Monday, May 19, 2008

Yesterday Shelly and I actually walked outside the hospital! I felt like Pinocchio when he lost his strings, "look at me...I got no stings to tie me down!" After almost two months of chemo treatments, infections, fevers, reactions to the antibiotics, skin peeling like a lizard, always tied to lines and ports, and peripheral lines and we are...Shelly and I arm in arm walk right out the hospital across the entry circle straight toward the center flower bed...I was drawn to it like a magnet. In front of me was a bed of brilliantly colored impatience...I just stood there staring at their beauty and I began to weep. It was the beauty of God reflected in those flowers He created...I bent over and smelled the was all too much but wonderful. I think of the richness and fullness of life that God has provided, even in a very broken and confused world. There is always a place of beauty with God, even when things are dark, He makes the darkness to be as light.(Psa. 139)...God's presence is never diminished by any darkness we may experience. I am constantly reminded of the un-diminished presence of God when Shelly and I read your comments, when we know your prayers are still going up before the Father, when we hear of your care and helps and support, when we watch the Body of Christ in action! Yes...I have been in misery at times...crying out to God to just stop this torture, just a break Lord, just a gentle touch from you and He always delivers. I know that He will deliver you as well. As we turn to find that place of God's beauty..."His "brilliant flower bed"...He always delivers...when we seek Him with all our heart, He says we find Him...and indeed we do!

Shelly & I are trying to get out of this hospital, but I seem to have some infection or something going on in my lungs and increased fluid around my heart...please pray for that to go away, be cured, healed...if we can get those things under control we can take a step closer to Maui, to coming home. Thank you for all the love. I am glad to hear that God is using this time/trial to heal so many of us, to mature us and draw us close to Him...that from that increase in our relationship with Him we become better moms and dads, better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better friends and make a greater impact on this world for all that is pure, lovely and other words Jesus the glory of God!

forever indebted to your love for us...
kit & shelly


Jessica Davis said...

Hi Kit,
I just got your blog address from my best friend in Maui( I lived there 1995-1999 and attended many of your friday nights). I just wanted you to know that I will be sending my prayers for you and your family, all the way from Homer, Alaska. Reading your blog entries has been as big of a blessing as your sermons from church.
May God Bless You and Keep You. Jessica Davis

Lita said...

Kit & Shelly,
Isn't it amazing how the beauty of God is reflected in the most smallest of things, like a flower... We are always drawn to those little things when God is so close to us. It's like we start seeing things through His eyes and He starts showing us little pieces of Heaven.

Kit, we continue to pray for your strength to return...for the infections to be gone...and for full restoration of your health. Keep on fighting, and we'll keep on praying!

Love you much,

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit,

I am curious what you think about the Shack. Shelly says she is reading it to you so you are sharing it together. I know there is some theological controversy about this book but I for one loved it. I don't read a lot but our Ohana group with the Macpherson's, Walshe's Dahl's, Spences are doing a week by week study on it that I am leading. The thing I got out of it the most was gaining a much closer and real relationship with Jesus through it all. I pray you return to Maui soon and would love to sit down and talk with you about this interesting book.

Michael sends his love and prayers. He is leading a nightly prayer circle for the 20 inmates that he is with. His heart has been steadfast and he wanted me to tell you that he loves you and thanks you for all he has learned from you. Even though he was wondering on his own he is now back with the Lord full time and forever. He remembers your time together on the mission trip to Mexico and times in Hana together. Those times mean the world to him.

Also thanks for this blog. I have been keeping several blogs for a few years now and yours will be a living legacy to the power of God. Please keep it up. So many including me are so encouraged by it. You are a shining example of our Lord by the way you are living your life right now.

God Bless
David Hessemer

Anonymous said...

It is afternoon here and so warm, is sort of like Maui...Nah I don't think so! Anyway wanted to share that prayer has been going on like crazy here. What God provide is so awesome, even the simple. We get to church yesterday and the youth were leading the worship and they sang all the songs that we sing while there in Maui, it made us weep. They were all wearing lea's and slippers. They said even though we don't have the beach God provides us with beauty Colorado style. Again it was so special as we miss Hope chapel so much. The pastor here knows of your condition and he came and with smiles said You never know about that God of very true. I am thrilled to hear of your progress and praying for the fevers and all that nonsence stuff to just be gone. On a different note, our daughter has moved out of the room in the hospital, where they never leave you alone, so Lord willing she might be able to get some rest. They said she had a brain hemmorage last week so we are blessed she has moved this far up in a week. The tumor will just have to wait, that's what I told the doctors, because she needs to be able to walk again and get home like you. Then we can deal with what comes next. We love you so much through Christ. He is the love that brings us all together. Enjoy those flowers, the rainbows and all the things that God provides us. Nick and Sharon

Trent said...

