Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update from Kit

My cancer cells just keep dropping…I am on day 4 and down to less than 2% blast/cancer cells in my blood now and on day 14 we take another bone marrow test. If the kill ratio holds then my good cells should come back and I can go to Pasedena, City of Hope for the bone marrow transplant…assuming we find a match…we need a lot of prayer…I thank God with each breath HE gives me that I have such a faithful and loving Body of believers to pray for and encourage me!!!!

Love you much,


Liza's Eyeview said...

There'll be a match, we'll continually pray that there will be. And the Lord will hear our prayers, because that's what He does best - HE hears the prayers of His people.

Less that 2% cancer cells? Yeah, blast those bad cells out! City of Hope, here comes Kit!

Anonymous said...

God will be with you each breath you take. He will lead you out of this trial victorious. Stay strong in your spirit even though your body is weak. He didn't bring you this far to let you go. You have more work to be done, more hearts & lives to touch, more tender love, peace and more sweet smiles & days of joy to receive. I love you very much and am praying in the spirit 24/7.
Much Love & Many Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Much aloha, Kit
Your health is in our thoughts and prayers every day. We understand that you have just received some good news--prayer does work!! We are looking forward to your healthy return. Good Speed!!
Barry & Ophelia Hodgson