Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday hello :-)

Kit wanted to say:
"After a couple days of not being able to get up...I was able to get up a little bit today. It must have been your prayers because I felt that it was God Himself telling me to get up today. Maisha was able to read my emails and blog comments to me and it's always very encouraging and comforting that I'm still on your minds and in your hearts and prayers."

My dad is very tired, but not in a lot of pain. He has started to have night sweats again. My family and I are very grateful for this time together and for all of you who love us. I know that many of you would like to hear from my mom...hopefully she will be able to write on the blog sometime. She's very busy as she's back to her regular work schedule and is also taking care of my dad.

We love you all.
Maisha and family


Mele said...

We love you too and we totally understand. Praise God for the progress:)

Always praying for the Lauers,

The Stricklands

James Taylor said...

Brother Kit....Praises to Him who gave you the strength to move around...and we pray for more mobility and strength...Shelly...don't work to much your family needs you at home.
God Bless James Taylor

Anonymous said...

We think about you ALL and pray for you ALL every day. We love you with ALL of our hearts!!!
-Todd, Laura, TJ and Jason

Liza's Eyeview said...

Hi Kit. We're always here praying for you and your family.

Hey, is there any song you'd like added on your blog? You know, the kind where we post a video of it? Just let me know if there is and we will find it and post it here.

Thanks Maisha for helping update the blog for your dad.

Lauer Power - powered from above! Keep it plugged it! Yeah!

Love you guys (that means guys and gals ;)

Anonymous said...

Great news, remembering that God gives us strength. I can just imagine His hand on you. One day at a time, boy did you ever think that would be so real??? Pray for added strength every day, the night sweats to just go away,time with your family and the love and healing from our God. Shelly don't you worry about writting for others, it seems like your thoughts are in my mind every day.
Nick and Sharon
Thank you Misha

Anonymous said...

Maisha, Tell your dad that I had dinner with Jim Thering last night. He told me how he had gone on a ride in our old stomping grounds and how he felt Kits presence there with him the entire time. Tell your dad that we all carry him in our hearts and will always do so. Tell your mom not to feel any pressure to do anymore than she is. God Bless you all..Love Jimi

Kim Insley Morrell said...

Hi Kit & Family,

We all find our way to the Blog on a regular basis. We want to know how much we love you, and are pleased to hear you are not in pain.

Cyber HGUS to you, Love Kim

carolina said...

Hola Lauer Family:

I want you to know that I keep praying for you everyday and I keep you in my heart, good no more pain!!!!, a big hug for you.


Lisa said...

Dearest Kit,

You are missed at the office. I am praying for you, it's good to hear you are not in much pain. Oh, and you may find it funny that I get night sweats too, but for a different reason. :) I love you very much, brother!

Lisa Bryant

Titus, Steph, Sofia said...

Lauer family-
We continue to lift you all up in prayer every day. Just want to let you all know that we love you very much. May the Lord continue to stregthen you and give you joy each day.
Abrazos fuertisimos,
T,S & s

Mike Leonard said...

You guys on in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I was reading in 1 Corinthians this morning and these verses made me think of you and since I'm writing I'll share them with you. Chapter 1, verses 4 & 5 - "I always thank God for you because of His grace given to you in Christ Jesus. For in Him you have been enriched in every way - in all your speaking and in all your knowledge."

Love you guys

Mike & Susan

Anonymous said...

Still praying always for you, Kit, and your wonderful family. Maisha is a blessing and it was wonderful having her in our Bible study. You all are an encouragement - more than you will ever know.

God bless you all always

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Kit and Family,
You are in our thoughts continuously,in our prayers daily and in our hearts eternally. We love you!!
Don and Laura Roll

Jean said...

Tell Kit that I have found the Hope Chapel here in Kailua Kona - and the pastor is a, um, person of short persuasion who is very animated and genuine and cries for Happy. Tell Kit that I was able to uphold my end of the arguement with a Jehovah's witness patient. Tell Kit that I visited an Ashram with a patient recently and was able to give a defense to the resident Swami. tell Kit I cannot help but to miss him, love him, think of him. Love you Lauers. Jean on Big Island

Charlie and Doreen Barnhart said...

