Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mark Your Calendar - Kit Teaching

Dr. Kit will be teaching Friday the 11th of July and Sunday the 13th both services.

I know many of you are wondering how Kit is doing. I was too - so last Monday, before I went to work, I stopped by their house. I usually do not like visiting unannounced (call before you come) but I thought "if he is out and about I would say hi, if he is not out, I would just leave". Well, as I was walking to their front door, I heard his voice. He was in the jacuzzi, and so I went in the backyard to say "hello". Shelly came up from the office to say "hello" too.

Kit is doing well. As well as can be considering the situation, I suppose. He said one thing that bother him is that he feels a constant pain in his muscles (like that of a sciatic nerve pinch x10). That is why he is in the jacuzzi, then pool, then jacuzzi. Staying there helps ease the pain. (So, pray that this pain will go away) Other than that pain, Kit seems to be doing really well. It was very nice to see him and Shelly in their home. We chatted a little bit and then off I went to work.

Here's something directly from Kit:

The teaching on July 11 will be an outreach to family, friends and community…I will also teach both services that Sunday July 13th. I hope to see all of you there.

We are working on putting the blog writings into a devotional book and I will be interviewed about apologetics questions regarding the existence of God, His necessity from both the current cosmological discoveries and the logic behind believing in the God of Christian Theism.

Thank you to all of you who keeps on checking back here to get an update to be able to specifically pray. We'll keep you informed.



Michael said...

Yeah! Kit, we look forward to hearing the Word through you!!!! Love you! ~ciara

Anonymous said...

Kit, wish we could be spirit I guess. We listened to your word on Fathers day as we could not attend church. We have been keeping you informed almost from the time you started your journey with this cancer that we were as well ending ours with our daughters awful brain tumor. Short of a miracle she would be feeling the hand of God reach for her. Last night she took his hand after a long fight. She was able to be at home with her family and CATS with hospice. As we went through this we depended on reading your blog and with tears and prayer we felt very there. Our sweet precious beautiful daughter is now where she is pain free. Our prayers are forever lifted up for you. In Christ name Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor
It took me a while to figure out that you need to press on the audio button on your apologetics site to hear the audio. Kit,
Thanks to you, I am no longer a "doubting Thomas". Next time you're in the area I hope yu'll stop by for a complimentary slice of pie. I'll even throw in some free walnuts for old time's sake. I owe you buddy.
Tom Appleby

Mele said...

Thinking of you Kit and Shelly.
Lynn and I had a nice visit with his mom in Texas as her heart is very weak. Your journey has strengthend our walk as we wait on His timing for her homecoming.
We will be praying for your muscles to relax and look forword to your teaching.

With love,


Joe and Karen said...

Liza...thank you for that update on Kit and's always nice to have a second opinion! We are so happy to hear it. You are doing a good job taking care of many of us right now, Liza. Blessings on you and on the Lauers, too.
All our love...