Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Song Written by Mikey

Papa you and me
Digging our toes into the sand

Papa you and me
Walking along shore holding my little hand

Riding on your shoulders
Humming and singing love sweet love

Papa you and me
Making life so easy

What do I do
When you have to go
Where do I go
When you have to leave me here

Mikey, let me tell you about heaven

Dad, isn’t that where the turtles are

So I let Jesus through my door

Now I know what to do
When my daddy has to go

I got to have peace, we got to have peace
I got to have faith, we got to have faith
Love everyone around, everyone

Now your lookin down at me

Such a lucky boy to have had you

I’ll remember everything

Till the day we meet again, in heaven

Papa you and me


A Maui Blog said...

Mikey, you Papa is very proud of you. This is such a precious song.


Joe and Karen said...

Great song, Mikey--a wonderful honor to your most wonderful dad. You were truly blessed with one of the greatest fathers the world has ever known...and you are wise enough to know it.

Anonymous said...

The words are so wonderfully written and it makes me cry for joy and sadness. Our losses are never really that when we know the Lord. I will be praying for you as you go through each day.
Nick and Sharon

Ron and Barbara said...

Very nice tribute Mikey

Anonymous said...

thank you for your song love is in you

Anonymous said...

Mikey, that was beautiful.Your dad was a larger than life man. I'm sure your life will be a tribute to him.Best wishes always. jimi