Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speaking Friday Night...

Hi Everyone, my dad wanted you all to know that he is planning on speaking at the Friday night service tomorrow night.  Please pray that God would place his healing hand on my dad and give him the strength to teach.
Thanks so much!
with love,
the Lauers


Anonymous said...

Having known Kit for the past 45 years, I'm not surprised to hear Kit's going for it Friday night.With God's help, Kit, whos has been a fighter and an inspiration to so many, will do it again.I'm praying for Kit and for you all. Love Jimi

mauimoss said...

Wow.....I am so excited to hear that Kit will be speaking!! Hey Kit, It's Robert Moss, You can believe that I will have the Auditorium in tip top shape for you to work your MAGIC!! I'll even double wax the stage so it will shine like your and my head!! hahaha

I want you to know that since you brought me to the lord in 1998, I always look soooo forward to your messages!! They leave me feeling so rejuvinated, happy, and very ready too take on the next week KNOWING AND ASSURED that with Jusus in my heart and soul, I can take on any challenges that come my way!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THAT!! You have really inspired and helped me in this life!! KEEP IT UP MY GOOD FRIEND!

Lot's of warm Love,

Robert Moss

smithohana said...

Maisha thanks for letting us know Kit will be speaking! I heard a rumor that he wanted to, but I will try to get off work early so I can make it for sure now!!!!!!

Ron and Barbara said...

Way to go... We're praying...

donnie said...

We love you Kit and will continue to pray for you and your family. We can't wait to see you and hear your teaching tomorrow night.
Love, Donnie, Lisa & Kolu Archer

Anonymous said...

Pastor Kit, we prayed for you tonight in our small group for your healing, clarity of mind and asked Jesus to bless you with the desire of your heart.... to preach tomorrow nite :) Im bringing a friend, maybe 2, and I am standing in faith with you, we all are, believing His strength to carry you, His perfect blood to run thru your viens, and together as the body of Christ, in agreement, we look forward to seeing you at 7pm.
love you, freckles

Anonymous said...

Thanks God that we will be bless to see you Kit and hear your voice we Love you very much what a wonderful news.We praying that God lift you up on the wings of eagle. Love Natasha Craig Alex Jessica Rogers

Anonymous said...

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for your Dad, and our friend and pastor Kit, I sent your dad a link to a video of Who Am I, by Casting Crowns, and apparently he loves that song, as do I.

I saw it in Hula.. ask Carlos to please do this for Kit
So Lazerus, Arise ! Wake up, the people of Kihei and Hope Chapel have spoken to God and to his Son, and Our Savior Jesus , our beloved Christ, Come back Pastor Kit, arrive on Friday night..Your Friday night regulars are going to be there, and a throng of us from Sunday services.. Buck up Buddy's Brahda, I'll bring the kleenex !

Much love Pat Law

Frank Johnson said...

I came home tonight to read responses to your sermon only to realize it's not even 9:00 pm there yet. I am sure God is moving in magnificent ways. Meanwhile, we are praying for you like always. We love you!
The Johnson family

Janis said...

Hi Kit,
I made it back from Oahu just in time to slide into a seat just as you began to teach. You really preached it. Thanks so much. Jerry sends his love and will be home next week. I'm sending you his photo via email.

Anonymous said...

Lauer family - I love you guys and pray for Kit every day.
Kit - The Lord truly gave you the His Words last night, praise our glorious Lord. I kept thanking Him for the strength He gave you to stand and preach.
I was totally impacted when you said "Iam not angry with God, how can I be when He is the One Who comforts me" When I went through deep waters it was He Who comforted and upheld.
You are constantly in my prayers and I know that Jesus is holding you even this morning as you may be feeling a bit drained physically but He is by you, holding you.
I was also so happy to see Buddy walking and looking good. God is great.

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

You were AWESOME last night, Kit! How can a man who feels weak hit a home run? I know you weren't trying to knock it out of the park, but you did anyway.

I want to live on the edge, just like you.

Lucas said...

Hello Kit, (this is Carlie) I just checked the latest on your blog today, but I trust and know the Lord spoke through you in a powerful way!!!
Luke and I will listen to your message as soon as we can access it. The Holy Spirit always speaks powerfully through you to us, our lives have been greatly changed through Him in you. We thank you for the strength you give to us and so many others through your walk of willingness and obiendence to His calling on your life.

We love you Kit
Luke, Carlie and Kailani