Love you Kit. Stay strong. May the Lord continue to work through you like never before. You entries are wonderful through teary eyes. Bless you Kit. Bless you Lauers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Kit & Shelly,
We have an "inter-church Prayer line" on Maui, with 8-10 churches on it. I have been sending out your blogs, so they share them with other intercessors to pray for you.
Kim Tongg wanted to share with you about a revival in Lakeland, Florida, where people are going because there are incredible healings & miracles. The web site is
Many of the intercessors are commenting how much you are ministering to them! You both are a blessing to the body of Christ. We're all still praying for you. Although we don't know you personally, you have touched our hearts and lives.
Robin Ventura

Mele said...

Thank you Kit for another good word spoken to me.

I love you more!


P.S. Can't wait to see you guys and I'm still praying. Pleading my case before the Big Guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kit & Shelly,
We're so happy you were able to go outside! We pray for more of these times for you, and of course for the infection, fever and rash to cease in the name of Jesus. We pray for rest that is truly peaceful and healing to your body, mind and spirit. May you both feel the comfort of our Lord as He "tucks you in" under His heavenly blanket of care. Loving you both so much,
XO, Randy & Julie O.
P.S. Shelly, your entry about staying with Kit for days on end (w/out a shower, etc.) really touched my heart. And you're so right- who cares?! You've always been a really attractive woman with a mega-watt smile...but I think all would agree that you've never been more beautiful than you are right now. Hugs to you!

Chuck Cordero said...

Dear Kit & Shelly,
I have been praying for you and your family.
It is beautiful to read your thoughts in the Blog.
I thought about Shelly's comment about how you don't normally have the time to experience some of the things you are now experiencing...It is amazing how the Lord speaks to us when things in our life slow us we hear and see things we normally miss at the busy pace of life.
It has been over 20 years since I personally fellowshipped with you folks and I just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Take care,
Chuck Cordero

Anonymous said...

Praise Be To God, Kit,Shelly and family

There is nothing more to
add, Amen & Amen. Your words are put together in a frame of Love, peace, and steadfast faith, that overflows on to all who are blessed to read what you write.

You touch are hearts and charge us to press on just as you are. Praise The Lord.

Love, To You and your family


Anonymous said...

Hey Kit,

Your situation has been on my heart for the last month since I've learned of your condition. I was thinking this morning about a comment you made a short while back about living 10 life times, your zest for life, and your legacy...which is still forming.

My thoughts lead to this...I cannot think of a better life to live than to have lived for Christ as you have in the freedom and annointing which he has manifested in you. In the words of John are a man who is fully alive.

Thank you for your testimony of joy and thanksgiving in the face of affliction and uncertainty.

Christy and I are anxiously hoping for your full recovery and advising God on a timeline of ASAP :)

Clint Crabtree, Spokane WA

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,
We are so looking forward to seeing you & Shelly upon your Maui return.
Mahalo for continuing to minister to us, to touch all of us with the love of Christ!
With our love & prayers,
Chris, KK & Leila

Pam Michael said...

Hi Shelly and Kit,
Shelly, your words so ministered to me as the Lord has been impressing the same thing on my heart recently ... just to "Be still and know that He is God". In the midst of the storm, isn't it good to find your rest in Him, and to know that He alone is Sovereign!
The words the Lord spoke to me tonight through my quiet time with Him are words of His I want to share with you, in hopes that you too will be encouraged in Him, "He Who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it." ~ Phil. 1:6
We Love you, The "Michael" family

Lisa Bryant said...

Kit & Shelly,
It is wonderful to read your comments about everyday occurrences, and to get a glimpse of how so very close you are to the Lord right now. I caught myself thinking, "wow, I'd like to be there too". Yet I know it comes with the suffering, so I took that thought back real quick! :)

It's also wonderful reading all the comments, and seeing the names of people like Chuck whom we haven't seen in so's like a family reunion of sorts. I think we are all changed and growing closer to the Lord through your ordeal of the past two months. Thank you again for pointing us toward the Father at every turn. It makes all the difference to be reminded of the One who is our hope.

