Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kit speaking Sunday both services

I will be speaking at both services this Sunday about 'The Season of Loss'. Like all the seasons of the weather our lives go through seasons as well. Some season of life are warm like summer, some seasons are full of brilliant colors and change like fall, some seasons of life are full of hope and newness like spring, and some seasons of life are cold and bitter like a harsh winter. The season of loss is a tough season to get through for most of us. It often times shakes our faith and causes us to question everything including God. But, even though God allows a season of loss in our lives He doesn't want those losses to crush us. He wants to strengthen us and encourage us during the toughest times of our lives. God wants to teach us and guide us through seasons of loss in order that He can continue to use our lives and testimonies to help others to make it through to Him as well. The Apostle Paul made a statement to the effect that his losses meant nothing compared to the surpassing glory of knowing Christ...that somehow his [Paul's] personal suffering brought him closer to the suffering of Christ. The Father knows loss...after all He gave His only Son for each one of us to have true life. In the midst of our greatest losses is the Lord Himself telling us it's will be alright...for all the losses we experience in this life, as painful as they are, cannot compare to what He has in store for those of us who trust and believe in Him. May God encourage you in your time of loss, to know that this loss is only for a moment and then He [God] will make all things right...He has sealed this promise with the life blood of His only Son...for He is God and He cannot hold onto His promise my dear one!

This message, 'The Season of Loss', will be available on mp3 at mid-week of November 3rd

Please continue to pray for WBC's and RBC's to go up to normal range. Also pray for my planned to trip November 14th -28th to watch my son wrestle in Oregon (pray for protection from illness on the plane and throughout the trip). God is doing a great miracle in me!

With much gratitude for you persistent love,


lorensaved77 said...

Hi Kit
We will be there, encouraging you on, Praying for Strength, endurance and God's Mighty Power to fill you to over flowing our Friend!
We Love you!

Anonymous said...

Kit, not sure how to even express how deeply your sermon sunk into our hearts this morning. You are special and so are the wonderful people that attend. They give so much energy, as you. We pray heartfully for you and all the family. Nick and Sharon

Robyn Iaea said...

Hi Kit,
Thank you for taking time and energy to write to all of us through your blog. I always feel your love and encouragement shining through. We will be praying for you as always!
Love in Christ,
Robyn & Halii