Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Journey

Kit, I thought if you when I heard this song. Jesus is your bright shining star, He is guiding you each and every day...

with love from Liza :)


Mele said...

Dear Kit,

Thank you again for another good Word last night. You are our hero!

The Stricklands

Ron and Barbara said...


I came across this poem by Chuck Swindoll on Greg Laurie's blog and thought about you. love you R&B

-When God wants to drill a man,
And thrill a man, and skill a man,
When God wants to mold a man,
To play the noblest part;
When He yearns with all His heart
To create so great and bold a man,
That all the world shall be amazed,
Watch his methods; watch His ways.

How He ruthlessly perfects
When He royally elects!
How He hammers him and hurts him
And with mighty blows converts him
Into trial shapes of clay
Which only God understands;
While his tortured heart is crying,
And He lifts beseeching hands!
How He bends but never breaks
When His good He undertakes.
How He uses whom he chooses,
And with every purpose fuses him;
But every act induces him
To try His splendor out –
God knows what He’s about!

Go then, earthly fame and treasure!
Come disaster, scorn, and pain!
In Thy service, pain is pleasure;
With Thy favor, loss is gain.
I have called Thee, Abba, Father;
I have stayed my heart on Thee.
Storms may howl, and clouds may gather;
All must work for good to me.

Janet said...

Hey Kit & family,
always good to hear God speaking through you :)
What a blessing to have Mikey show up unannounced :) Continue the good fight, you are looking strong and your hair seems to be coming back even thicker :)
Hugs & prayers to you and Shelly,
Maisha & Mikey & Shae,
Janet :)