Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture of the day from Aunt Dawn...

I love this photo of my dad! thanks so much Aunt Dawn (I love the freckles too :)
I think my dad looks a lot like Eden here. Eden loved her Uncle Kit.
We all miss you very much's just not the same here without you. Can't wait to step through that door someday and say hello to you again!!!!


Joe and Karen said...

A-dorable, with a capital A. He was always cute, no matter how old he was. How I miss that friendly smile and outgoing charm. What a man! Our hero always.
Da Johnsons

Anonymous said...

What a great picture, I think it's awesone because they are treasures to you. I am thinking of you and praying for you every day. It is a road that requires Gods help and love. Aren't we blessed to have Him always by our side. A big HUG to you and family. Nick and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Maisha, I know what a special love you and your dad had right from the start. You must miss him terribly. The first man that loved you and always unconditionally. I think about you all often and praying for Gods healing love to give you all peace. Love Jimi

Debbie said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness,your dad's smile was there even at that young age!! I think daughter's and their dads have a very special relatinship so I know this has been especially tough for you Maisha.He would be so proud of the way you are coping now and of course he was always the proud dad of his daughter.
Joyce s.

Johnsons said...

He was a stranger to me, but I was family to him. I was about 2 weeks old sitting in my car seat, going with my family to buy a house from the owner, Kit Lauer. As we met the owner at a parking lot to follow him to the new house, he gets out of his car and hops right into ours. My Dad was the driver, Mom in the passenger seat, my brother and I in car seats and Kit in the middle.
The moment he came into my family’s car, my parents said they knew” there was something different about this man”. We arrived at the house and as I was still a new born baby, Kit unbuckled me, put me in the air, looks into my eyes and laughs with joy. My mom said the only thing on Kit’s mind and heart was that he wanted us to know Jesus – nothing even about buying the new house.
As the years went by my family was connected in his small group at his house. I was the first baby that Kit dedicated to the Lord. Then our family started really getting involved at Hope Chapel. Kit over the years graduated to be a pastor there. As I grew older, I got closer to him and his family. Kit always shared the love of God with me and showed me who Jesus was by the way he lived. I was 7 years old when he baptized me at Kamaole 3 beach.
Kit was a man who lived to love everyone and everything around him. He knew what he believed and wasn’t afraid to share it with anyone. He cared so much about his surroundings that everyone knew what they were in for when they met Pastor Kit Lauer. He was a father to daughter, Maisha and son Mikey. His wife is Shelly Lauer whom he loved so much. Kit was always strong in what he did. He never slacked and when he failed he would get up even stronger.
Kit was a wise man. My mom always said if only one person could get to heaven it would be Kit. He taught me and showed me so much in life and spoke wisdom into my heart. He helped me be the person who I am today. All Kit wanted to do was finish everything he did 100% and strong.
In 2008 he got diagnosed with leukemia and underwent chemotherapy. Every Friday night when he was on Maui, he is up on stage at Hope Chapel preaching the word of God. Kit had a huge heart for the young generation. Kit was the strongest man I have met in my lifetime. He past away on Friday at 8:15 pm.
Kit was not only a hero to me but to many others. At his funeral there were over 1,000 people. He wrote a blog about how he was doing in chemo called “The Journey” and over 6,000 people followed his story. It wasn’t only in the islands of Hawaii but all across the world. Kit wasn’t only a hero or leader or a man of God but also a man who never settled for anything second best. He strived for the best
and only that. I thought that God had to take him soon because he was almost perfect.
What I learned from Pastor Kit Lauer is to finish strong and live for Christ wholeheartedly. My father said Kit gave me the gift of evangelism and many agree. I believe that Kit is proud of me and he wants me to follow in his footsteps. I will finish strong in everything I do- live to love and inspire others. I will be on a mission trip to Uganda returning in July (
Uncle Kit was one of my sponsors and I am dedicating this mission in Kit's memory.
Whitney Johnson

Maisha said...

sweet Whitney,
thank you so much for your beautiful made my mom cry.
we love you and are so excited and proud about your trip to Uganda!! We will pray for your safety in the arms of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

thank you for continuing to share maisha and shelly
i love the story he started to write - just a little more about your beloved 'daddy'.
love you, missing him too,
the nichols