Dearest Kit and Lauer Family,

Kit, great news that you were able to get up and your pain is not increasing! It is so amazing how God shows us that he is hearing our prayers! We continue to think and pray for you daily.
Shelley...may God continue to give you strength and stamina. Please give yourself some needed rest and and your family are truly amazing. We love you.
Doreen and Charlie Barhnart

lorensaved77 said...

Good to hear you got up yesterday
(Meesh isn't that exactly what we were talking about yesterday? God heard our Prayers!)
Good to hear from you Kit,
We Love you guys and will continue to lift you all up in Prayer!
Much love
The Loren family

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Wednesday. It seems that Wednesdays are worth waiting for - Feb. 4, Jan. 28, Jan. 21.

Dearest Lauer Family,

As I'm sure you're aware of, you are constantly being lifted up by family, friends, the Church body, and more. We all love you and pray for strength, comfort, and complete healing. But, also, we thank God for all the time we have in each others lives. Loving and caring for each other, and bringing glory to Him.

Love and Prayers!
Susan, Chris, Nathan

Jeri said...

Just want to say hello and we're praying for you everyday.

We love you all,
Cliff & Jeri

Anonymous said...

we love you Kit so much our hearts bits with your heart our love pours in you / i think when God see you face he is smile . we praying for you and your family what a privilege it is to see you and to hear your voice Kit. Thank you very much for who you are . Love you very much Natalia Craig Alex Jessica Rogers and my mom Nina in Ukraine she loves you very much too.

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

We love you so, so much, Kit. We think about you constantly. We ache for you. We need you.
Bill and Lu

Joe and Karen said...

Love all you Lauers. So glad you are together. Pray for deep peace, comfort and hope for you all So glad we will be back on island in a few days, so that even if we can't see you, we are still close to where you are. Your warm love reaches out even now and we have been blessed to have spent so many years basking in it! You are amazing and awesome---everyone of you. Love you so much.

Marsha and Phil said...

Kit, Shelly and family....thinking of you and praying for your needs. More words escape me...but I know you must feel the love from so many of us all over the world.

Phil and Marsha

Anonymous said...


Joy that lives in us no matter what our circumstance is only something that the Lord can give...
I pray for that daily.

Kit, I give thanks to our precious, tender time recently.
Shelly, I give thanks for your self-less care, love and devotion.
Maisha, I give thanks for the giving sweet spirit that you are.
Mikey, I give thanks for witty, bright smile of energy.
Shae, I give thanks for the wonderful addition you are to the family.

i love you all so very much...

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you daily. We love you.
The Zautner Ohana

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,

Chelsea and I are sending our love and prayers. Chelsea has moved into her own duplex and go to SF State full time.

I hope to come see you when I am in you so much my friend.........xoxo Rayona

Anonymous said...

Kit, Shelly, Maisha and the rest of the Lauer family. My prayers are constantly with you all. Glad to hear that you do not have that much pain. Praying that the Lord will strengthen you more and more. Stay safe in His Arms my brother.

Mr. Saunders said...

Hi Kit and family. I am always amazed at your writings on your site. You truly are an amazing witness of the love and peace that only the Lord can give in times of need. You have a special place in my heart. We love you. Give our love to Mikey, Shae, Miesha, and Shelly. Rob and Laura Saunders

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Hi Uncle Kit,
We are visiting with Steve & Melissa & their boys in CA. They were asking about you, and send all their love. We are thinking of you still, and as we are traveling through CA, we're sayng our prayers for you! We miss you and love you so so much! Oh, and may we request a hardcover of the Journey! heheh. We are so glad it is "in the works", it is such a testament to the AMAZING MAN you are, and the AMAZING wife you have, all because you DO ALL FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD!

Please feel our biggest hugs, kisses, and prayers for Uncle Papa Kit.
ciara, michael, & mikaela

Dee said...

The Small Ohana continues to pray for you.

The fullness of joy is to behold
God in everything. ~Julian of Norwich