Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Update

Hello everyone! blood counts are down from the chemo, but my spirit is up because of all your prayers and love and support. The nurses are blown out by the cards and letters and gifts that pour into the's like Christmas around here everyday!...I think everyone is simply astonished at the depth and consistency/persistence of all your support, love and compassion. Those of us in the compassion business speak sometimes of "compassion fatigue", which is really just a sign of our need to go back to the well, that eternal fount, as Jesus said, "...whoever drinks of Him, streams of living water will pour forth." John 7:38...obviously you guys have been drinking deeply from His well. If you're thirsty He says, just come to me and I will give you water where you will thirst no more. The Lord is the ultimate thirst quencher...every other thirst quencher is temporary but He quenches our thirst forever. I got a little drawing from TJ today, Laura and Todd's little man and he wanted to send a note to "uncle kit"...everyone on Maui is an auntie and uncle by the he sent me this picture of a honu (turtle)...he must intuitively know I love the honu...and he had pasted over the turtle some stickers of airplanes and helicopters, things he says he wants us to play with together when I get better. Through TJ I see that really big things are often found in the smallest of things. In fact, God uses the small things in our lives to make really big things take place. The "big things" are often really small to God. What is the biggest thing you have on your plate today?...that really big thing that may have a strangle hold on you right now, that is ripping you off from life, that is consuming all your thoughts, time and energy...basically God wants it. In fact He says over and over in His word...give it to me...give me that burden, that big thing. And when we do He miraculously makes it small...and in its place He takes the small things, the things of Him, the sweet and good and pure little things and He makes them huge in our lives. As we have this exchange with God our lives become filled with the "little things" that bring us great joy and life eternal. You know life eternal isn't just living and being sustained by God for all eternity, but the life Jesus gives us through His death and resurrection is also a type of life we live right now. It is a life free from a lot of the fears that plaque humanity. It is a life which gives rise to deep meaning and purpose no matter how small or insignificant we may seem...I am in a 12x12 cubicle tied to bags and drip lines and blood testing devices and have never felt so alive and used of God.

Many years ago, I lost a dear friend, Randy Insley, to cancer. My son, Mikey, now 21, was just a little guy. As we both prayed for Randy, I could tell Mikey's little spirit was concerned that Randy may die. I assured him that Randy had the gift of eternal life and that he wasn't afraid to die because he knew Jesus and had received the gift of eternal life. Mikey seemed ok with that and I would quiz him once and a while..."now Mikey, I would say, when we face death we don't have to be afraid because?"...and he would say turtle life daddy, Jesus gives us turtle life!...I thought it was so cute the way he said eternal life because it sounded like turtle life. Then quite sometime later out of the blue he said, "daddy when I die and go to be with Jesus in heaven is that when I get the turtles?" Ever since that moment, the honu, the turtle, has become a symbol of the purity and innocence of a little child's heart to me and the great promise of God. In a child's heart the really "big things" become small and the small things like little diamonds embedded in a huge mountain become the stuff of "turtle life." May you live today and everyday involved with all your heart in God's "little things."

Your prayers, e-mails, blog posts, gifts, support, love, care, compassion and most importantly...the demonstration of your persistence...storming the masters! And Lord taught that as we are persistent, the master gets up and gives the beggar bread! He is my bread of life...I am holding on with all of you to God's promise...He spoke to me and set His bow across the sky. I rest in Him.

I can't give back to you anything in comparison to the love you have poured on me and my family. But, this is actually good...because it humbles me...and as we know then He comes and lifts us up. So...from one completely broken man, but not crushed... I am sustained and protected by His love which flows though you to me.

In His peace forever


Anonymous said...

Another way that God is using you to share His love with those that need it most - all of the physical expressions of love from your brothers and sisters is showing the nurses and staff that Jesus' love is REAL and ALIVE! Praise God!!

Thank you for the awesome message, and I too am excitedly awaiting turtle life!!

Psalm 5:11 "But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread Your protection over them,that those who love Your name may rejoice in You."

Praising HIM,

Carrol Wilson

Anonymous said...

I am daily encouraged by your focus on the goodness of our Lord. I swam with turtles yesterday and now I have a wonderful trigger to remind me to thank the Lord for 'turtle life'.

I am prayin' for you brother and I am excited that "God causes ALL things to work to the good for those that love Him and are called according to His purposes". Romans 8:28

David Blaeholder

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline says
You say you cannot give back what we have given. Have you not thought about from where you have come the many times you have given a kind word. How many hours on stage in front of your family how many lives you have touched. And saved with your wisdom and God given sence of humor. How many hours you spent in school to bring forth the wisdom of the Lord.How many times have you stopped to talk with someone and touched thier lives in a most profound way.You Kit have given ...
Still Praying for you and your...

lorensaved77 said...

