Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kit to speak this Friday

"Thoughts From The Journey"
Speaker: Dr. Kit Lauer

Join us at Hope Chapel this Friday night to give thanks and worship God, welcome Kit home and hear a powerful message about God's movement in the midst of Kit's battle with leukemia. Bring your friends and family, you won't want to miss it!


the hoovers said...

Cool....what we wouldn't give to be there! Rest up....We pray for you feeling good....

In our prayers. Greg, Linda, Holly & Jack

Anonymous said...

Praise to the Lord God Almighty!
All Glory to Him!!
love to you lauer family
it was so good to see you Sunday and to be with so many who love you :)
carrie nichols

Lisa said...

Wish I could be there to hear you speak--if a recording is made I'd love to get a copy! Glad you are back home!!!!!

--Lisa E.

HopeForTheIsland said...

Hey Kit,
Wish we could be there to fellowship with you and our Hope Chapel Ohana! Your response through this journey has inspired and challenged me to examine deeper my walk with the Lord. You are one of my heroes!
We look forward to see you this July on our way through Maui!

You will continue to be in our prayers.
Derek, Jenn, Makana & Brison
Hope for the Island - Philippines

Anonymous said...

Great news I make sure Alex will be filming that night ,so everybody that is not able to make it can get the dvd.God is great for giving you the strenght to deliver this message to us ,didn't I tell you, you would be up there again :-) !!!!!!!love Anuschka ,alex and Mikela

Dio said...

Hey, since I have a good connection with Shelly, you think you could get me a good seat? ha ha

Ok, I told my family that you're speaking this Friday, and my son Raphael, who wasn't planning to go church because he has SAT's Saturday morning said that "now, he has to go". Everyone wants to be there and I'm so happy you're feeling good and able to give us this gift.

Luv u


Anonymous said...

Oh! What I would not give to be there!
Kit, you have been so amazing-no, God has done amazing things THROUGH YOU. Thank you for your willingness to be used of Him. I am so glad to have you and the rest of the Lauers in my life. Love to you and Shelly and the rest of the Family out there. :)

Mele said...

I'm so excited! Yeah! Hallelujah! This is the best news!

We love you Lauers!

See you there,

The Strickland Ohana

lorensaved77 said...

Dear Kit and Shelly
Dinner will be deliverd @ 5:30, hopefully with no glitches,so get ready to get nurished , rested, and fired up, for the best Friday night of Hope Chapel's life!
That Sanctuary will be On Fire for the Lord and His Mighty Warrior will be Shinning so Bright for HIM that we should all bring our Shades!... :)
Love you Both so much, Can not wait until tomorrow, I know with out a doubt it will probably be standing room only so I plan to get there early...See you Tomorrow
With My Shades on...(which will also help hide my running mascarra from the tears,:)
Love Nancy and Loren Family

michael, ciara & mikaela said...

Uncle Kit and Shelly,
We wouldn't miss it for the world! We will be there at 4pm to make sure we get seats! WE love you and so look forward to hear the words from your mouth that the Lord has given you!

Joe and Karen said...

Wish we could be there. What a gift to you and to the body at Hope to have you. Just to be able to stand up and share what you have learned in the trenches of faith is such an inspiration. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and the words of your mouth.

Mark said...

Hi Kit & Shelly,

Sorry we can't be there, but our hearts and thoughts are with you.

Mark & Joanne
Mountain View, CA

Heather said...

Wow. You are going to be speaking on Friday! I am sure that many are looking forward to it and will enjoy it greatly! I will have to get the CD so I don't miss out on anything. I know that you have a heart that wants to serve but remember to take care of yourself and to not over do it. :)
I'll be praying that you will have the strength you need to share about the journey that you have been on the last couple of months, but remember, the Journey is NOT over yet! :) Much Love, Heather Overholt

Mele said...

Dear Kit & Shelly,

What an awesome night! Hope Chapel on fire and the Holly Spirit rained down!:) Blessed beyond words:0 I was screaming, sorry if I hurt anyone's ears. It was truly a celebration to see you and hear what God had to say. All the more we love you and stand by you through this journey.

We want more Kit!

Love you guys,


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Kit,
I laughed at your description of the doctor, at the sight of you saying, "Now I won't be able to eat lunch."
I cried when you told of taking the nurse's hand saying,"How can I pray for you?"
All around me were moved when you told of leading the nurse to the Lord saying, "I am a chosen vessel of the Lord to lead you to Christ. Would you like to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?"

julia said...

Thank you Kit for still reaching out to all of us during this time in your life. What an amazing sermon!!! My husband and I feel so blessed to have been able to learn from you through your apologetics classes and Friday night sermons. You have an amazing gift of teaching and such an awesome way of making people feel so loved. Thank you for your sincerity and kind, kind heart. You are such a wonderful example to us all and I pray the Lord will Bless you and Heal you.

Richard (and Dee) Small said...

Kit, what I find really inspirational in watching your journey unfold in this blog is to see the way the church surrounds you, and how you echo this energy back with important words, deep emotion, heightened spirituality, increased awareness of others, and the myriad of ways the Holy Spirit is being felt in so many lives.

This is the spirit and energy that Christ gave us to hold on, to weather the storm, to encourage and build and grow the body. Oh how I wish other churches could catch this fire, feel this passion, witness this breath of fresh air that has been generated from these difficult circumstances. Kit... you are remarkable in that you reflect on your situation through Christ's eyes and see the bigger picture and proclaim that the Church is more important than any one person, but that the Church exists to nurture and cherish each person within the body. You show us a higher calling and model a willingness to be used of God in whatever manner He sees fit, without reservation.

My wife and I feel the intensity of the journey. I wept to see the pictures of people lining the road for your return from the hospital. I saw Shelly weeping for the emotion of the moment and was swept away by the power of that scene. I know God is pleased with you, your family, and these intrepid Christians who are growing in faith because of your journey. Thank you for sharing with us in such a meaningful way.

Richard & Dee Small
Portland, Oregon