Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here is what my dad wanted to say:

"the turnout on friday night and the response to the message was so encouraging to me. Being able to see so much of the body all at once and to have that time of sharing God's word and being able to worship together was so nourishing to my soul and so wonderful. I know that a lot of you felt the same and I'm going to try to get back up there a week from friday. I know that the strength God gave me and being able to deliver that message was because of your prayers. I thank everyone who is reading and interacting with this blog because I know it's your love, concern, care and encouragement that helps me and my family make it to the next day. To watch God's love being poured out by you guys is an awesome thing. I will continue to serve the body and love on my family and friends as long as the Lord gives me breath."


Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

I am so happy you were able to teach Kit!! Praise God. We all praise God for you. I wish so so so so much I could have been there. Love you so much. Still praying for a miracle. Will be praying you can teach again next week. xxxooo

Frank Johnson said...

We can't wait to hear the message once it's posted. I won't be able to check the blog until Saturday night because I'm leaving for State tomorrow, but we will continue to pray for you. We love you.
The Johnsons

Bryan said...

It always great hearing yours words. I am glad we all can give you the energy to see us! See you this next week!

bob h. said...

You da Man Bro!!
But You da Man!
we love you Kit
and will be praying for
a special anointing on
March 6th and without
ceasing for your healing

Paul & Lynn Zarubin said...

Kit, it was so great to hear your voice. Lynn and I were blessed by your message we pray every day for God's strength to carry you and look forward to hearing your next message.
Love you bro.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,

Your message last Friday was such a blessing to us. Robyn and family were there also and we all felt the love over the whole room. We pray for strength and provision for you to give many more messages from your heart to ours.

Love and prayers to you and Shelly and family,
Carole & Thom

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you up there on Friday - and to hear the message you brought. Praying for you all!

Love you guys!

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Hi Kit

You are so loved!


Anonymous said...


As always, it was simply amazing just to be present with you at Friday night's service. You continue to make such a huge ongoing difference in our lives...inspiring us so much by giving up your body as a living sacrifice to God, showing up with uncompromising wisdom and grace in spite of the tremendous physical, emotional, and psychological burden you're carrying.

It is my most heartfelt prayer that we each can learn to live our lives with just a fraction of the love, will, and passion in Christ that you demonstrate so powerfully -- so naturally -- with self-effacing humor, grace, and dignity.

We sponsored our first MAG meeting last night to discuss your message and pray for you.

You are a living miracle to us.

In Christ,
Dave and Kerri Joy

SaraJane Stanley said...

Thank you for your obedience to share the truth of God to all those you come in contact with. You are a truly blessed man and I know that your body though wasting away is being transformed by the renewing of you heart and mind in christ Jesus. ( kinda a mix of verses but I think you understand. :) 2Cor 4:16-18 says it best! I am so thankful for you and your desire to share Jesus with the world. You have touched my life and my family in so many ways. I will continue to pray for your healing wether here on earth or your perfect healing in heaven. You are a blessing and I am so glad to have you in my life. Keep on listening and sharing! Obedience is key! All our love, The Stanley Ohana

Mele said...

Way to go Kit! God's strength and healing be with you as we continue to pray for you and your family.

You light up my life:)


Robyn Iaea said...

Hi Kit,
Last Friday was a miracle. We felt the Holy Spirit pouring out from you and blessing the body in an awesome way! Thank you seems inadequate...as we will never know what a physical sacrifice you made to be there for all of us and for Christ! Your life demonstrates the truth of His word, what it means to be poured out as a drink offering, a living sacrifice for our Savior. Love you and praying for you.
The Iaea's

Joe and Karen said...

Kit, there is only one word for you: AWESOME! You are our hero. We love you and feel so privileged to know you. You SHINE like no other.

Joe and Karen said...

Kit, there is only one word for you: AWESOME! You are our hero. We love you and feel so privileged to know you. You SHINE like no other.

Anonymous said...

I may live in San Francisco, but my church is in Maui!!!
you rocked it Dr. Kit

denise claydon said...

Aloha and Much of His peace and comfort to our brother-in-Christ.
Wow! Wow! You are sooooo amazing. Seeing our prayers manifested. Seeing God's miracle in YOU. Kit, I am sooo excited for you. He is alive inside you. It gives me God bumps just thinking about it. Kit, Do you remember teaching a sermon on our authentic selves a while back. Well I do. You are experiencing this and I want to congratulate you for taking a leap of faith and Being Your Authentic SELF. It's almost like you are Adam and are standing in front of God naked for the first time, but you are standing before us too. Way to Go! We all needed to see what this looks like, and you demonstrated this beautifully. We are in awe at how God is using you. I pray you press on and dare to be You as he created you. He made you in HIS image and this is shining brightly. We love you dearly and our prayer's are ever with you. Mark and Denise Claydon
P.S. If there's anyway we can serve you, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! I feel like Kit when he said he never felt stronger then that moment he was standing to give the word at Hope Chapel on Fri. night. It has been a great day for me. I feel so much hope for you! It is hard to explain. I will be praying as we go through the skies on Mon. for about 7 hours. It is good I have people to pray for. Our God is an awsome God. Love Nick and Sharon

Heather said...

My heart is always changed by you, each time I heard you speak!!!...Thank you for allowing God to work through you and being up for the fight!!!...Our lives are truly being changed because of it Kit!!!...God bless you and keep you in his arms of strength and blessing!!!

Much Aloha,
The McComas Ohana

Jean said...

Kit and Shelly -
You are now, and always will be, deep in my heart. Thank you for being true followers of Christ
Love, Jean on Big Island

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kit!
I've been out of touch, at least on this blog for awhile, but when I got on this morning March 2 in California I was DELIGHTED to learn that you taught last Friday night at Hope! How wonderful!

I was looking at the time....how it passes. I think you returned from Oahu on our 5th anniversary (Julian and mine)if my memory is accurate. January 10th? The SAME day we received your seminar 4CD set and notebook. WOW! What a gift!

Julian has been devouring apologetic literature and recently submitted a letter to the Monterey Herald to be printed on the Opinion page on the subject of evolution and how it doesn't hold up. They didn't print it, but he perseveres.

How fulfilling it must be to know your life is ministering now to so many people.
....so in the past 7 weeks, you've been resting and recuping with your family, seems like.

What an absolute JOY and DELIGHT it must have been to your heart, to stand, in God's strength and once again teach. WOW!
And perhaps you'll be able to do it AGAIN THIS FRIDAY! God willing!

I just wanted to let you know we have not forgotten you and our prayers continue that God would strengthen and sustain you for His purposes.

An aside: I still order health products from my naturopath Dr. Julie Holmes who lives on Maui in Kula. This morning I learned she has been diagnosed Stage 3 Lung Cancer. She is NOT a believer, but very New Age. I'd like to begin praying for Julie, as she's known for a little over a month now and it has matastecized. Aside from her health challenges, she needs to know her Father God and Savior Jesus Christ.

It's very different for someone who does not know God at all to go through something like this. She must be terrified. I know your heart and mine can go out to our God to reach into her spirit and reveal Jesus to her, even heal her body.

I give thanks for what God is continuing to do in and through your life, Kit!
I will stay posted on your messages if they are posted.

God bless you,Shelly, Maisha,and Mikey!
Cathryn (True Varlet)