Sunday, June 21, 2009

Run For Hope 2009 - For The Love of Kit

It was another successful event organized by the Women's Ministry at Hope! Many gathered yesterday at Hope Chapel, for the Run For Hope. Thank you to everyone who helped and participated in this event dedicated to our beloved pastor Kit and his family.

I was at Hope at 7AM. I was a volunteer for the race set-up, so I made sure I was on time. When I drove in at the parking lot, many volunteers were already there - the place was almost ready to go - a lot of set-up were already done.

I pulled my camera to take photo. Yikes - there was no card in the camera! I was in a rush to get out of the house, I didn't check if the card was in (it wasn't because I downloaded some photos the night before and neglected to return the card in the camera). I was bummed that I couldn't take photos. Good thing, Alana told me on Friday that there were several people who volunteered to take photos so I should not stress out about it. Whew! I am glad she told me that because I would have been really really bummed. I know I would have drove back home but that means I wouldn't be able to help there at that time. Anyway, I just decided to stay and cut oranges and bananas to get it ready for the snack after the run.

More photos will be posted here as soon as I get the copies taken by the other volunteers. In the meantime, here are some of the photos taken after the race (yes, I drove back to our house after the race to get the card:)

Shelly was so wonderful and gracious when she spoke at the end of the program to thank everyone who participated and helped. It was a touching moment as she had to pause a couple of time to held back the tears. She knows Kit is very thankful too. The whole Lauer family is so thankful for the love and support being shown to them.

More photos later. By the way, June H. downloaded a lot of photos from Run of Hope on her Facebook account. If you are a friend of June, you will be able to view them :)


guavatea said...

Thanks for posting these, Liza! You have such an "eye" for the camera. It WAS an amazing event, to honor an AMAZING man, wasn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

30 years ago, Kit would have won that race. However to run it to honor him and his Lord Jesus, was a great tribute. Congratulations to everyone involved, you all all doing God's work....Jimi