Saturday, May 31, 2008

My dad wanted everyone to know that he will be offline for a couple of days until they get settled back in Maui.
Big hugs and much love from the Lauers


Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Shelly


Susan, chris Haynes and Nathan

Anonymous said...

It was so amazing and emotional to see Kit & Shelly this evening as there were many of us there to greet them on Welakahao Road.

We missed you so much and welcome you back home.

With much love & prayers,
Jeri & Cliff

james taylor said...

bro KIT and SHELLY,Why didnt you let me know you were comming home today....I was realesed from the hospital yesterday and was back on Maui sooo I could have been there....I do thank you and love you for everthing....ANOTHER MIRACLE FOR HIS GLORY!!!!!JAMES TAYLOR