're back at your home enviornment where you're most confortable and have worked so hard to get back to.Our love,thoughts and prayers are constant.jerry,rosemarie,&mia

Robyn Iaea said...

Welcome home!
My heart is full of thanks and praise to God for bringing you home safely, Kit! Thank you for letting us know how we can pray for both of you. We all love you:)
~Robyn and the Iaea ohana

lorensaved77 said...

Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers and bringing Kit and Shelly back to Maui!
Yes we will continue to pray for Healing and no pain.
For you and your family whom we love dearly...You guys are amazing...
love and many Blessings...
nancy and Loren Family

Cathryn True Varlet said...

Yeah, Kit....
You made your "goal" to return to Maui. Praise God!
And now to rest up and see Mikey and Maisha tomorrow! Wow! That will be great.
Hey, my friend...
you'll be pleased to know your seminar teaching "Loving God With Your Mind" arrived on Jan 10th, Saturday, (the day you left the hospital!) on our 5th anniversary!
Now we will enjoy listening and making notes.
Pray for Julian's sister Danielle and his brother Richard, both candidates for the gospel, but neither one want to hear!
At least Danielle and Julian have opened up dialog. Pray for wisdom "keys"!
Your GOOD HARD WORK in this will help immensely, Kit!
Thanks for the wonderful gift.
It is so fitting that it arrived the DAY of our anniversary!
Take CARE, my friend, and rest up!
Talk to you soon,
love, Cathryn (True Varlet)

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Praise the Lord oh my soul Praise the Lord! We are so happy that you are home on Maui. May your time with Maisha, Mikey & Shae be so rich and blessed. We are praying for your comfort, strength and rest. And of course, that Miracle. Please let us know of ANYTHING you might need. we love you, we love you, we love you!
ciara, michael & mikaela

Ron and Barbara said...

Thanks again for keeping everyone informed. Last evening, we watched the video from your last homecoming to Maui (message), while praying for (pain free).

Love you guys...

Bryan said...

Welcome Back Home!

Let us know if you need anything.

Bryan Maxwell

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys are back in Maui!
We'll continue to pray for healing
and strenght.,eat and eat.
Shelly, please let us know if we can bring meals(health meals,off course!)
Love you guys so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelly, I will continue to pray for you two. For you Kit that God will complete heal you and for the pain to subside. And for you Shelly that God continues to give you strength to help and support Kit.
You two were so very good to me the years I lived on Maui. You will always be in my heart.
I love you
Ben Anderson

Jean said...

Kit - can you soup yet? I am tickled that you are back home and with your beautiful and loving family - I just wish I could be there to get a hug too. I wish you good and fattening foods - Love, Jean

Karen said...

Aloha Shelly and Kit,
Just sent up a prayer for you.
Grace and Peace to you!
Love, Karen and Mark Harmer

Lee and Renee said...

Sending you love and hugs! We continue to hope and pray for a miracle. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.
Lee and Renee