Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Update

The chemotherapy is knocking down the blood cells and my dad is getting more tired.
There are no blast cells noted in the circulating blood, but last time the chemo did that as well.
So, we need to pray that the treatment works in the bone marrow and also for no infections. Again, the test will be on May 12 and we should get the results on May 13. My dad has no fever and no nausea still...thank you for praying!
My dad has a friend that teaches 5th grade in CA at Cherrywood school, and he had his students write letters to my dad...and they were beautiful letters. They showed concern for someone they didn't even know. My dad told me this morning what he wanted me to write was that we all need to remember the value of friendships especially during difficult times.
love to all!
The Lauers


Anonymous said...

Dearest Kit, We heard your recorded message lst night during the service. What a joy to hear your voice. I am simply amazed and in awe of the fact that even in your current situation and circumstance that you continue to reach out to others around you and minister to those in the body of Christ. It has truly opened my eyes to the 'bigness' of God; how He really does use the weak to lead the strong and how the things of life that He allows can be used for HIS Glory. When your message was playing last night, it seemed that everyone in the auditorium was somehow connected in a supernatural way. One body, all related in a loving wonderful way. And stll, while we were concerned about you, it was all about Jesus.

It also showed me - and I am sure others felt this way as well - that if you, in your hospital bed, connected to tubes and undergoing all kinds of medical tests and treatments, feeling physical pain and discomfort- can witness and minister to those around you...what is stopping me?

Amazed by your example, and thankful for the gift of Grace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Carrol Wilson

The MICHAEL Family said...

Hi Kit,
We hold a Friday night Couple's Study in our home here in Camp Verde, AZ, and we all prayed for you at it last night. David and I will continue to be in prayer for you, your family and for everyone in your life. We love you Kit & family, and continue to pray that the Lord will strengthen you in this trial He's allowed in your life. Remember, everything in our life is "Father-Filtered" ... filtered through our Father!
Love: Pam, David & Shaylee Grace

Scott said...

Dear Brother Kit,
Your brothers and sisters at Kumulani Chapel keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We love you (puppyunconditionally). The Lord's glory is powerfully visible in you and your family! You are everyone's favorite Bible teacher. People say that once you are out of the hospital they are all going to leave Kumulani to sit under your teaching. So, I pray that God would heal you but give you the voice of Mickey Mouse.
His and yours,
Pastor Scott Craig

Joe and Karen said...

Thanks for the update. We continue praying you can keep your peace and joy despite the tiredness, and that the chemo is doing its job. We thank God for the work he is doing in your body, soul and spirit. What a blessing you are to us. Words cannot tell it.

much love, Joe and Karen

Lee & Renee said...

Just want you to know we're here and we are praying.
Lee & Renee

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Friends are more precious than gold and your families friendship to my family in so many ways is more precious than any diamond. I love you all so much. I am praying the bad cells are already gone from everywhere in your body. Love Nicole

Steve & Janna said...

Dear & precious Kit,
We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you because of your amazing faith in Christ Jesus and the tremendous love you have for all the saints - the faith and love that spring from the hope that is stored up for you in heaven! Col. 1:3-5
We loved your message Friday night and we are lifting you and your whole family up to the Lord constantly!

Hugs to you! Steve and Janna

The Pat Blog said...

Hey Kit, Coco and I taped ourselves singin a couple of songs today for you (oldies but goodies). I'll try and send them to your as well as load em up on my Pat Blog Please note that no animals were injured or maimed during the filming of these videos. He was simply tired.

We love you dearly my friend,
Patric & Coco (guest staring Sammy)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,
I figured out part of the dream I had about you. In the dream you had told a hilarious joke and we were laughing uncontrollably. When I woke up I thought "crying is alot like laughing."
Anyway, when I had that dream I had been listening to the Cd for Good Friday over and over. Like I told you before,your message was meaningful when you said, "I know some of you just came in here for a little church and didn't expect to see some guy up here crying, but Jesus wept. He was an emotional dude."
Terry and I have both been weeping when we think about the suffering that you, Shelly, Buddy, Maisha and Mikey are going through. Although it hurts, it feels good to weep for you Bro. Hang in there.
Your pal,