Friday, May 1, 2009

Scattering of Ashes, Continuing to Celebrate Kit's LIfe ...

This Saturday, May 2nd at Sidewalks Entrance of Keawakapu Beach we will be celebrating Kit’s eternal life by the scattering of his ashes at 8:00 AM. Everyone is invited to come.

Please note that only loose flowers can be released in the ocean.


Anonymous said...

Shelly and kids. I want to say I'm so sorry for your loss.
Shelly, you and Kit always had such a big impact on me in the way I live.
I will love you and Kit always. You are in my prayers.
Ben Anderson (Bend Oregon)

Kathie said...

Dear Shelly, Maisha, and Mikey:
I so wish that I could be there with you all to celebrate Kit's wonderful life, to worship with you, to share special memories, and to say I love you and good-bye in the special place where Kit baptized me, and the Maui home where Kit truly became the man that is loved by so many, and his father now has by his side in heaven.
I will miss him so!
I love you all and miss you so much and my thoughts never stray far from you.
Love, Poop

Anonymous said...

Kit's memorial service was truly one of the most moving services I have ever sat thru.The time literally flew by and I think we would have stayed another three hours to learn more about this amazing Kit! Maisha,your sharing was so poignant and beautiful,especially with you walking on the beach.Mikey,your song of Papa was heart pounding and brought flowing tears.I could go on and on about each facet of the service,but will just say,,I almost felt as if we had a sneak preview of heaven last night! Loving each of you,Joyce and Jesse

nANcY said...

A treasure of God's love there on the sand, as well out upon the water.

I fair well saw the flow of Gods love that went thru Kit, and out to so many lives. So evidenced at Keawakapu Beach this morning. John 7:38

Lord bless thee, and keep thee, Shelly, Maisha, and Mikey.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys its Frank decarlo been thinking of u guys hope ur doing ok see see suday was checking out blogs very good to see so many good times that kit shared with the family. aloha

shirley said...

Dear Shelly, Miesha, Mickey......My heart is filled with so many loving memories of you and Kit in my life, while on Maui....Kit ever so delicatley met me where I was at, at a time that the Lord knew it was time for me to hand my life over to HIM....
I'll never forget my surrender of my soul over to Jesus Christ through Kits message at your very special home Bible study One very wonderful evening in May of 1991 when I accepted the invitation given to me by Kit and all of the incredible things that happened in my life aafterwards, while living on MAui and having your family come along side mine,Paul's, and Justin's, and eventually, MAtthew, seems so long ago yet so very fresh to mind. It was KIt and his family's love at that time, and the very foundation that kept us in Christ's everlasting hold.through agape love sustained growing roots,there were miracles in ways that were obvious to me that it was only the Lord working many obsticles,and never were t any judgements or expectations from Kit, and the encouragement and the love of your family and the family of Hope chapel,we had the true love of Christ shown to us through your special love and attention to us as baby CHristians & without that committment that KIt was devoted to giving me personally,through CHrist,in nuturing the seeds that were planted in our souls, we would have never made it together.PAul and I have since seperated due to many things that are not relevant now...My healing of a termianl illness 8 years ago whe I forst told you about it....took a huge toll on the marriage and was not strong enough to withstand the trials that were so very heavy at that time.we tried it just didnt work.It was a nightmare that I was forced to go through alone, and through that journey of hope and faith..and the will to live for my children and the ministries I was involved in, I was comforted often by the many tender memories of Kit answering all of my silly (what they seemed, at the time, yet he would stop every thing he was doing no matter what it answer any and all of my questions.I thought I was a pest. I will always treasure those times, and I wish I had found out of this celebration of his life before now. I will celebrate his life touching mine, always. Especially when I thought there was no hope and I will never forget the love and the friendship we all shared and his constant love he bestowed upon my life and the lives of the many I witnessed come to Jesus through him. Kit wore the true armour of God and will forever be my hero . My most beloved brother..I never have ever forgotten the kind and gentle ways you blessed my life while living on MAui and what you did as God's servant to make the people around you experience the lOve of Jesus on a daily basis......Im grieving my selfish loss tonight....but will celebrate his victory that you are finally home with Jesus and no longer sufferiing and I am eternally grateful for everything you have ever done in serving your true MAster and may there be many Jewels in your crown Kit Lauer, for you were truly a MAn of INtegrity and a Man of GOd....A real Fisher of Men..and women ...God Bless you Shelly, Miesha, Mickey, Buddy and Becky know that I love you all too so very much....ANd I am so sorry for the loss of such a great and powerful soul, and how blessed he was as a father, husband, brother, and teacher I already missed him from the day I left the island in 92, to the day we returned for a reunion in 98 to the day I cried when we left again.....OUr group picture remains on my mantel as always.....and I love you all so much!
No oNe will fill the shoes of Kit Lauer ...NO one!
So I say farewaell for now....
YOur friend, and sister in Christ Jesus....THank you Kit for bringing me to the Lord and for all of your devotion to watering the seed you planted inot the flower and woman of God I am today and the many blessings I owe to you. Mahalo,
All my love, through eternity,
SHirley Hornyak.