Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Missed "Thoughts From The Journey" Teaching? Check This Out!

Some of you (like Kit's family and friends in the mainland) may have missed Kit's teaching last Friday, June 6th titled "Thoughts From The Journey". Don't be bummed - you can actually listen to it online :) Yes, you can! The links are provided on the right side bar. Just click those links and it will take you to the Hope Chapel page where you can listen to it.

As you all know, Kit and Shelly are now back on Maui. The content of this blog will shift from the daily (almost daily) hospital update to daily living on Maui. Kit is also meeting with his staff and coming up with an idea of an Apologetics Blog. This guy is like the Everready Battery Bunny Rabbit that never stops. He keeps on ministering :)

Keep on checking back...

And to add smiles into your faces today, here are some LAUER POWER photos:


Ron & Barbara said...

This is great Liza!

Anonymous said...

Wow! An Apologetics blog 1?!?!!!!!!

What a great treat that would be!!

Looking forward to any news on that.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for this question. But what is apologetics?