A hui hou (until we meet again, but also loosely used as "see you later" or "see you soon"),
Lisa Bryant

Kymberly said...

Dear Kit,

Your words are so beautiful and eloquent. Thank you so much for continueing to share your love of Christ with us. Your loving words of wisdom continue to teach and guide us while you are away. It feels like you are closer to us when we are unable to see you on Friday nights.

By the way, I saw Jeremy and Beth's wedding yesterday. It was beatiful! And Ben did ok marrying them too.;-)

Hey! If you're experiencing dry skin, you have got to use the LA MER cream I sent before you went into the hospital! It was made by a NASA scientist! It will really hydrate you and give you a pretty glow! ;-)Have Shelly use some too!!!

All My Love and Prayers are with you and your family.

Kymmy (your fav from Apologetics!)

Liza's Eyeview said...

"....In front of me was a bed of brilliantly colored impatience...I just stood there staring at their beauty and I began to weep. It was the beauty of God reflected in those flowers He created...I bent over and smelled the was all too much but wonderful. I think of the richness and fullness of life that God has provided, even in a very broken and confused world. There is always a place of beauty with God, even when things are dark, He makes the darkness to be as light.(Psa. 139)...God's presence is never diminished by any darkness we may experience."...

How beautiful and comforting are your words Kit... May God continue to empower you as you go through this trial. I know it's difficult, and yet I see how this is molding you to even be more like Jesus...

Love you, Shelly and the whole Lauer family,


Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Kit,
I was sad and even disheartened when our specific prayers were not answered. Yet somehow my faith is getting stronger when I read your words about "turtle life" and that "death has lost its sting". Your are led by the Holy Spirit.
I hope that in one of your epistles to the Hope Chapelonians you will give us your insight to what we Christians look forward to in Heaven.
Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Kit and Shelly
we love you and are praying for is a great comfor to know our great God hears the cries of His people. Kit, even in your affliction you comfort and are His jewel...I pray HE preserves you for His purposes.
Dan steph Ryan and Gabe.

Anonymous said...

Kit ~

I have been keeping up with your posts and have not been able to make a comment of my own. I am just at a loss of words. My heart hurts so bad. I just cant believe this is happening to YOU and your family of all people. It brings me to tears. You guys mean the absolute world to me. What could I possibly say that no one else has said? You guys have done so much for so many people. It does not surprise me; however, of all the cards, gifts and all that have been poured upon you and your family. How could we possibly NOT reach out to someone who has reached out to us countless times? I wish there was more I could do and say. I feel like typing in this blog just isnt enough. I love you Lauers. You are all in my thoughts.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing...I was caught in the moment on my first post...LOL...I was so happy seeing you at Nicole and Nassem's Wedding. I was actually counting down the days until I had the chance to see everyone. When we got there to the Wedding site, I had the BIGGEST butterflies in my belly like a little kid going to Disneyland or something. Well my point to this is...I am really glad that I got the chance to see you, and to see your smile on your face and to receive that GREAT BIG hug. Seeing you was, well, lets just say, made my day. As everyone else says, thank you for being you.

Tracey (again, LOL)

Kathie said...

Dear Kit and Shelly:
I am so happy that the two of you were able to leave the hospital and enjoy this beautiful day together!
The delight in the simple beauty of the day through your eyes, brought tears to my eyes and reminded me to really look and see the beauty that is right in front of me in a seemingly 'mundane'day today.
Shelly, you wrote a beautiful message yesterday, and I was grateful to share a peek into the tender and quality time- day and night- that you and Kit have shared together during this journey.
I am so glad that you have each other, and that Kit has a true angel by his side.
I am praying that you can both return home soon!
My church here in Placerville is praying for you both- some of the people have heard of and/or attended Hope Chapel.
I love you both so much!
Love, Poop

Kim Insley-Morrell said...

Hi Kit and Shelly

It's Kim here checkin in on the Blog.
There is so much joy to be found in reading the Blog.......hearing from some the "gang" from the olden days!!!

I love and miss you and may the Lord fill your heart daily with Joy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Kit,
I was wondering how many days would pass along your journey before we heard a Disney tune. I never would have guessed the tune would be from Pinocchio when he lost his strings, "look at me...I got no stings to tie me down!"
Another good tune from that movie goes like this:
"Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true".
Your pal,