Monday, June 9, 2008

Maui News Article

Church turns out, puts out for pastor who has leukemia

KIHEI — With prayer, helping hands and welcome-home signs, the members of Hope Chapel in Kihei have been showing their love for an associate pastor who has acute myelogenous leukemia.

The support for Kit Lauer continues Saturday when a “Run for Hope” morning of family fun is held to raise funds for his medical expenses. 

The day will include 5- and 1-kilometer fun runs and walks, food, entertainment, games and more. (See related story for fun run/walk entry and other details.)

Lauer was diagnosed in early April and had been at Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center and Clinic on Oahu until last Sunday. His wife, Shelly, and her car were there, too, so they came home on the Hawaii Superferry.    [more]


Heather said...

Kit, Shelly and Maisha,
I just read this article! Love it when good news makes it's way into the paper! If you guys do decide to come out to California, please let me know and I will do what ever possible to help you in any way I can.
Love you, Heather

Liza's Eyeview said...

Glory to God! Isn't it great how God can make blessings out of buffetings?! Great article on Maui News.

We're praying, we're praying. See you at the Run For Hope :)

Anonymous said...

we are looking forward to the run-day on saturday kit and shelly.
pete is supposed to do some family relays Lord willing. (right now 3 of the 5 of us have a bug)- but we are so wanting to come and support you big time!!
we continue to pray. please let us know anything specific as it comes up for you.
we are so thankful you are home. :)
much love from
pete carrie naphtali carlee & manasseh

Bill and Lu Kepler said...

That is a great article, and I can hardly wait to run for Kit. Or maybe that will be just a brisk walk.
I loved your talk on Friday night. WOW, an old fashioned alter call. How great was that! Praise God for the people who came forward.
I laughed when you described the doctors making rounds, and said you wouldn't let them leave the room. . .I guess they just saved you for last.
Kit, I couldn't believe how GOOD you looked on Friday night. Buddy tells me you were really pretty weak until you walked on stage, and then God gave you the beauatiful strength that we all saw.

Lu and I pray for you every day, my friend. We are just waiting on the Lord.
We love you.

Bill and Lu

Anonymous said...

We love you and continue to pray!
Lee and Renee

Janet on Maui :) said...

Kit & Shelly,
boy did you give'em Heaven last Friday night, you were amazing as God spoke through you and you looked great! It was good to be a part of the prayer team on Friday and i was blessed to pray with a couple who gave their lives to the Lord! God was evident everywhere.
Loved reading the Maui news article, another wonderful testimony to God in the middle of all the turmoil that is happening to so many loved ones. How was dinner Wednesday?
Take care, get strong and rest,
Hugs to the family,
Janet :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit and Family,

It is so good to have you home, here on Maui. Sundays Welcome Home was awesome. I could feel the love and was overwhelmed. Friday was incredable!! God was amazing!!

You are still in our prayers, each and every day. Praying for strength and peace. Mostly praying for the miracle from our Heavenly Father.

Keeping the Faith,

Susan. Chris Haynes and Nathan