Loved it, don't kids have a way to make life so sweet? We all can not thank you enough for being obediant to what God has called you to do, your words of encouragement have such power they have spoken to me in ways only the Lord would know.Thank you Kit, for you are truly being used for the advancement of the Kingdom and all Glory goes to Our Father!

You have brought joy from the Lord today with your words..Neh 8:10Love you and will continue to pray
Nancy and the Loren Family

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit,

I absolutely love how God gives us those wonderful little bits to hold onto. John Wimber used to call those "Gracelets".

Justine used to whisper to me that she wanted to tell me a "speakret". I guess that is more accurate than a secret. And Josh told me once at age 2, that he was really "refrigerated". We all should cool of when we are frustrated... haha. Children ground us with their perspective and insight in the most naive yet touching ways.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I believe in the miracle that is occurring through you to us and those around you. Bless you Kit and stay strong.

We love you! Muah!
Kim, Joe and Justine

Nicole and Naseem Aboudaher said...

Gods little blessing are truly are great. So glad you keep getting them and seeing them. Still praying and loving you always! Nicole

Anonymous said...


When you are back on Maui & feeling well again let's go for a swim & look for the turtles like we used to do with KJ!

Thank you for the fond memories my friend!

With much love,

Anonymous said...

good morning dear kit and family.
mikey, thanks for letting your dad share you and him moments with us. it's probably not as big a deal now as it used to be when you were little, but still, thank you.
we are missing you all so much and continue to trust God in His plan. sheesh, He sure is patient, isn't He? loving and trusting Him with you,
carrie nichols
(ps carlee turns 13 today - remember when you prayed over her at elder meeting all those years ago? He Is Good, isn't He?)

Anonymous said...

Aloha Kit and All,
God is good and we are all members of the body (supporting one another in different manners). I thank God for you and your most excellent testimony. I have a concern for you which I'd like to share for your consideration. That is for you to take Probiotics (such as what occurs in a "good" yogurt) and prebiotics (to help the Probiotics work better) to build up what has been destroyed in your gastrointestinal track through the Chemotherapy. As you know the Chemo destroys a lot, including the good cells. By destroying the friendly bacteria in our gut it leaves you susceptible to opportunistic infections such as Candida albicans, which if left unchecked by the friendly (good) bacteria (strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) it can get quite out of hand. True right now it is probably one of the least of your concerns, yet C.albicans (candida) is an opportunistic invader and is quite often found/prevalent in hospitals. There is much information in Nutritional Journals, but not too much in medical journals as the medical profession has not given a lot of weight to this possible epidemic. Symptoms of candidiasis may vary greatly from person to person. Plus the medical profession tends to treat the sympotms (which vary), rather then seeing the overgrowth of C.albicans as the "cause" of many of our health problems. I pray God bless you with wisdom and insight in this matter. It may not be urgent, just important. In His love, praying for your health and recovery,
Please feel free to contact me if I may be of help in any way.

Lisa said...

I am so happy that you have energy to type up your blogs..And I continuely pray for you, your wife, Maisha and Mikey.

The turtle story is awesome--I do hope we get sea turtles when we arrive in heaven!

I remember going to vacation bible school when I was little--probably 5 or 6 years old. Our teacher was telling us about Jesus and how he answers our prayers--a boy in the class asked what would happen if a bunch of people prayed at the same time--would each prayer be heard? Our teacher said yes, each prayer would be heard. Being the visual child that I was I immediately pictured Jesus standing on a cloud in pure white robes, looking down on earth. And I imagined his whole body, from head to toe, was covered in ears to make sure he didn't miss anyone's prayer. That image still sneaks into my brain sometimes, especially when I'm not feeling all that close to God. Seeing Jesus covered in ears reminds me that He is always listening to us, always hearing our prayers, even during our dark times when we can't "feel" it.

Keep hanging in there--you are an ispiration to all of us.

-Lisa E.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Check this out Kit:

or go to:

Anonymous said...

I cry every time I think of you in the hospital writing letters to us. I am still so amazed how God uses you.
I have been at the place where the world stops, and all you care about is connecting with God and family. At that moment all the things I concerned myself with in the past,seemed so small and completely irrelevant.
The apostle paul was in prison and in chains. An angel shook the prison and paul walked out. He walked out alive and well.
I pray God's sovereign will. Your time is clearly not finished.
Be encouraged

Liza's Eyeview said...

"In a child's heart the really "big things" become small and the small things like little diamonds embedded in a huge mountain become the stuff of "turtle life." May you live today and everyday involved with all your heart in God's "little things.""

Kit, you always give us wise words and revelation. Continue to get well. We look forward to you coming back to Maui healthy and strong. Then you can run a 5K with us :)