Monday, October 6, 2008

kit teaching this friday night

Lord willing, I will be teaching this coming Friday night at 'The Gathering' at Hope Chapel. I have been so encouraged by every one's love, prayers, cards, notes, e-mails and blog comments. I can't tell you how much my heart just soaks up your care and compassion for me and my family. I am feeling very good right now. I haven't gone for my weekly blood tests for two weeks now, but I can tell you I am feeling good and gaining energy daily (it is your prayers for me!). Wouldn't it be great if God has just out-right done the miraculous and healed me? that would indeed be doing what seems impossible. But according to the Lord, that which is impossible for man is possible with God (Luke 18:27). I gave the message out of 1 Tim. 3 at both services this Sunday and I believe it went well. It was a good lesson on leadership and reaching our full potential in the Lord. I have had to play catch up the last 20 years, since the first 40 were pretty much dedicated to my own potential rather than God's potential for me. Once we get a hold of God's potential for our lives and put our wills to begin to fall into place and great stuff happens! So, it would be my encouragement to each of us to seek our full potential in Christ. Some of us may be asking, "what is my full potential in Christ?" Well...for that you have got to ask Him and He will let you know:) My sincere love and appreciation for all you do. Never grow weary of doing good...just get up and do it again. May God richly bless you!

In His love


bob h. said...

you rock kit!
what an example of a "man of GOD"
what a role model
i love you bro!

michael, ciara and mikaela said...

thank you for you word on leadership. you did great! we are so excited to listen to your messages, what a wonderful "messenger". We love you more than you know, and our prayers continue to go before the Father, Hugs from All of us to "Papa Kit" (as mikaela likes to say)

Anonymous said...

I still pray for you nearly every day. I love you and your family and appreciate you in the Lord to a very large degree.
Craig Rogers