Monday, September 22, 2008

Kit teaching friday night

My white blood cell count continued to go down today to only 1.7 (normal 5.0 - 10.0) also nutraphils only around 10% so the oncology department is warning me about infections, illnesses etc...this is why I can't be around a lot of people, which is a real bummer. The rest of my blood count is fine so I have energy and my body is able to repair itself etc...I plan on teaching this Friday Night, Lord willing...and I will be teaching out of John 3:1-21...of course...Nicodemus' famous night meeting with Jesus...we are calling the message 'Nic at Nite' ( not so clever really, I am sure many teachers have used this title before). It is always such a wonderful privilege to teach at Hope Chapel, especially on Friday Night because the Friday Night Service was started by my brother Buddy and myself over 10 years ago and has grown into our largest total single service. "The Gathering", as it is called, is just a wonderful service with great music (of course fantastic teaching!...actually I have a stable now of young upcoming teachers) and wonderful fellowship outside in the large courtyard area.(remember we are in Hawaii) It is a place where people feel comfortable bringing their friends. I am so thrilled to still be a part of such a wonderful ministry! Thanks for all your hopes and prayers for me. Whenever I get the news my blood counts have dropped I am always saddened and then I just think of you praying for me. I think of the Lord loving me and giving His life for mine. I think of my church , my family and my friends and I always feel instantly better, strengthened and ready to face whatever comes my way! I love you guys very much...keep me in your prayers!



Frank Johnson said...

Kit, Keep on keeping on. You're such an inspiration. We miss you and your family very much! Of course, continuing to pray for you. We love you,
Frank, Tammy, Josh, CJ, and Matthew.

Mele said...

No doubt you are at the top of our prayer list. Thanks for the blog, we want to hear all of it.

Love to you and Shelly,

The Stricklands

kathy white said...

Hi Kit its me Kathy(marcus' ex)aaarg...I don't like that title. Anyway Bonjo came by to see Wayne and me in Prunedale (yes we are still here) and told how to go to this site. Wow what an amazing witness you are, God has truly annointed you. I do miss you and Shelly and really didn't know how much until I saw Bonnie. So much going on in this unsettled world we live in, but how great is our Lord and the comfort we have in Him. I would love to keep in touch and talk with Shelly. Give her my love and love you, too!

Anonymous said...

Dear KIt,
Tanks for keeping the blog updated.
We have not forgotten you here in Chicago and continue to pray for you and your family everyday.

Mike and Barb

Anonymous said...

Dear Kit,
Praying for the white blood count to go UP! I know you would love to get out and just hug a whole lot of people! Also praying for much comfort and energy for Friday night.

Much love and lots of prayers,
Susan Haynes and Family

Anonymous said...

I have never known a person that was able to accomplish so much with your diagnosis,especially the continuing low white count.But,we all know the Lord God made you so unique and its very obvious HE isn't finished with your work here on earth! We continue to pray that the white count will go up,up,up!!We love you and Shelly more than you could possibly know.
Joyce and Jesse

Joe and Karen said...

Dear glad you are teaching on Friday night. What a privilege we have to hear from you. We can't wait.

Whether we can be near you or need to stay far from you, we love you and keep you in our prayers. We sorrow with your disappointments, and we rejoice when you have joy. You are our inspiration and a model of strength and courage. We continue to hold you before the Lord and ask for healing.

All our love, the Johnsons

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,

So happy you'll be teaching Friday night - you bring so much to us each time you're up there on that stage. We're praying every day and will be specially praying for those white cells to go up and over! Yeah, we're going to get our "Kit fix" this week:-)

"Jesus is praying for you, and The Father is listening to every word...........we're praying for you too.

Love you and Shelly,
Carole & Thom

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

Please Lord, make the count go UP!! Our earnest prayer..We LOVE you SO much!

Anonymous said...

We also continue to pray for you Kit, here in house Aguiar ,We see you on friday night ,love anuschka,alex and mikela

Liza's Eyeview said...

praying for those white blood cell count to move up to normal, in Jesus name.